61st Post: (15) Raters of Music

Photo Credit: gifer.com

Thought it would be interesting for you to compare other sources of rating music. I’ve included fifteen different companies that have recently rated musicians historically over time. The first firms (1-4) most likely are well known to you. The others may or may not be familiar to you.

1. Rollingstone.com: “500 Best Songs of All Time.” Their first ranking came out in 2004. Their latest update was on September 15, 2021. Their No.1 rated song from 1967 is Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” (https://youtu.be/9iayJ8u4Qew).

2. Billboard.com: “Greatest of All Time Music.” They selected The Beatles as their No.1 group. I’ve included their 1965 recording of “Yesterday” for your enjoyment (https://youtu.be/NrgmdOz227I).

3. Spotify.com: “Greatest Music of All Time.” Their list was published in April of 2020. Their No.1 ranked artist was Chris Rea. He has sold over 30 million records. One of his popular 1986 recordings is called “On the Beach.” (https://youtu.be/-yXVufG5oV0).

4. Imdb.com: “Greatest Musicians of All Time.” Their list is not numbered (and, not in alphabetical order). The Beatles are the first band listed. So, I have included their 1995 album “Anthology” (https://youtu.be/bXqMLChVbik).

5. Ranker.com: “The Greatest Musical Artists of All Time.” While they include various popular bands, etc. their No.1 ranked musician is Ludwig van Beethoven. One of his most popular 1811 symphonies was “Piano Concerto No.5 in E Flat Major” (https://youtu.be/p3qfJQGngQc).

6. Musicgrotto.com: “51 Best Songs of All Time.” They ranked Nirvana’s 1991 “Smells Like Teen Spirit” No.1. (https://youtu.be/hTWKbfoikeg).

7. Thetoptens.com: “Greatest Music Artists of All Time.” Like Billboard and Imbd, they also rated The Beatles No.1 on their list. Here is their 1968 recording of “Hey Jude” (https://youtu.be/A_MjCqQoLLA).

8. Xpn.org: “All Time Greatest Songs.” Its their 2020 Countdown. Their theme is: Rhythms not Algorithms. They have an FM radio station (88.5). Their No.1 rated 1975 song is: “Thunder Road” by Bruce Springsteen (https://youtu.be/UDIDawmeeI0).

9. Joe.ie.com: “50 Most Iconic Songs of All Time.” Like Musicgrotto.com, they also rated Nirvanna’s 1991Smells Like Teen Spirit” as their No.1 song. (https://youtu.be/hTWKbfoikeg).

10. Thedelite.com: “Top Rated Songs.” On May 14, 2021, they published that their No.1 rated song was “Imagine” in 1971 by John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band. (https://youtu.be/YkgkThdzX-8).

11. Popvortex.com: “100 Greatest Albums of All Time.” Their rankings are broken down into decade favorites. From 1959: “Kind of Blue” by Miles Davis (https://youtu.be/8uUCIQ50e-4). From 1968: “White Album” by The Beatles (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0jp-uZ7a4g9Gfh-Cbhdp4Y-I3TiR4Hur). This was their overall No.1. From 1977: “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_nVaA0orpORfdRjNAGyfMZhGkvrYkkgMHI). From 1982: “Thriller” by Michael Jackson (https://youtu.be/sOnqjkJTMaA). And, from 1991 “Nevermind” by Nirvanna (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnif9Rfb5AdmtzpHwWI-T0Tx0wQAmTxFS).

12. Timeout.com: “Absolute Best Music Videos of All Time.” Their list was updated on January 17, 2022. As Popvortex rated 1982 “Thriller” by Michael Jackson No1 (for the 80s), so did Timeout. (https://youtu.be/sOnqjkJTMaA). This video was made in 1983.

13. Yardbarker.com: “50 Greatest Music Videos of All Time.” Their No.1 rated video was the 1965 song “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan. (https://youtu.be/MGxjIBEZvx0).

14. Slantmagazine.com: “100 Greatest Music Videos of All Time.” Their ranking was updated on November 15, 2021. Steve Parron’s 1985 song “Take Me On” by A-lta was their No.1 recording (https://youtu.be/djV11Xbc914).

15. Rockonthenet.com: “100 Greatest Music Videos Ever Made.” Just like Popvortex and Timeout, Rockonthenet rated Michael Jackson’s 1982 “Thriller” No.1. (https://youtu.be/sOnqjkJTMaA).