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Pop music is a genre of popular music that originated in its modern form during the mid-1950s in the United States and the United Kingdom. …pop music remained roughly synonymous with Rock and Roll music until the late 1960s, after which pop became associated with music that was more commercial, ephemeral, and accessible. It originated with the ragtime music of the 1890s and early 1900s.

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The American Breed (1962-1970) was formed in Cicero, Illinois, United States, as Gary & The Knight Lites. The founding members included Gary Loizzo (vocals and guitar), Charles “Chuck” Colbert, Jr. (bass guitar and vocals), Al Ciner (guitar and vocals), and Jim Michalak (drums). Early releases included- “I’m Glad She’s Mine,” “I Don’t Need Your Help,” “Will You Go Steady,” “Take Me Back,” among others. The group’s greatest success as “The American Breed” was the single, “Bend Me, Shape Me” (https://youtu.be/PSHo146tQjQ) (RQ 10) which reached number five on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1968. The song, written by Scott English and Larry Weiss, had previously been recorded by an all-female band known as the Shape and had been a hit on the UK Singles Chart for the British group Amen Corner. It had also been recorded by The Outsiders after they had reached the top ten with “Time Won’t Let Me” in 1966. Contributing to the success of the American Breed’s version of “Bend Me, Shape Me” was the excellent arrangement of the song by the band’s record producer, Bill Traut, who added horns among other changes. The group also appeared on the 16 December 1967 episode of the television show American Bandstand, along with Pink Floyd. On January 20, 1967, a freak snow storm that dumped twenty inches on Chicago changed the group’s fate when Kenny Myers, former Senior Vice President of Mercury Records, found himself stranded and met with Producer Bill Traut in his studio at Universal Recording. After Traut played Meyers some of the band’s tapes, Meyers was impressed enough to sign them to his new record label, Acta (a subsidiary of Dot Records, itself owned by Paramount Pictures, whose record holdings later evolved into the Famous Music Group) and suggested they change their name. “They told us Gary and the Knight Lites sounded a little dated”, Loizzo told Chicago Tribune in 1994. “So we put a bunch of names in a hat and pulled out American Breed”. The band’s first single was “Ï Don’t Think You Know Me”, written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin. The band enjoyed its greatest success in 1967 and 1968. They released five singles that reached the charts, including “Step Out Of Your Mind”, “Green Light”, and “Bend Me, Shape Me”, the last of which was their biggest seller, selling over one million copies and awarded a gold disc. The track also peaked at #24 in the UK Singles Chart. The success of “Step Out of Your Mind” allowed the group, originally signed for singles, to make albums and quit their daytime gigs to pursue music full-time. The band also found themselves in high demand in the lucrative radio jingles market, recording commercials for Coca-Cola, the United States Navy, and Bell Telephone, among others. Their television commercial for American Airlines (“Fly the American Way”) was also a big success in the top twenty TV markets and their songs were also featured on the soundtrack to the films No Way to Treat a Lady (1968) and The Brain(1969). In 1968, the band appeared three times on American Bandstand and later that same year, Kevin Murphy joined as keyboardist and the band briefly altered the name to “THE American BREED” before shortening to “The Breed”. Their next single, “Keep the Faith”, failed to make the charts and singer Paulette McWilliams was added in 1969 in a move towards a more R&B funk sound on their next single “Hunky Funky”, which “bubbled under” at #107. But the band was for all intents and purposes finished by then, though Loizzo briefly tried to keep the name afloat in 1970 with one last single, “Can’t Make it Without You”, which went nowhere. Loizzo went on to open his own recording studio, “Pumpkin”, where he worked on producing commercials and other groups, eventually receiving a Grammy nomination for his work with Styx. Colbert, Graziano, McWilliams, and Murphy (after a brief stint in the military) regrouped as “Smoke” and then “Äsk Rufus” (the name soon abbreviated to Rufus). McWilliams was later replaced by Chaka Khan and the band later scored their first Top 10 hit under the Rufus name with “Tell Me Something Good” in 1974.

Arthur Alexander
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Alexander, Arthur (1940-1993). “Where Have You Been All of My Life” Post 6. (https://youtu.be/5RosiKzxRJg).

Paul Anka
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Anka, Paul (1941- ). “Diana” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/YkaM_K7x4Xw) (RQ 10).

Cassandra Armstrong
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Armstrong, Cassandra. (10 yrs old) “Dance Monkey” Post 37. (https://youtu.be/-3SrqKNB_28).

Roberta Battaglia
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Battaglia, Roberta. (10 yrs old) “You Say” Post 37. (https://youtu.be/qgdYUAQwtgU).

Nikita Bawakan
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Bawakan, Nikitaca. (14 yrs old) “Bohemian Rhapsody” Post 37. (https://youtube.com/watch?v=ES9qsVJZTLI&feature=share).

The Beach Boys
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Beach Boys (1961- ). “I Get Around” Post 38 (https://youtu.be/JRaTRqLJnPw) (RQ 10+).

Kahn Bhaini
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Bhaini, Khan (1995- ). FromBarnala, Punjab, India “Sun Fer” (Pun Jabi) Post 48. (https://youtu.be/fQeZPLSEDwg).

Justin Bieber
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Bieber, Justin (1994- ). From London, Canada “What Do You Mean” Posts 32 & 33 (https://youtu.be/DK_0jXPuIr0) (RQ10).

Cilla Black
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Black, Cilla (1943-2015). From Liverpool, UK. “Anyone Who Had a Heart” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/5lAPyZVKH9Y) (RQ 10).

