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In order to understand the significance of New Age music, it is necessary to understand the genre within the larger context of the New Age movement. The New Age movement is a loose conglomeration of alternative spiritualities and metaphysical religions that emerged in the 1960s. The roots of the New Age movement go back further, however, at least into the occult and new religious movements of the 19th century. Theosophy, New Thought, and Transcendentalism, among many others, attempted to incorporate notions drawn from Buddhism and Hinduism with Western occultism. Many new religions argued for a correspondence between consciousness and the physical world; that how one thought or felt had consequences in the real world.

32 New Age posts within the blog:

Aerophone (Roland) 49

Alleyne-Johnson, Ed Electric Violin 49

Artioon Orba 48

Brown, Arthur Fire 12

Captain Beefheart Trout Mask Replica 6

Davies, Daniel Phantom Waltz 37

Drawdio 49

Edwards, Eugene 75th Anniv Stratocaster 49

Eigenharp The Bond Theme 49

Eilish, Billie Bad Guy (electropop) 37 ( (RQ10).

Electromagnetic Plano 49

Evolano 49

Gameleste Virus 49

Garten, Ariel Electroeneephalophone 49

Hammered Dulcimer 49

Hanson, Ulfur Segulharpa 49

Hapi Drum 49

Heap, Imogen M.I.M.U. Glove 49

Huthman Musical Compitition 49

Hydraulphone 49

Make Zine Beatbearing 49

Michelle, Andre Tenori-On 49

Microtonal Lego Guitar 49

Moog Theremini 49

O’Bannon, Ricky Baltimore Symphony 49

Poud, Tim (sound engineer) Sonic Sorcerer 19

Roland Zenbeats Drum & Bass Mix (Melodic) 49 ( (RQ 8).

Shefer, Eitan Samchillian 49

Smule O Carino 49

Velvet Underground Pale Blue Eyes 6

Venova (Yamaha) 49

Versilab MVI 49 War Tuba 49

Web Urbanists 49

Wintergaten Marble Machine 49 ( (RQ 9).