Jazz – 22 of 23 Genres

Photo credit: dreamstime.com

Jazz music originated in the late-19th to early-20th century as interpretations of American and European classical music entwined with African and slave folk songs and the influences of West African culture.

There are 4 Jazz artists within this blog:

Akkuratov, Oleg (blind) (Russia) Baby I Love You 45 (https://youtu.be/mQx5APB-yzY) (RQ 9).

Astake, Umlaut Ethio 48 (https://youtu.be/c6e3dcHvtvY) (RQ 8).

Desmond, Paul (Dave Brubeck) Take Five (saxophone) 36 (https://youtu.be/l8ToDoj-pWM) (RQ 9).

Mursal, Maryan Somali 48 (https://youtu.be/nOJaRjhjNU0) (RQ 7).