Hal Blaine
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Blaine, Hal (1929-2019). (drummer) From Holyoke, MA “Good Vibrations” Beach Boys Post 19. (https://youtu.be/Eab_beh07HU).

Blood, Sweat & Tears
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Blood, Sweat & Tears (1967-1981). From NYC.“Spinning Wheel” Post 12. (RQ 10+). 12 (https://youtu.be/YbRR0WjMqEk) (RQ 10+).

Emma Boertien
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Boertien, Emma. (21 yrs old). From; Ankorage, AK. “Don’t Play that Song for Me” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/f0L5LaEnSlU) (RQ 10).

Elena Brinc
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Brinc, Elena. (13 yrs old) “Fight Song” Post 37. (https://youtu.be/fQ1TnMKvPY4).

Brooklyn Bridge & Johnny Maestro
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Brooklyn Bridge & Johnny Maestro (1961- ). From NYC. “Worst That Could Happen” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/tbNC7a_mdgY) (RQ 10).

“Worst That Could Happen” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/tbNC7a_mdgY) (RQ 10).

Jackson Brown
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Browne, Jackson (1948- ). From Heidelberg, Germany. “The Pretender” Post 12 (https://youtu.be/SqRvJLH_-vU) (RQ 10).

Buffalo Springfield
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Buffalo Springfield (1966-1968). From Los Angeles, CA. “For What Its Worth” Post 35 (band included Stephen Stills and Neil Young) (https://youtu.be/CXvyq4SyDwU) (RQ 10+).

James Burtonl Paso
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Burton, James (1939- ). (guitarist) From Dubberly, LA. “Steam Roller Blues Jam” Post 19 (https://youtu.be/m1afLC3XyqQ) (RQ 10).

Vikki Carr
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Carr, Vikki (1941- ). From El Pasoh, TX. “It Must Be Him” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/C-E8IX61iSs) (RQ 10).

Chad & Jeremy
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Chad (Stuart) & Jeremy (Clyde). Active 1962-1968. “A Summer Song” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/JVp2l_M2vvc) (RQ 10).

Greyson Chance
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Chance, Greyson. (23 yrs old) “Hold On Til the Night” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/QrT1EfdO67s) (RQ 10).

Gene Chandler
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Chandler, Gene (1937- ). From Chicagi“Duke of Earl” Post 6 (https://youtu.be/a5n0FZo0ME4) (RQ 10).

Bruce Channel
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Channel, Bruce (1940- ). “Hey Baby” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/zNiALFHyLH0) (RQ 10).

Ray Charles
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Charles, Ray (1930-2004). “Georgia on My Mind” Post 38 (https://youtu.be/ggGzE5KfCio) (RQ 10+)

Tessanne Chin
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Chin, Tessanne. (35 yrs old) “I Have Nothing” Posts 37 & 53 (https://youtu.be/m8KdTWjTpLk) (RQ 9).

Lou Christy
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Christy, Lou (1943- ). From Glenwillard, PA. “Lightin Strikes” Post 12 (https://youtu.be/7HGnOuyi5O0) (RQ 8).

Jimmy Clanton
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Clanton, Jimmy (1938- ). From Baton Rouge, LA.“Just a Dream” Post 12 (https://youtu.be/YtDDqbtQe4g) (RQ 9).

Clario (Claire Cottrill)
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Clario – Claire Cottrill (23 years old). From Atlanta, GA. “Sofia” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/L9l8zCOwEII) (RQ 7)

Petula Clark
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Clark, Petula (1932- ). From Ewell, “Downtown” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/0GdPPhTbg-0) (RQ 10).

Javier Colon
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Colon, Javier (1978- ). “Time After Time” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/9g23jo8XBMg) (RQ 9).

Floyd Cramer
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Cramer, Floyd (1933-1997) Pianist for Michael Jackson – “Last Date” (https://youtu.be/1JvfG9uFswis).

Creedence Clearwater Revival
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Creedence Clearwater Revival (1959-1972). “Proud Mary” Posts 12 & 38 (https://youtu.be/_MqKttEyYKc) (RQ 9).

Crosby, Stills & Nash
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Crosby, Stills & Nash (1969-1974). “Judy Blue Eyes” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/OvGfQCsfzUo) (RQ

Cyhohob, Bachnnca (15 yrs old) “Toy” Post 37.

Anna Dabrowska
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Dabrowska, Anna. (14 yrs old) “Swiat Sie Pomylil” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/WLB9sBnhR2Q) (RQ 8).

Lauren Daigle
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Daigle, Lauren. (28 yrs old) “You Say” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/sIaT8Jl2zpI) (RQ 10).

Skeeter Davis
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Davis, Skeeter (1931-2004). “The End of the World” Posts 12 & 36 (https://youtu.be/aApCMQDarRA) (RQ 8).

Jackie DeShannon
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DeShannon, Jackie (1941- ). “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/8LgdRJmjNMY) (RQ 9).

Mark Dinning
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Dinning, Mark (1933-1986) . “Teen Angel” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/RlmFs75JFaw) (RQ 8).

Celine Dion
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Dion, Celine (1968- ). “Ave Maria” Post 17 (https://youtu.be/ek9LKDjgshU) (RQ 10).

Steve Douglass
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Douglass, Steve – tenor sax (1938-1993). “Breakout” For The Ventures and Jan & Dean Post 19. (https://youtu.be/6Q_xcxsaDhg).

