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The guitar is a string instrument whose history dates as far back as 4000 years. Researchers associate it with the lute and oud, which are ancient string instruments. The materials used to make a guitar are plastic or wood, and in some cases, metal. Usually, this instrument has six strings. However, it can have as many as eighteen strings or as few as four. The name guitar originates from the ancient Greek word ‘kithara.’ The kithara was a popular string instrument in ancient Greece.

44 Guitar players highlighted in blog posts:

Diego Barrera
Flamenco guitar player

African Highlife 48. “Ghana Music” (

African Highlife
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Allman, Duane. “Whipping Post” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Duane Allman
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Amigo, Vicente. “Tres Nostas Para” Post 46 ( (RQ 9).

Vicente Amigo
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Ampeuro, Lore Paz (Chile). “Lilith” Post 46 ( (RQ 7).

Lore Paz Ampeuro
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Beck, Jeff. “Behind the Veil” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Jeff Beck
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Berry, Chuck. “Johnny B. Goode” Post 46 ( (RQ 9).

Chuck Berry
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Clapton, Eric. “Old Love” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Coleman, Fitzroy. “This Can’t Be Love” Post 46 ( (RQ 7).

Fitzroy Coleman
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Donato, Don. “Western World” Post 46 ( (RQ 7).

Don Donato
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Dowland, John (lute). “Lachwimae” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

John Dowland
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Durham, Eddie. “Hittin the Bottle” Post 46 ( (RQ 9).

Eddie Durham
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Fisher, Mark (Australia). “Psychedelic Sunday”Post 46 ( (RQ 7).

Mark Fisher
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Gilbert, Paul. “His 5 Favorite Guitars” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Paul Gilbert
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Girol, Vincent Amigo. “Tierra” ( Post 48.

Vincent Amigo Girol
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Hendrix, Jimi. “Purple Haze” Post 46 ( (RQ 7).

Jimi Hendrix
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Higgs, Andrew (Australia). “Riverside” Post 46 ( (RQ 9).

Andrew Higgs
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Ibe, Helen (Nigerian). “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers ( (RC 8).

Helen Ibe
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Joanne, Sarah. “Cosmonaut” Post 46 ( (RQ 7).

Sarah Joanne
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Kaapana, Ledward. “I Kona” (Hawaiian style with Hula dancer) Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Ledward Kaapana
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King, B.B. (with John Mayer) “King of Blues” Post 46 ( (RQ 7).

B. B. King
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Lang, Eddie. “Deep Second Street Blues” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Eddie Lang
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Lucia, Paco de. “Entre Dos Aguas” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Paco de Lucia
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Mackay, Stevic (Australia). “Custom Tones” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Stevic Mackay
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Martin, Felix (Venezuela). “High Spirit” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Felix Martin
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May, Brian (Queen band). “Best Solo Ever” Post 56 ( ( RQ 8).

Brian May
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Maya, Jeronimo. “Bulerias” Post 46 ( (RQ 9).

Jeronimo Maya
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Montoya, Ramon Solea. “Siguiroya Gitana” Posts 46 & 48 ( ( RQ 8).

Ramon Montoya
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Page, Jimmy (Led Zepplin). “Heartbreaker” Post 47 ( (RQ 8).

Jimmy Page
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Richards, Keith (Rolling Stones) Best Ever. “Sympathy for the Devil” Posts 46 & 56 ( (RQ 8).

Keith Richards
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Sabicas. “Fantasia” Post 48 ( (RQ 9).

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Shamisen Girls. “Tsugaru” (Three-Stringed) Post 48 ( (RQ 7).

Shamisen Girls
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Styne, Jule. “Time After Time” Post 56 ( (RQ 8).

Jule Styne
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Tonin, Vanny (Italy). “Little Wing” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Vanny Tonin
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Toofani, Amin. “Graditude” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Amin Toofani
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Townshend, Pete (The Who). “El Salvador” Post 46 ( (RQ 9).

Pete Townshend
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Van Halen, Eddie. “Live Without a Net” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Eddie Van Halen
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Washington, Brandon “Ando San” Post 46 ( (RQ 8).

Brandon Washington
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Watson, Doc. “Bonaparts Retreat” Post 46 ( (RQ 7).

Doc Watson
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Williams, Mason. “Classical Gas” Post 46 ( (RQ 10+).

Mason Williams
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Xenopoulos, Kris (S Africa). “Vulvodyia” Post 46 ( (RQ 6).

Kris Xenopoulos
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