Female Solosists (87 Artists) – 5 of 23 Genres

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87 Female Solo Artist blog links:

Loren Allred (32 yrs old)
“Never Enough”
Photo credit: Britain’s Got Talent
Alice Fredenham Photo credit: Britain’s Got Talent. “My Funny Valentine”. https://fb.watch/htGyEuJcOj/?mibextid=j8LeHn
Melody Gardot
Photo Credit: SoundCloud

Melody Gardot (born February 2, 1985) is an American jazz singer. At the age of 19, Gardot was involved in a bicycle accident and sustained a head injury. Music played a critical role in her recovery. She became an advocate of music therapy, visiting hospitals and universities to discuss its benefits. In 2012, she gave her name to a music therapy program in New Jersey. Gardot started music lessons at the age of nine and began playing piano in Philadelphia bars at the age of 16 on Fridays and Saturdays for four hours a night. She insisted on playing only music she liked, such as The Mamas & the Papas, Duke Ellington, and Radiohead. During her time in the hospital she learned how to play the guitar and began writing songs, which were made available as downloads on iTunes and released on Some Lessons: The Bedroom Sessions in 2005. She began to play these songs at venues in Philadelphia and was noticed by employees of the radio station WXPN, operated by the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, which helped to start the career of Norah Jones[citation needed]. She was encouraged to send a demo tape to the radio station, and the tape found its way to the Universal Music Group. She released her first album, Worrisome Heart (Verve, 2006), then My One and Only Thrill (Verve 2009), produced by Larry Klein. One of her best tunes: “Baby I’m a Fool” (https://youtu.be/_qphknagXqA) (RQ 10).

Ainae (Nielsen)
Photo Credit: usanetwork.com

Ainae – Nielsen (21 yrs old). “Best Part” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/n99yqhmV6uQ) (RQ 8).

Zania Alake
Photo Credit: flyworldinfo.com

Alake, Zania (34 yrs old). “If I Were Your Woman” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/O1xfUCyhI2E) (RQ 7).

Alana (Sherman)
Photo credit: photo credit: heraldtribune.com

Alana – Sherman (23 yrs old). “Bust Your Windows” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/7NNKbGuHZQg) (RQ 8).

Gala Aliaj
Photo credit: allfamous.org

Aliaj, Gala. (15 yrs old) “You Make Me Feel My Love” Post 37 (https://youtube.com/watch?v=T-Wa7NreAEw&feature=share) (RQ 9).

Ava August
Photo Credit: listal.com

August, Ava. (15 yrs old) “City of Stars” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/uKbrxErfeMQ) (RQ 9).

Joan Baez
Photo Credit: iheart.com

Baez, Joan (1941- ). “We Shall Overcome” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/nM39QUiAsoM) (RQ 7).

Sara Baras
Photo credit: thewonderfulworldofdance.com

Baras, Sara (1971- ). “Flamenco Dance” Post 48 (https://youtu.be/QLnEjHuMFsA) (RQ 10).

Madison Beer
Photo credit: teenvogue.com

Beer, Madison (23 yrs old). “Hurts Like Hell” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/rsuKmbYokuk) (RQ 10).

Madeline Bell
Photo Credit: songkick.com

Bell, Madeline (1942- ). “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/HpY3bdvSNFI) (RQ 9).

Calysta Bevier
Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Bevier, Calysta. (16 yrs old) “Fight Song” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/IrJ9_GRYKkg) (RQ 7).

Casey Bishop
Photo Credit: bonitasprings.floridaweekly.com

Bishop, Casey. (15 yrs old) “Live Wire & Funny Valentine” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/XHR5mt2gBjo) (RQ7).

Laura Bretan
Photo Credit: escxtra.com

Bretan, Laura & The Tenors. (18 yrs old) “Believe” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/QHWg_TtmkEU) (RQ 9).

Isabelle Brown
Photo Credit: flaunt.com

Brown, Isabelle. (15 yrs old) “Places” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/f9eCYvVmtj4) (RQ 9).

Jayna Brown
Photo credit: pinterest.com

Brown, Jayna. (19 yrs old) “Rise, Rise, Rise” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/eChkUnJ7TpY) (RQ 9).