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Drake (1986- ). “Best I Ever Had” Post 24. (https://youtu.be/Zfp3KfYH0xA).

Patti Drew
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Drew, Patti (1944- ). “Tell Him” Post 12 (https://youtu.be/sq9HRkVgu6Y) (RQ 8).

Patty Duke
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Duke, Patty (1946-2016). “Don’t Just Stand There” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/X9nBdfEruxc) (RQ 9).

Shelly Fabares
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Fabares, Shelley (1944- ). “Johnny Angel” Post 36 (https://youth.be/mlDeMltJZ0M) (RQ 10).

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Eurodisco. “Hits” Post 48. (https://youtu.be/4lDgLzc90Hs).

Jose Feliciano
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Feliciano, Jose (1945- ). “Light My Fire” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/rKn446XQ3G0) (RQ 10).

Elene Fisher
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Fisher, Elene. (37 yrs old) “Atemlos Durch Die Nacht” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/2czABFw6RnE) (RQ 10).

Toni Fisher
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Fisher, Toni (1924-1999). “The Big Hurt” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/WrlFgP_paOc) (RQ 9).

Flying Machine
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Flying Machine (1968). “Smile a Little Smile for Me.” Pop Music 1 of 23 Genres. (https://youtu.be/fkDrkspVjrI) (RQ 10).

Lanie Gardner
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Gardner, Lanie. (21 Yrs Old) “Rhiannon” Post 37. Lanie sounds almost exactly like Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac (https://youtu.be/XZ4CqjdJ46c) (RQ 10).

Barbara George
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George, Barbara (1942-2006). “I Know” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/Co0FWi4OBkc) (RQ 10).

Eydie Gorme
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Gorme, Eydie (1926-2013). “Blame It on the Bossa Nova” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/sn4Fly9cOn0) (RQ 10).

Maia Gough
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Gough, Maia. (10 Yrs Old) “I Have Nothing” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/dG63_nwX8tw) (RQ 8).

Loren Gray
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Gray, Loren. (18 Yrs Old) “Queen” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/XqBKrJnA8ZY) (RQ 10).

Wilbert Harrison
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Harrison, Wilbert (1929-1994). “Kansas City” Post 3 (https://youtu.be/tkJHRjlkT3o) (RQ 10).

Richie Havens
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Havens, Richie (1941-2013). “Here Comes the Sun” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/I9KSxqCShBY) (RQ 10).

Bobby Hebb
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Hebb, Bobby (1938-2010). “Sunny” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/J-5xGXpNt74) (RQ 10).

Herman’s Hermits
Photo Credit: pastdaily.com

Herman’s Hermits (1964-2015). “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter” Post 3 (https://youtu.be/2xDdME7c3Gk) (RQ 10+).

Eddie Holman
Photo Credit: discogs.com

Holman, Eddie (1946- ) “Hey There Lonely Girl” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/0tSpZnVnSLQ) (RQ 10).

Brian Hyland
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Hyland, Brian (1943- ). “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Little Polka Dot Bikini.” (https://youtu.be/n56E3kScoN8) (RQ 9).

Chuck Jackson
Photo Credit: soulwalking.co.uk

Jackson, Chuck (1937- ). “Any Day Now” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/3AYI-_makRY) (RQ 10+).

Jan & Dean
Photo Credit: spinditty.com

Jan & Dean (1958-1968). “Surf City & Little ‘Ol Lady from Pasadena” Posts 30 & 33 (https://youtu.be/7udIP7Bux2U) (RQ 10).

Maddi Jane
Photo Credit: dotlocal.org

Jane, Maddi. (18 Yrs Old) “Rolling in the Deep” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/lMrCW07XBS8) (RQ 10).

Jay & The Techniques
Photo Credit: lehigh.happeningmag.com

Jay & The Techniques (1968-1976). “Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/jEPSrdA8kbY) (RQ 10).

Jay & The Americans
Photo Credit: nytimes.com

Jay & The Americans (1960-1973). “Come a Little Bit Closer” Post 51. (https://youtu.be/e3LVGBB94eY).

Jefferson Airplace
Photo Credit: m.youtube.com

Jefferson Airplane (1965-1973). “White Rabbit” Post 30. The group “sound” was lead by Grace Slick’s voice. (https://youtu.be/pnJM_jC7j_4) (RQ 9).

Ou Le Kassav
Photo Credit: en.europcar-martinique.com

Kassav (1989). “Ou Le” (Zouk) Post 48. (https://youtu.be/Y8OTlUrvYXQ).

Amelia Kita
Photo Credit: ninjaoutreach.com

Kita, Amelia. (15 Yrs Old) Dancing on My Own 37 (https://youtu.be/OIrL3vhX7ss) (RQ 10).

Lady Gaga
Photo Credit: madametussauds.com

Lady Gaga (2001- ). “Poker Face” Posts 32 & 33 (https://youtu.be/bESGLojNYSo) (RQ 10).

Curtis Lee
Photo Credit: noise11.com

Lee, Curtis (1939-2015). “Pretty Little Angel Eyes” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/pZT__JFMUgU) (RQ 10).

Jacque Lee
Photo Credit: bookingagentinfo.com

Lee, Jacque. (23 Yrs Old) “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/eCrbKlPjDDo) (RQ 9).

John Lennon & Yoko Ono
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Lennon, John (1940-1980) & (Yoko Ono (1933- ). “Imagine” Post 47 (https://youtu.be/YkgkThdzX-hineDo (RQ 10+).

