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Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett
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A decade ago, jazz icon Tony Bennett and pop superstar Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) struck up one of the great Odd Couple partnerships in recent music history. Singing together first on his album Duets II- “Lady is a Tramp” (https://youtu.be/ZPAmDULCVrU) (RQ 10), and then on their co- album, Cheek to Cheek (https://youtu.be/G46O8YiLHXI) (RQ 10), Bennett and Gaga made history on the charts while proving some things never go out of style. Now, with Love For Sale, Bennett and Gaga are serving up another round but with a poignant twist: It may be Bennett’s final album. He’s 95, and has been living with Alzheimers disease. One of the cuts on the album is “I Get a Kick Out of You:” (https://youtu.be/iTdHQ065A_o) on August 6, 2021.

Some of their past charted hits:

Tony Bennett’s (I Can’t Believe His Highest Charted Song was Only #18!):

“Smile” 1959 #73 (https://youtu.be/qOBau1LE4Qo).

“I Left My Heart in SanFrancisco” 1962 #19 (https://youtu.be/QIowMwbHTSI).

“The Goodlife“ 1963 #18 (https://youtu.be/zJ82mHBtrc8).

“Who Can You Turn To” 1964 #33 (https://youtu.be/95dANDYwcms) (RQ 10+).

“Fly Me to the Moon“ 1965 #84 (https://youtu.be/T8z8d_lMjcU) (RQ 8).

Lady Gaga’s (5 No1s):

“Just Dance“ January 2009 (https://youtu.be/2Abk1jAONjw) (RQ 10).

“Poker Face” April 2009 (https://youtu.be/bESGLojNYSo) (RQ 10).

“Born This Way” 2011 (https://youtu.be/wV1FrqwZyKw) (RQ 9).

“Shallow” (with Bradley Cooper) 2019 (https://youtu.be/bo_efYhYU2A) (RQ 20).

“Rain on Me” 2020 (https://youtu.be/AoAm4om0wTs) (RQ 10).