Christine Cain
Photo Credit: facebook.com

Cain, Christine (27 yrs old). “Watermelon Sugar” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/FFBpYyPZyb0) (RQ 8).

Adriana Calcaniotto
Photo credit: oncho.fandom.com

Calcaniotto, Adriana (1965- ). “As Melhores” Post 48 (https://youtu.be/aQ6ee6wd9gw) (RQ 8).

Brynn Cartelli
Photo Credit: deezer.com

Cartelli, Brynn (19 yrs old). “Here Comes Goodbye” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/XtcQDHBf0R0) (RQ 9).

Cassandra Coleman
Photo credit: mobile.twitter.com

Coleman, Cassandra (24 yrs old). “Writing on the Wall” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/eF_STU0KG_w) (RQ 8).

Alexa Curtis
Photo Credit: famousbirthdays.com

Curtis, Alexa. (18 yrs old) “Colours of the Wind” Post 37 (https://youtube.com/watch?v=N02w_vexkg8&feature=share) (RQ 6).

Denisha Dalton
Photo Credit: usanetwork.com

Dalton, Denisha (22 yrs old). “Pillowtalk” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/xt_s68VYt5U) (RQ 7).

Daya – Grace Tandon
Photo credit: alchetron.com

Daya – Grace Tandon (23 yrs old). “Insomnia” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/JybV1mL6EMA) (RQ 9).

Yaroslava Degtyareva
Photo Credit: youtube.com

Degtyareva, Yaroslava (7 yrs old) “Cuckoo” Post 37 (https://youtube.com/watch?v=6O8rJmU9gGo&feature=share) (RQ 8).

Jackie DeShannon
Photo credit: beachamjournal.com

DeShannon, Jackie (1942- ). “Needles and Pins” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/SSbM_Zmx9kA) (RQ 8).

Rio Doyle
Photo Credit: youtube.com

Doyle, Rio. (16 yrs old) “When We Were Young” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/_91VhDvD30o) (RQ 9).

Hanna Everhart
Photo credit: mobile.twitter.com

Everhart, Hanna. (17 yrs old) “Wrecking Ball” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/K6tP3h32V1E) (RQ 8).

Darci Lynne Farmer
Photo Credit: bandsintown.com

Farmer, Darci Lynne. (17 yrs old) “Summertime” (Vantriloquist) Post 37 (https://youtu.be/rk_qLtk0m2c) (RQ 8).

Viki Gabor
Photo Credit: imago-images.com

Gabor, Viki. (13 yrs old) “Superhero” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/okG6yNKaS1g) (RQ 10).

Sarah Geronimo
Photo credit: genius.com

Geronimo, Sarah (33 yrs old). “Tala” (India) Post 48 (https://youtu.be/ahpmuikko3U) (RQ 10).

Anna Grace (Barlow)
Photo Credit: scream-queens.fandom.com

Grace, Anna – Barlow (27 yrs old). “My Future” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/Z1CDLAbHIu4) (RQ8).

Ellie Greenwich
Photo credit: theguardian.com

Greenwich, Ellie (1940-2009). “Be My Baby” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/PtCBd7SKmOg) (RQ 8).

Judy Garland
Photo Credit: biography.com

Garland, Judy (1922-1969). “Over the Rainbow” Post 56 (https://youtube.com/watch?v=PSZxmZmBfnU&feature=share) (RQ 10).

Halley Greg
Photo credit: kickstarter.com

Greg, Halley (29 yrs old). “I’m Like a Bird” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/S36ki3LI52o) (EQ 8).

Toneisha Harris
Photo Credit: twitter.com

Harris, Toneisha (45 yrs old) “I Want To Know What Love Is” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/rdK1dzifkAU) (RQ 9).

Ella Henderson
Photo Credit: planetradio.com

Henderson, Ella. (24 yrs old) “Ghost” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/tA8AfQaUnXM) (RQ 9).

Natalie Imbruglia
Photo credit: wegow.com

Imbruglia, Natalie (1975- ). “Torn” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/VV1XWJN3nJo) (RQ 10).

Maelyn Jarmon
Photo Credit: m.facebook.com

Jarmon, Maelyn (29 yrs old). “Fields of Gold” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/XeNKsWdM630) (RQ 9).