Bob Lind
Photo Credit: colomusic.org

Lind, Bob (1942- ). “Elusive Butterfly” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/sukxmZcDGlU) (RQ 10).

Kathy Linden
Photo Credit: open.spotify.com

Linden, Kathy (1938- ). “Billy” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/kIIZi0PrVtc) (RQ 9).

Lisa Loeb
Photo Credit: singers.com

Loeb, Lisa (1968- ). “Stay – I Missed You” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/i9HGwRbMiVY) (RQ 10).

Lorde (Ella O’Conner)
Photo Credit: theguardian.com

Lorde (Ella O’Conner). (23 Yrs Old) “Royals” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/nlcIKh6sBtc) (RQ 10).

Photo Credit: biography.com

LuLu – Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie (1948- ) “To Sir with Love” Post 30 (https://youtu.be/yTapoA5RQyo) (RQ 8).

Photo Credit: zvuk.top

Lu Han (32 yrs old). “On Fire” (C-Pop) Post 48. (https://youtu.be/JKVTNzvniq8).

Frankie Lyman
Photo Credit: tremg.info

Lyman, Frankie & The Teenagers (1942-1968).“Frankie died at only 25 yrs old from a heroin overdose. “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” Posts 29 & 33 (https://youtu.be/EWwzsNyFn1I) (RQ 9).

Mamas & Papas
Photo Credit: GAB Archive/Redferns

Mamas and Papas (1965-1968). “California Dreaming & Monday Monday” Posts 7, 33 & 38 (https://youtu.be/XJIAvpqwJJU) (RQ 10).

Mama Cass (Elliot)
Photo Credit; allthat’sinteresting.com

Mama Cass – Elliot (1959-1974). “Dream a Little Dream of Me” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/ZZ0PZRYin2s) (RQ 10).

Manfred Mann
Photo Credit: beachamjournal.com

Mann, Manfred (1962-1969). “Do Wah Diddy Ditty” Posts 7 & 33 (https://youtu.be/1UingsUi0mI) (RQ 10).

Pour Manon
Photo Credit: my-best-music.org

Manon, Pour (15 yrs old). “Writings on the Wall” Post 37 (https://youtube.com/watch?v=wFQgLXNC3ek&feature=share) (RQ 9).

Maroon Five
Christina Aguilera & Adam Levine
Photo Credit: last.fm

Maroon Five (1994- ). With Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera. “Moves Like Jagger” Posts 32 & 33 (https://youtu.be/iEPTlhBmwRg) (RQ 10).

Bruno Mars
Photo Credit: npr.org

Mars, Bruno (1985- ). “Just the Way You Are” Post 33 (https://youtu.be/LjhCEhWiKXk) (RQ 10).

Photo Credit: waybackattack.com

Mercy (1968-1969). “Love Can Make You Happy” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/6hv2vyz7pLA) (RQ 10).

Merengue “Latin Country”
Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.com

Merengue. “Latin Country” Post 4.

Merlinsyoshi Glitch
Photo Credit: youtube.com

Merlinsyoshi Glitch. “Genisis” Post 48 (https://youtu.be/bgPYV9dIvd4) (RQ 8).

Jody Miller
Photo Credit: discogs.com

Miller, Jody (1941- ). “Queen of the House” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/8fpuDCQ7Mp0) (RQ 10).

Nova Miller
Photo Credit: fridalrnholm.com

Miller, Nova – Astrid Fanny Granström (20 yrs old). “Turn Up the Fire” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/EXMsW3FoQuE) (RQ 10).

Jane Morgan
Photo Credit: secondhandsongs.com

Morgan, Jane (1925- ). “The Day that the Rains Came Down” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/fs3VRSJEhu4) (RQ 10).

Maren Morris
Photo Credit: en.necropedia.com

Morris, Maren. (32 yrs old) “The Bones” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/gvPMVKUI9go) (RQ 10).

Photo Credit: realrockandroll.wordpress.com

Motherload (1969-1976). “When I Die” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/nF2CoDLAO7g) (RQ 9).

Ricky Nelson
Photo Credit: themoviedb.org

Nelson, Ricky (1940-1985). He died at only 45 yrs old from his DC3 plane crash caused by a faulty heater. “Hello Mary Lou” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/DfKe8K1A3JI) (RQ 10).

Oh Dance Team
Photo Credit: youtube.com

Oh Dance Team. (V-Pop) “Bang Bang Bong Bong” Post 48.

Les Paul
Photo Credit: biography.com

Paul, Les (1915-2008). Guitarist, stopped later on in his career, due to arthritis in his fingers. “Sleepwalk” Post 18 (https://youtu.be/2Rar4uStkt4) (RQ 9).

Katy Perry
Photo Credit: popsugar.com

Perry, Katy – Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (37 yrs old). “Roar & Our Song” Posts 28 & 33 (https://youtu.be/CevxZvSJLk8) (RQ 10).

Gene Pitney
Photo Credit: history-of-rock.com

Pitney, Gene (1940-2006). “Only Love Can Break a Heart” Post 8 (https://youtu.be/71ctQukD5ZA) (RQ 9).

Photo Credit: amazon.com

Polyphony (2000- ). “Just Like in Heaven” Post 55 (https://youtu.be/DqNrZeJ6TQ0) (RQ 7).

Cassadee Pope
Photo Credit: tasteofcountry.com

Pope, Cassadee (1989- ). “Say It First” Post 53 (https://youtu.be/gfeZ9q8ANeY) (RQ 10).

