Piano Features (56) 10 of 23 Genres

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The piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731) of Italy. Cristofori was unsatisfied by the lack of control that musicians had over the volume level of the harpsichord. He is credited for switching out the plucking mechanism with a hammer to create the modern piano in around the year 1700.

56 Piano players featured in blog:

Alexeev, Dmitri (Russia). “Schumann Sonata No1” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/GO1ngWJqZAU) (RQ 8).

Aye, Naomi (11 yrs old). “Bohemian Rhapsody” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/7KG5UQyx1dk) (RQ 7).

Bax, Alessio (Italy). “Rachmaninoff Prelude in C Sharp” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/mluBSB1oUCA) (RQ 9).

Castro, Ricardo. (with Simon Rattle) (Brazil) “Beethoven No5” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/5iM_rTVtj6k) (RQ 8).

Christofori, Bartolomeo. “1st Piano 1700: Forte” Post 45.

Colli, Federico (Italy). “Scarlatti 4 Sonatas” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/UX8xBU-aPbQ) (RQ 8).

Dalberto, Michael (France). “Faure: Nocturne No6” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/2JWoJCv9WvU) (RQ 8).

Emerson, Keith (Lake & Palmer). “Fanfare of the Common Man” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/c2zurZig4L8) (RQ 7).

Gatcin, Elena (37 yrs old). “At Last” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/r4GaOZkO8lc) (RQ7).

Gould, Donald (homeless). “Walk on Water” Post 50 (https://youtu.be/-aMJS6uNsX4) (RQ 7).

Grimaud, Helene. “Brahams Concerto” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/306f3rWN10g) (RQ 8).

Gulyak, Sofya (Russia). “La Valse” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/3O_R2EBs1_g) (RQ 9).

Han, Hanna. “Bach French No2” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/QYIN6BqAE-g) (RQ 7).

Haimasyn, Tig (Armenia). “New Mais” Post 45.

Hancock, Herbie. “Just Around the Corner” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/RXHTBTXGf44) (RQ 10).

Hobson, Ian (UK). “Prokofiev Sonata” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/2hB1lQMau7Q) (RQ 8).

Itin, Lllya (Russia). “Chopin Nocturne Op27” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/poBzZwmUBlU) (RQ 7).

Iverson, Ethan. “Carolina Shout” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/eM09yob0RFM) (RQ 8).

Joel, Billy. “Piano Man” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/gxEPV4kolz0) (RQ 10).

John, Elton. “Rocket Man” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/DtVBCG6ThDk) (RQ 10).

Johnson, Johnny. “Johnny’s Boogie” Post 19 (https://youtu.be/-1Dcc9DCJ0I) (RQ 9).

Kim, Sunwook (S. Korea). “Piano Concerto No1” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/x7IMUR4JeB8) (RQ 8).

Lang, Lang (China). “Fur Elise” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/s71I_EWJk7I) (RQ 9).

Liu, Kate. “Beethoven’s Sonata No31” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/30QpoqPRQH8) (RQ 7).

Lord, Jon (Deep Purple) (UK). “Lazy” Post 45. (https://youtu.be/ANSUu5GwWOY) (RQ 8).

Lortie, Louis (Canada). “Piano Sonata No17” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/4gMBXfRs43M) (RQ 9).

Lu, Eric. “Preludes Op28” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/-SyzafJTid8) (RQ 8).

Lupu, Radu (Romania). “Live in Bologna” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/BatjiA6VPWI) (RQ 7).

Lyra, Carlos. “Primavera” Post 48 (https://youtu.be/VnyTG_Pp3S4) (RQ 8).

MacKenzie, Gisele. “Hard to Get” (piano & vocal) Post 36 (https://youtu.be/dJa7PWoiAqM) (RQ 6).

Marina, Ashley (11 yrs old) “You’ll Always Be My Hero” (original) Post 37 (https://youtu.be/KdWy8EvYBLA) (RQ 10).

Mason, Michael. Piano Covers (Aretha Franklin “Ain’t No Way”) Post 56 (https://youtu.be/H6hu183iwiA) (RQ 8).

Mehldau, Brad. “Concertgebouw Sessions” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/5NTmoL_vogQ) (RQ 8).

Miles, Allegra (16 yrs old). “Use Somebody” (keyboard) 37 (https://youtu.be/DFuopE6XhM8) (RQ 8).

Orozco, Rafael (Spain). “Chopin Etuds No1” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/TbKRRTHwM6M) ( RQ 6).

Monk, Thelonious. “Monk’s Dream” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/icFRHJ9VZaw) (RQ 9).

Pace, Ian (UK). “Maxim Rejection” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/pTR-kaQFmFg) (RQ 7).

Perahia, Murray. “Beethoven Moonlight Sonata” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/9kEB-0mu_ew) (RQ 6).

Peterson, Oscar. “If You Could See Me Now” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/tcCwKuJCm68) (RQ 9).

Pizarro, Artur (Portugal). “Rachmaninoff Prelude Op23” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/aIPFpiFADZ8) (RQ 8).

Roll, Michael (UK). “Stravinsky Concerto” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/aDEv28dnt7Q) (RQ 8).

Rudess, Jordan (Czech). “Miami Vice Theme” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/aJpIQ3dituE) (RQ 6).

Russell, Leon. “Tight Rope” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/d2Z9qN8R9Bg) (RQ 10).

Sgouros, Dimitris (Greece). “Liszt-Etudes” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/9XqzDwuDaiQ) (RQ 7).

Siirala, Antti (Finland). “Godowsky: Passacagua” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/f0nlJXooIVc) (RQ 7).

Smith, Huey. “Rockin Pneumonia” Post 15 (https://youtu.be/KKjhLq4NXIE) (RQ 8).

Strong, Barrett. “Money (1959)” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/bNND0AvhnyQ) (RQ 8),

Tatum, Art. “Best of” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/IZERfh28Od0) (RQ 9).

Tierney, Harry. “Austin Black Canary Rag (1911)” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/zbPr0qoxdRI) (RQ 9).

Toussaint, Allen. “Southern Nights” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/oGAFOz5GA8I) (RQ 9).

Tsybeleva, Anna (Ukraine). “Beethoven Sonata No3” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/SpJpzqBxt48) (RQ 9).

Wakeman, Rick (Yes Band). “Unnamed Solo” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/05k8DgEXZXM) (RQ 8).

Wenrich, Percy. “Peaches and Cream (1905)” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/ohbuD2Aid9g) (RQ 8).

Whitaker, Matthew (blind) Live Session Jazz FM 45 (https://youtu.be/Ir6zixUUo7g) (RQ 8).

Williams, Roger. “Autumn Leaves” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/88Js16yeHl4) (RQ 10+).

Wong, Yuja (China). “Shubert-Liszt” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/6Ypx9fH-OHk) (RQ 8).

Worrell, Bernie. “Moog Sub Phatty” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/tK_tRgnCIWo) (RQ 6).

Wright, Richard (Pink Floyd). “Fat Old Son” Post 45 (https://youtu.be/xOx03KOi4W4) (RQ 8).