Featured Singers (451)

Photo credit: Ray Charles – portrait smile on eBayBack in 2008, RollingStone (RSM) Magazine selected the Top100 singers of all-time.

There were 179 “experts” that made the selections. I created a spreadsheet with two tabs, first for female singers and then male singers. There are 123 female singers listed, but only 31 were selected by RSM. The RSM selections are highlighted in green. The other 92 I believe were an oversight on their part. These 92 are identified with a NA in column 3. Those with yellow highlights (13) would have been no brainer adds. Also, there are 13 more red NAs that deserved to be kept.

You’ll find a YouTube song link for each artist for your enjoyment. For the male singers, I identified 338 in total. RSM only selected 75. So I added 253! Of the 253, I believe 116 (yellow highlights) are again no brainers to include as the all time best. There are another 13 red NAs that could be kept as well…