Sandy Posey
Photo Credit: discogs.com

Posey, Sandy (1944- ). “Born a Woman” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/r6CmNUOzdlw) (RQ 9).

Tito Puente
Photo Credit: sun-sentenial.com

Puente, Tito (1923-2000). “Salsa Hits” Post 48 (https://youtu.be/w3n54aTu2MA) (RQ 8).

Gary Puckett & The Union Gap
Photo Credit: walmart.com

Puckett, Gary & The Union Gap (1967-1971). “Woman Woman” Post 30 (https://youtu.be/0Mqsnx2E3ys) (RQ 10).

Atene Ravinkaite
Photo Credit: ninjaoutreach.com

Ravinkaite, Atene. (15 yrs old) “Put a Spell on You” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/e_YYBiGfADc) (RQ 8).

Photo credit: formidapps.com

Reggae. “100 Best” Post 48 (https://youtu.be/_DhjJcPdNGk) (RQ 9).

Diane Renay
Photo Credit: secondhandsongs.com

Renay, Diane (1945- ). “Navy Blue” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/ZaF49Ov7Bpo) (RQ 7).

Paul Revere & The Raiders
Photo Credit: liveabout.com

Revere, Paul & The Raiders (1958-1976). “Just Like Me & Good Thing” Posts 10 & 33 (https://youtu.be/6BGNN9ZuL-I) (RQ 10).

Photo Credit: cheatsheet.com

Rihanna (1988- ). “Umbrella & A Girl Like Me” Posts 25 & 33 (https://youtu.be/CvBfHwUxHIk) (RQ 10).

Rita Rocha
Photo Credit: karacteragency.com

Rocha, Rita. (15 yrs old) “Driver’s License” Post 37 (https://youtube.com/watch?v=99-aCZj7zkM&feature=share) (RQ 10).

Tommy Roe
Photo Credit: sales.google.com

Roe, Tommy (1942- ). “Sheila & Dizzy”’Posts 11 & 33 (https://youtu.be/KK6tqhP16Nk) (RQ 9).

Olivia Rodrigo
Photo Credit: the-fine-bros.fandom.com

Rodrigo, Olivia. (15 yrs old) “All I Want” (pianist too) Post 37 (https://youtu.be/OOgvDiXl6hA) (RQ 9).

Ronald & Ruby
Photo Credit: doo-wop.blogg.com

Ronald (Gumm) and Ruby (Ross) – 1958. “Lollipop” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/zzcwn2QHkDM) (RQ 9).

Peter Rosalita
Photo Credit: agt.fandom.com

Rosalita, Peter. (10 yrs old) “All By Myself” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/meUpKhUKZ94) (RQ 9).

Annika Rose
Photo Credit: m.facebook.com

Rose, Annika. (18 yrs old) “Butterflies” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/ujTNzEWh-BQ) (RQ 10).

Madysyn Rose
Photo Credit: twitter.com

Rose, Madysyn. (18yrs old) “Fall for You” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/HuJHqZwJHQw) (RQ 10).

Rosie & The Originals
Photo Credit: bibliolore.com

Rosie and The Originals (1960-1963). “Angel Baby” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/a-3uIjsXSec) (RQ 8).

Rianna Rusu
Photo Credit: wowbiz.com

Rusu, Rianna. (15 yrs old) “And I’m Telling You” Post 37. (https://youtu.be/cFY5YRQy9aY) (RQ 9).

Photo Credit: last.fm

Sagittarius (1967-1969). “My World Fell Down” Post 14 (https://youtu.be/81skBnAAdcQ) (RQ 8).

Leonor Sa-Chave
Photo Credit: m.facebook.com

Sa-Chaves, Leonor. (15 yrs old) “When I Was Your Man” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/gsqBWZIhxBQ) (RQ 8).

Sam the Sham & The Pharohs
Photo Credit: virily.com

Sam the Sham & The Pharohs (1959-1982). “Wolly Bully” Posts 14 & 33 (https://youtu.be/jl00pLpYQhI) (RQ 10).

Linda Scott
Photo Credit: live.kixi.com

Scott, Linda (1945- ). “I’ve Told Every Little Star” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/wZYWjYTVPog) (RQ 9).

Neil Sedaka
Photo Credit: songkick.com

Sedaka, Neil (1939- ). “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/2M584bP_FeE) (RQ 10).

Photo Credit: japanime.talks.vom

Seigaku. “Do You Remember” Post 48. “https://youtu.be/MQWJD-L5K4w) (RQ 7).

Del Shannon
Photo Credit: scvhistory.com

Shannon, Del (1934-1990). “Runaway” Post 14 (https://youtu.be/gaHgHrCwQBA) (RQ 9).

Ed Sheeran
Photo Credit: amazon.com

Sheeran, Ed (1991- ). “Sing” (animated video) Posts 32 & 33 (https://youtu.be/tlYcUqEPN58) (RQ 10+).

Simon & Garfunkel
Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Simon (Paul) & (Art) Garfunkel (1956-1970). “The Sounds of Silence” Posts 14 & 33 (https://youtu.be/NAEppFUWLfc) (RQ 10).

Sir Douglas Quintet
Photo Credit: tunefind.com

Sir Douglas Quintet (1964-1973). “Mendocino” Post 6 (https://youtu.be/fhDdhUABte0) (RQ 8).

Small Faces
Photo Credit: udiscovermusic.com

Small Faces (1965-1969) “Itchycoo Park” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/92dOgg0mwWY) (RQ 10).