Asanda Jezlie
Photo credit: allfamous.org

Jezlie, Asanda. (14 yrs old) “If I Were a Boy” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/P43XlunR7Ho) (RQ 10).

Lindsay Joan
Photo Credit: m.facebook.com

Joan, Lindsay. (22 yrs old). “Nightmare” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/Jn0hBB5lgxs) (RQ 9).

Carol King
Photo Credit: songhall.org

King, Carol. “Best of” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/DcF4zYtMJxg) (RQ 9).

Grace Kinstler
Photo credit: facebook.com

Kinstler, Grace. (20 yrs old) “Father” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/ANHGp6bqXTM) (RQ 9).

Lydia Knight
Photo Credit: my-best-music.org

Knight, Lydia (& The Regrettes). “I Dare You” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/WOgQpjARYyc) (RQ 10).

Chloe Kohanski
Photo credit: marriedbiography.com

Kohanski, Chloe. “Landslide” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/4jiMqAMH2ms) (RQ 9).

Cyndi Lauper
Photo Credit: masterworksbroadway.com

Lauper, Cyndi. “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/PIb6AZdTr-A) (RQ 9).

Peggy Lee
Photo credit: mycast.io

Lee, Peggy. “Fever” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/REryc1TpeY8) (RQ 10).

Annie Lennox
Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Lennox, Annie. (& Eurythmics, Dave Stewart) “Sweet Dreams” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/qeMFqkcPYcg) (RQ 10+).

Anilee List
Photo Credit: m.facebook.com

List, Anilee. (20 yrs old) “Blue” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/gd8fYsnYJGc) (RQ 7).

Rachel Mac
Photo credit: hive.news

Mac, Rachel. (15 yrs old) “Let Him Fly” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/8bK6s1O0IW0) (RQ 9).

Laila Mach
Photo Credit: dailyvoice.com

Mach, Laila. (15 yrs old) Original Song based upon “I Hope” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/Z908qgHNJWg) (RQ 8+).

Melanie (Safka)
Photo credit: pinterest.com

Melanie (Safka). “Lay Down” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/hlp3wmE4bbI) (RQ 7).

Joni Mitchell
Photo Credit: open.spotify.com

Mitchell, Joni. “Both Sides Now” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/Pbn6a0AFfnM) (RQ 10).

Ryleigh Modig
Photo credit: genius.com

Modig, Ryleigh. (battles Corey Ward singing “Already Gone vs Use Somebody” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/p-b7q9_EVFE) (RQ 9).

Victoria Monet
Photo Credit: songkick.com

Monet, Victoria (27 yrs old) “Jaguar” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/unniQzo65W8) (RQ 10).

Dana Monique
Photo Credit: thedanamonique.com

Monique, Dana. “Nutbush City Limits” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/5UBe3wExW8I) (RQ 8).

Sylvia Moy
Photo credit: hourdetroit.com

Moy, Sylvia. “My Cherie Amour” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/E_4y1uq1ruA) (RQ 8).

Angelina Nava
Photo Credit: thevoice.fandom.com

Nava, Angelina. (13 yrs old) “Jamais Sans Toi” (French) Post 37 (https://youtu.be/YrB7GsyoZhM) (RQ 7).

Claire Nunes
Photo credit: m.facebook.com

Nunes, Claire. “Fiera de Mangaio” (Bossa Nova) Post 48 (https://youtu.be/M-38_POSU1M) (RQ 9).

Laura Nyro
Photo Credit: recordcollectormag.com

Nyro, Laura. “Stoned Soul Picnic” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/N1CfSgsvqJE) (RQ 10).

Liahona Olayan
Photo credit: facebook.com

Olayan, Liahona. (16 yrs old) “Me To” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/ukpEPHmI2B0) (RQ 8).

Dorota Osinka
Photo Credit: my-best-music.org

Osinka, Dorota. “Calling You” Post 50 (https://youtu.be/_LNcX1eS6qA) (RQ 8).

Ciana Pelekai
Photo Credit: soundcloud.com

Pelekai, Ciana. “Dance Monkey” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/VYzzzLdU2D4) (RQ 9).

Alison Porter
Photo Credit: imdb.com

Porter, Alison. “Blue Bayou” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/jhfpAmHkgcA) (RQ 9).

