63rd Post: Improve Listening

Cascade Burn-In Disc (Version 2.0). $28.95. Created by Matthew Bond, Cascade Noise is used to burn-in audio electronics, audio cables and loudspeakers. What makes Cascade Noise really effective is the proprietary combination of pink noise and white noise, percussive pulses at 180 BPM, sweeping sine waves, and pulses of ascending and descending (cascading) multi-octave square waves. The phenomenon called ‘burn-in’ is the conditioning of an audio component with continued use. Cascade Noise is designed to completely condition the capacitive and diode-like effects within audio components and audio cables. In loudspeakers, Cascade Noise will break-in a loudspeaker’s drivers, wiring and crossover. The result is a more coherent and extended high frequency reproduction without glare or distortion. Contact information: matthewbondaudio.com or by phone at 541.727.7675.

The Recording Revolution (https://www.recordingrevolution.com) was founded by me, Graham Cochrane, a freelance recording and mix engineer living in Tampa, Florida. As a life long singer/songwriter and musician my passion for recording and mixing has grown from the bedroom studio, to university (where I studied audio production), to multi-million dollar studios, to fortune 500 software companies, and all the while freelancing for artists and bands world wide. If you’re looking for the truth about what it takes to get great sounding recordings and mixes in your home studio, then you’re going to love my way of thinking and teaching.

Whether you’re a semi-pro or a late night home studio adventurer, you probably want to make great sounding music and you don’t want to spend a boat load of money. Good thing you’re living through a true “revolution” in the recording industry. We live in an unprecedented age of recording music. With studio gear so affordable and computers becoming increasingly powerful, you can now have everything you need to record and produce top notch music in your home for practically next to nothing. This has opened doors for musicians and bands to push their creativity to new heights without the burden of being “on the clock” in a commercial studio. You likely already have all the gear you could need to make killer recordings. You just need the training. But who wants to sift through the thousands of books, magazines, interviews, online articles, videos, and blog posts to learn the best methods to recording and mixing?