Well, the purpose or intent of developing this blog is very simple and straightforward. Have you ever been somewhere relaxing and sitting with friends or family and someone makes the statement that the best era for music appreciation was a specific set of years?

Many times, I found myself in a friendly debate bringing up specific singers or groups and an example of their work. Of course, very quickly, others around the table others did the same thing.

These discussions tended to be quite lengthly and usually we had a very difficult time winning over the group. It always seemed like we just couldn’t come up with enough examples to sway everyone toward your side.

Spending the extensive time in researching the historical facts around the most obvious gifted musical artists and groups has made it possible to substantiate why the 1950s and 1960s are truly the best all time years for music history.

I hope you enjoy looking over the specific posts pertaining to the backgrounds and experiences of the hundreds of musicians included here. And, I hope you discover one or two, or more to listen to.

1950 & 1960s Best Ever!