Jaden Smith
Photo Credit: rottentomados.com

Smith, Jaden (23 yrs old) “Cabin Fever” Post 37. Jaden is Will Smith’s son. (https://youtu.be/82UsnbunJUs) (RQ 10).

Soca Mix
Photo Credit: osocity.com

Soca Mix. “Hello” Post 48 (https://youtu.be/eldeaIAv_wE) (RQ 10).

Joanie Sommers
Photo Credit: discogs.com

Sommers, Joanie (1941- ) “Johnny Get Angry” Posts 35 & 36 (https://youtu.be/1bDoPh6d-Ng) (RQ 9).

Sonny & Cher
Photo Credit: usatoday.com

Sonny (Bono 1935-1998) & Cher (Sarkisian 1946- ). “I’ve Got You Babe” Posts 13 & 33 (https://youtu.be/HKGjCPBSG38) (RQ 10).

Jimmy Soul
Photo Credit: rockandrollparadise.com

Soul, Jimmy (1942-1988). “If You Wanna Be Happy.” Pop Music – 1 of 23 Genres. (https://youtu.be/fxUY-99TPRY) (RQ 9).

Spanky & Our Gang
Photo Credit: live.oldies927az.com

Spanky & Our Gang (1966-1969). “Sunday will Never Be the Same” Posts 31 & 33. Led by lead singer Elaine “Spanky” McFarlane. (https://youtu.be/07nK9CXZvAI) (RQ 9).

Spencer Davis Group
Photo Credit: udiscovermusic.com

Spencer Davis Group (1963-1969). “Higher Love & Gimmie Some Lovin” (https://youtu.be/ko3m0NBbq1o) (RQ 9).

Dusty Springfield
Photo Credit: legacyprojectchicago.com

Springfield, Dusty (1939-1999). “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” Post 36. (https://youtu.be/QR4vE9xL3yk).

Staple Singers
Photo Credit: rhino.com

Staple Singers (1948-1994). “I’ll Take You There” Post 33 (https://youtu.be/6gpzVCFrKWk) (RQ 10).

Ringo Starr
Photo Credit: youandi.com

Starr, Ringo (1940-1961) 1. (drummer for the Beatles). “A Compilation” Post 19 (https://youtu.be/UvvfeRECuII) (RQ 7).

Hailee Steinfeld
Photo Credit: voice-actors-from-the-world.com

Steinfeld, Hailee. (23 yrs old) “Love Myself” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/bMpFmHSgC4Q) (RQ 10+).

Dodie Stevens
Photo Credit: infofamouspeople.com

Stevens, Dodie (1946- ). “Pink Shoelaces” Posts 25, 33 & 36 (https://youtu.be/lW0a3sR0Usw) (RQ 10).

Ray Stevens
Photo Credit: countrymusichalloffame.com

Stevens, Ray (1939- ) “Everything is Beautiful” (everyone should listen to this song when they wake up) Post 51 (https://youtu.be/Fda8FIxRaB0) (RQ 9).

Taylor Swift
Photo Credit: entertainmenttonight.com

Swift, Taylor (1989- ). “Speak Now” Posts 26 & 33 (https://youtu.be/Gh7u-KTWUq8) (RQ 10+).

Photo Credit: my-best-music.com

Thapelo, Nachdem (13 yrs old). “Halo” Post 37 (https://youtube.com/watch?v=&feature=share) (RQ 9).

The American Breed
Photo Credit: open.spotify.com

The American Breed (1958-1970). “Bend Me, Shape Me” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/PSHo146tQjQ) (RQ 10).

The Beach Boys
Photo Credit: edsullivan.com

The Beach Boys (1961- ) . “I Get Around & Good Vibrations” Posts 12 & 17 (https://youtu.be/Eab_beh07HU) (RQ 10+).

The Box Tops
Photo Credit: deezer.com

The Box Tops (1967-1970). “The Letter & Cry Like a Baby” Posts 12 & 36 (https://youtu.be/pyq3PUTnpd0) (RQ 10).

The Bryds
Photo Credit: jaziz.com

The Bryds (1964-1973). “Eight Miles High” Post 12. David Crosby was a member of the band. (https://youtu.be/NxyOhFBoxSY) (RQ 9).

The Buckinghams
Photo Credit: ktlo.com

The Buckinghams (1966-1970). “Kind of a Drag” Post 12 (https://youtu.be/QSqg1NqBKGE) (RQ 9).

The Cascades
Photo Credit: last.fm.com

The Cascades (1960-1975). “Rhythm of the Rain” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/AtEKXIQCwYw) (RQ 10).

The Chiffons
Photo Credit: soulwalking.co.uk

The Chiffons (1960- ). “One Fine Day” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/D0LYs-VqFuw) (RQ 8).

The Chordettes
Photo Credit: alamy.com

The Chordettes (1946-1963). “Lollipop” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/Yw0qIyZMtH8) (RQ 10).

The Cowsills
Photo Credit: bapresley.com

The Cowsills (1965-1972). “The Rain, the Park & Other Things” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/uC9tALmALh0) (RQ 9).

The Crew Cuts
Photo Credit: strathdee.wordpress .com

The Crew Cuts (1952-1964). Sh-Boom” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/CikEbEtnBcE) (RQ 10).

The Critters
Photo Credit: kimsloans.wordpress.com

The Critters (1966-1967). “Mr. Dieingly Sad” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/h27rFCiL96Y) (RQ 9).

The Eagles
Photo Credit: rollingstone.com

The Eagles (1971-1980). “Hotel California” Post 38 (https://youtu.be/BciS5krYL80) (RQ 9).

