Big Band (8 Bands) – 20 of 23 Genres

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Big band music is a type of musical ensemble of jazz music that usually consists of ten or more musicians with four sections: saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and a rhythm section. Big bands originated during the early 1910s and dominated jazz in the early 1940s when swing was most popular.

There are 8 Big Bands within this blog:

Duke Ellington (1899-1974)
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Ellington, Duke. “Satin Doll” Post 56 ( (RQ 10).

George Gershwin (1898-1937)
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Gershwin, George. “Rhapsody in Blue” Post 56 ( (RQ 10).

Oscar Hammerstein (1895-1960)
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Hammerstein, Oscar. “A Tribute” Post 56 ( (RQ 9).

Bert Kaempfert (1923-1980)
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Kaempfert, Bert. “Golden Hits (Wonderland by Night)” Post 56 ( (RQ 10+).

Henry Mancini (1924-1994)
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Mancini, Henry. “Greatest Hits” Post 56 ( (RQ 10+).

Cole Porter (1891-1964)
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Porter, Cole. “What is this Thing Called Love” Post 56 ( (RQ 9).

Arthur Schwartz (1900-1994)
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Schwartz, Arthur. “Dancing in the Dark” Post 56 ( (RQ 9).

Max Steiner (1888-1971)
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Steiner, Max. “Casablanca” Post 56 ( (RQ 10).