Pia Renee
Photo credit: usanetwork.com

Renee, Pia. “What This World Needs Now” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/HcoELf3dM9Y) (RQ 10).

Carolina Rial
Photo Credit: submithub.com

Rial, Carolina. “Stay With Me” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/yKTaP_PFkUo) (RQ 9).

Emmy Rossum
Photo Credit: thelist.com

Rossum, Emmy. “Think of Me” (Phantom) Post 56 (https://youtu.be/OMizv58pnqc) (RQ 10).

Marlena Shaw (Burgess at birth) 1942-
Active 1967-Present
“Go Away Little Boy”
Photo credit: SoundCloud
Chevel Shepard
Photo credit: trevordecker.com

Shephard, Chevel. “The Letter” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/h1kvOzH18r8) (RQ 10+).

Carly Simon
Photo Credit: rollingstone.com

Simon, Carly. “Coming Around Again” Post 56 (https://youtu.be/c0A7jAVDPJU) (RQ 9).

Taisiya Skomorokhova
Photo credit: youtube.com

Skomorokhova, Taisiya (8 yrs old) “Goomba Boomba” Post 37 (https://youtube.com/watch?v=JIGwf4sEQDw&feature=share) (RQ 8).

Keely Smith
Photo Credit: live.kixi.com

Smith, Keely. “A Tribute” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/UdKPbF2y_0A) (RQ 9).

Carly Rose Sonenclar
Photo credit: soundcloud.com

Sonenclar, Carly Rose. (14 yrs old) “Feeling Good” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/Ej04VAktzyE) (RQ 8).

Alanis Sophia
Photo Credit: radaris.com

Sophia, Alanis. (19 yrs old) “Uninvited” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/C0lPeQ8KDDQ) (RQ 7).

Gwen Stephanie
Photo Credit: hellomagazine.com

Stephanie, Gwen. “Sunday Morning” (Ska) Post 48 (https://youtu.be/PiBX-ESFDF0) (RQ 10).

Raine Stern
Photo credit: usanetwork.com

Stern, Raine. “Electric Feel” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/I9BhldMN8IY) (RQ 8).

Holly Tandy
Photo Credit: the-sun.com

Tandy, Holly. (16 yrs old) “If I Ain’t Got You” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/Y2jb8A2MLg4) (RQ 10).

Malu Trevejo
Photo credit: famousbirthdays.com

Trevejo, Malu (Maria). (19 yrs old) “Luna Llena” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/E-zcNpZJX78) (RQ 10).

Iveta Tumasonyte
Photo Credit: my-best-music.org

Tumasonyte, Iveta. (14 yrs old) “Rise” 37 (https://youtu.be/Uqictx43D3M) (RQ 10+).

Andrea Valles
Photo credit: startattle.com

Valles, Andrea. (playing uke) “Blinding Lights”’Post 52 (https://youtu.be/R0hQ8p85HE8) (RQ 9).

Madison Watkins
Photo Credit: facebook.com

Watkins, Madison. “Run To You” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/TmkzIKrBIe8) (RQ 9).

Roksana Wegiel
Photo Credit: radiozet.pl

Wegiel, Roksana. (15 yrs old) “Anyone I Want to Be” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/y_SYZrqvKhE) (RQ 8).

Rai-Ellie Williams
Photo credit: idolnetworth.com

Williams, Rai-Elle. (16 yrs old) “Always on My Mind” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/EzwKqxGQCuw) (RQ 10).

Savanna Woods
Photo Credit: mobile.twitter.com

Woods, Savanna. “Zombie” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/xifes5b0g2k) (RQ 9).

Alyssa Wray
Photo credit: mycast.io

Wray, Alyssa. “This Is Me” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/6M_gXD5Alh8) (RQ 9).

Mary Jo Young
Photo Credit; ar.napster.com

Young, Mary Jo. (19 yrs old) “You Wrote Me First” Post 52 (https://youtu.be/ksbjQzF8oZY) (RQ 8).

Gihanna Zoe
Photo Credit: thevoice.fandom.com

Zoe, Gihanna. “She Used to be More” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/F4cY9WhDPOc) (RQ 9).