The Exciters
Photo Credit: last.fm

The Exciters (1961-1974). “Tell Him” Posts 35 & 36 (https://youtu.be/B-QQez5H7GE) (RQ 10+).

The Fifth Dimension
Photo Credit: classicrockhistory.com

The Fifth Dimension (1966- ). “Aquarious” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/VlrQ-bOzpkQ) (RQ 10).

The Five Royales
Photo Credit: toppermost.co.uk

The Five Royales (1951-1965) “Think” Post 18 (https://youtu.be/QSo3chuNTtM) (RQ 9).

The Fleetwoods
Photo Credit: thefleetwoods.us

The Fleetwoods (1958-1983). “Come Softly to Me” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/Dkf-Dhihdrc) (RQ 9).

The Foundations
Photo Credit: soulwalking.co.uk

The Foundations (1966-1971). “Build Me Up Buttercup” Pop Music 1 of 23 Genres. (https://youtu.be/hSofzQURQDk) (RQ 10).

The Four Aces
Photo Credit: philidelphiamusicalalliance.com

The Four Aces (1949-1987). “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” Posts 29 & 33 (https://youtu.be/cCFftG60A7M) (RQ 8).

The Gentrys
Photo Credit: noslatgiacentral.com

The Gentrys (1963- ). “Keep on Dancing” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/AGHFaBx6j8M) (RQ 10).

The Guess Who
Photo Credit: winnipegfreepress.com

The Guess Who (1968-1975). From Winnipeg, Canada. “These Eyes” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/xcLdbsrSngA) (RQ 9).

The Hollies
Photo Credit: bbc.co.uk

The Hollies (1962- ). From Salford, England. “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother” Post 3 (https://youtu.be/ifyUPYXwdIc) (RQ 10).

Hollywood Argyles
Photo Credit: last.fm

The Hollywood Argyles (1960-1965). “Alley Opp” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/SeU5CjSoRZ8) (RQ 9).

The Impalas
Photo credit: kimsloans.wordpress.com

The Impalas (1958-1973). “Sorry – I Ran All the Way Home” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/ufz4-fRCwwo) (RQ 9).

The Jamies
Photo Credit: 45cat.com

The Jamies (1958-1962). “Summertime” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/Wrgdr3ROzTc) (RQ 9).

The Left Banke
Photo credit: last.fm

The Left Banke (1965-1969). “Walk Away Renee” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/) (RQ 10).

The Lovin Spoonful
Photo Credit: legendsrevealed.com

The Lovin Spoonful (1975-1969). “Do You Believe in Magic” Post 30 (https://youtu.be/JnbfuAcCqpY) (RQ 9).

The Monkeys
Photo credit: azcentral.com

The Monkeys (1966-1970). “Daydream Believer & Last Train to Clarksville” Posts 7 & 33 (https://youtu.be/K3syk2VOmRw) (RQ 10+).

The Orion’s
Photo Credit: live.kixi.com

The Orion’s (1960- ). “Wah Wah Tootsie” Post 6 (https://youtu.be/rEQumNxzTy4) (RQ 8).

The Playmates
Photo credit: waybackattack.com

The Playmates (1958-1962). “Beep Beep” Post 8 (https://youtu.be/5DPBfbSgqbY) (RQ 9).

The Poni-Tails
Photo Credit: womeninrockproject.com

The Poni-Tails (1956-1960). “Born Too Late” Posts 8 & 35 (https://youtu.be/p64nDdoniIA) (RQ 10+).

The Ramrods
Photo Credit: brumbeat.net

The Ramrods (1956-1959). “Riders in the Sky” (instrumental) Post 10 (https://youtu.be/Tmqpy6zk7mA) (RQ 10).

The (Young) Rascals
Photo credit: singers.com

The (Young) Rascals (1965-1972). “Good Lovin” Posts 22 & 33 (https://youtu.be/t3CQ-5MeRwY) (RQ 10).

The Reflections
Photo Credit: jerryreuss.com

The Reflections (1963-1965). “Just Like Romeo and Juliet.” Pop Music – 1 of 23 Genres. (https://youtu.be/OGaBZuTixII) (RQ 9).

The Regents
Photo Credit: garagehangover.com

The Regents (1958-1990). “Barbara Ann.” Pop Music – 1 of 23 Genres (https://youtu.be/EDpQY3UW8D4) (RQ 7). This was recorded in 1961. The Beach Boys covered it in 1965 where it became more popular (https://youtu.be/qV873dFNQFI) (RQ 10).

The Ronettes
Photo Credit: okayplayer.com

The Ronettes (1957-1967). “Be My Baby” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/jSPpbOGnFgk) (RQ 9).

The Rip Chords
Photo Credit: 45world.com

The Rip Chords (1962-1965). “Hey Little Cobra” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/FqAen8PJ064) (RQ 9).

The Royal Jesters
Photo credit: expressnews.oucom

The Royal Jesters (1958- ). “We Go Together” Post 16 (https://youtu.be/qEQgw1xFqXI) (RQ 10+).

The Royal Teens
Photo Credit: jerseyboysblog.com

The Royal Teens (1956-1969) “Short Shorts” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/xh1FvPAP6Kk) (RQ 9).

The Shangri-Las
Photo credit: 333sound.com

The Shangri-Las (1963-1968). “Simon Says”’Post 14 (https://youtu.be/p_lZ2sLYQLU) (RQ 7).

The Seekers
Photo Credit: likeyouroldstuff.com

The Seekers (1962-1968). “I’ll Never Find Another You” Post 30 (https://youtu.be/pBaO6ro1CUc) (RQ 8).

The Spiral Staircase
Photo Credit: kexp.com

The Spiral Staircase (1964-1982). “More Today than Yesterday” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/89eEa3RvCF4) (RQ 10).

The Surfaris
Photo credit: nostalgiacentral.com

The Surfaris (1962- ). “Wipe Out” (instrumental) Post 6 (https://youtu.be/dBURLdhmmZ8) (RQ 8).

The Teddy Bears
Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org

The Teddy Bears (1957-1960). “To Know Him is To Love Him” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/8Ol1MxFN5Sk) (RQ 9).

The Tokens
Photo credit: music-that-we-adore.com

The Tokens (1955-1979). “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” Post 6 (https://youtu.be/OQlByoPdG6c) (RQ 10).

The Tremeloes
Photo Credit: live.kixi.com

The Tremeloes (1958- ). “Silence is Golden” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/m9XZa5Xekt0) (RQ 10).


The Turtles
Photo credit: jerryreuss.com

The Turtles (1965-1970) . “She’d Rather Be with Me & Happy Together” Posts 16 & 33 (https://youtu.be/mRCe5L1imxg) (RQ 7).

The Ventures
Photo Credit: forbes.com

The Ventures (1958- ). “Walk Don’t Run” (instrumental) Posts 17, 21, 31 & 33 (https://youtu.be/jg8r4CfoZLI) (RQ 8).

The Vogues
Photo Credit: live.oldies927az.com

The Vogues (1963- ). “Turn Around Look at Me” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/xEvZwRJnOnI) (RQ 10).

The Zombies
Photo credit: forbes.com

The Zombies (1961-1967). “Tell Her No” (https://youtu.be/j3l8tsg066g) (RQ 10), “Time of the Season” (https://youtu.be/T8ecsAI3FhY) (RQ 9) and “She’s Not There” (https://youtu.be/ieWZpXPuIhU) (RQ 10).

Sue Thompson
Photo Credit: last.fm

Thompson, Sue (1925-2021). “Norman” Post 36 Tibet (young couple dancing) Ghost Step Shuffle 48

Kpncnr Toaopoba
Photo credit: youtube.com

Toaopoba, Kpncnr. (10 yrs old) “Listen” 37.

Queen (1970- ). From London, England. “Bohemian Rhapsody” Post 38. Famous lead singer Freddie Mercury died in 1991 at age 45. Pictured second from left. (https://youtu.be/fJ9rUzIMcZQ) (RQ 10+).

Photo Credit: oscars.fandom.com

U2 (1976- ). From Dublin, Ireland. “I Haven’t Seen What I’m Looking For” Post 38 (https://youtu.be/e3-5YC_oHjE) (RQ 10).

Ritchie Valens
Photo Credit: thefamouspeople.com

Valens, Ritchie – Richard Steven Valenzuela (1941-1950). In Mason City, Iowa, he was killed in an airplane crash on February 3, 1959 at only 19 yrs of age along with The Big Bopper and Buddy Holly. “La Bamba” Post 51

Frankie Valli (& The Four Seasons)
Photo credit: njfamily.com

Valli, Frankie & The Four Seasons (1963-1975). “Sherry & Big Girls Don’t Cry” Post 30 (https://youtu.be/jMcWldfg28s) (RQ 10).

Angie Vasquez
Photo Credit: thefamouspeople.com

Vasquez, Angie. (19 Yrs Old) “Rolling in the Deep” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/a7UFm6ErMPU) (RQ 10).

Caetano Veloso
Photo credit: secondhandsongs.com

Veloso, Caetano (1967- ). “Meia Lua Inteira” (from Brazil) Post 48 (https://youtu.be/I1Ok3fXEtnM) (RQ 10).

Robin Ward
Photo Credit: kimsloans.wordpress.com

Ward, Robin (1941- ). “Wonderful Summer”’Post 35 (https://youtu.be/DL4cvfLM7ZI) (RQ 8).

Dionne Warwick
Photo credit: mirror.co.uk

Warwick, Dionne (1940- ). “I Say a Little Prayer” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/ZlGmMLfWsqM) (RQ 9).

Dinah Washington
Photo Credit: gaslightrecords.com

Washington, Dinah (1924-1963). “What a Difference a Day Makes” Post 18 (https://youtu.be/upJ3OgMRiUA) (RQ 10+).

We Five
Photo Credit: oocities.com

We Five (1964-1967). “You Were On My Mind” Post 51 (https://youtu.be/c7YSANg8vgw) (RQ 9).

Carla Whebe
Photo credit: mobile.twitter.com

Whebe, Carla. (27 yrs Old) “Don’t Tell Me” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/RHQE0oGwxxI) (RQ 9).

Nancy Wilson
Photo Credit: downbeat.com

Wilson, Nancy (1937-2018). “You Don’t Know (How Glad I Am)” Post 36 (https://youtu.be/qXIr22QpVkk) (RQ 10+).

Kathy Young
Photo credit: kathyyoung.com

Young, Kathy (1945- ) (& The Innocents). “A Thousand Stars” Post 35 (https://youtu.be/2yesRVy3s98) (RQ 9).

Maria Zakharova
Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Zakharova, Maria. (10 Yrs Old). I believe Maria is the best young singer in world! “Still Loving You” Post 37 (https://youtu.be/gHf01WZN3vk) (RQ 10).