37th Post: (174) Young Singers

For your ease of listening experience, I have created ten age-based playlists:

Under 12 Years of age (10 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1hyJzLsOAGnCOvy5uL30LHv

12 and 13 year old singers (11 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1igOALxHn7oCR2mAq7l2uw6

14 year old singers (10 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1j_eOB5gqBsQ_-kX_dZKvz0

15 year old singers (12 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1j2t1_VIOYHbPbyaTE-cCFx

16 and 17 year old singers (13 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1jcNSFwu-F9BUq8RtV26xHJ

18 year old singers (11 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1iL9gZWDlGFLkkzYoegPZux

19 year old singers (12 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1hK9-cHVXma797mM7hitnxo

20-22 year old singers (31 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1iSoz_GrDkayse-mTCP7o5m

Over 22 year old singers (12 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1ikPelbBKofyGrkp21MJEZr

(QR 10+) Young Singers (24 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1g6FtYM3Hh10aEXWyCWZZxP

(QR 10+) Older Singers (18 videos): https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqptie5CKN1gknR54HTl_13Rwl3Ie4cj6

Over the past three years, I have identified 174 talented young singers. Of these, many have already been recording records, have seen high volumes of YouTube/Spotify follows and are experiencing strong careers through record contracts, etc.:

Afante, Justine; Aguilar, Angela; Alliag, Gala; Alsina, Victoria; Altinkaya, Aylin; Armstrong, Cassandra; Aye, Naomi; Battaglia, Roberta; Bailey, Chloe; Beasha, Emmane; Beer, Madison; Bergling, Tim (Avicii); Bevier, Calasta; Biscuit, Petit; Bishop, Casey; Boertien, Emma; Bowman, Alex; Bretan, Laura; Brian, Rich; Brinc, Elina; Brinker, Victory; Brown, Isabelle; Brown, Jayna; Bryant, Benico; Burns, Ansley, Capoldi, Lewis; Cara, Alessia; Carpenter, Sabrina; Carter, Rubin; Chance, Greyson; Chin, Tessanne; Clare, Evie; Clark, Daisy; Cottrill, Claire (Clario); Crosby, Claire; Cryus, Noah; Curtis, Alexa; Cynohoba, Bachnca; Dabrowska, Anna; Daniella, Meghan; Davies, Daniel; Davis, Grace; Day, Thomas; Deboc, Anna; Degryse, Justine; DeLeon, Carmen; Diagle, Lauren; Dodds, Kenaldi; Dukes, Kevin; Elliot, George; Eillish, Billie; Elkington, Miles; Evancho, Jackie; Farmer, Darci-Lynn; Fiskum, Zan; Folley, Jess; Gabor, Viki; Gabriella, Zoe; Garcia, Gazzy (Lil Pump); Garcia, Melani; Garinla, Anthony; Gardner, Lanie; Gatzin, Elena; Gray, Griffith, Sarah “Griff,”Loren; Grimmie, Christiana; Fischer, Helene; Fisher, Elsie; Gabor, Viki; Gaju, Marie-Emilie; Garcia, Melani; Gough, Maia; Hadwin, Courtney; Hale, Angelina; Harris, Toneisha; Harrison, Claudia; Hovious, Dax; Ifil, Faith; Istel, Richard; IV Jay; Jezlie, Asanda; Johnson, Louisa; Jordan, Angelina; Kann, Bjorn; Kazachenko, Olesya; Kelly, Amir; Khvedelidze, Marita; Kiss, Stephanie; Kita, Amelia; Knight, Lydia; Kostov, Kristian; Larsson, Zara; Lazarri, Carla; Lee, Jacquie; Lenae, Ravyn; Li, Jeffery; Lil Nas; Lorde; Lukyanets, Solomia; Maciejczak, Marcin; MacKampa, Jordan; Maley, Hanon; Manon, Pour; Marina, Ashley; Marvanne, Rhema; Maxtoon, Maia; McCants, Victoria; Mendes, Shawn; Mia, HalMiles, Allegra; Miller, Alex; Miller, Bea;Miller, Nova; Mimi & Josy; Mintz, Claud; Moon, Arei; Morris, Maren; Nava, Angelina; Parke, Ronan; Parks, Arlo; Parx, Tayla; Penna, Kaue; Phattanan, Gracy; Pohlodkova, Katarina; Rabbone, Jordan; Ramm, Lisa-Marie Ramsey, Mason; Ravinkaite, Alene; Regula, James; Rocha, Rita; Rosalita, Peter; Rose, Madysyn; Ruel; Sa-Chaves, Leonor; Sakantas, Matas; Sayaque, Rebecca; Selfidin; Serenko, Johanna; Sezin; Shane, Kodie; Shaw, Grace (Mallrat); Sherlock, Allie; Skinner, Robin (Cavetown); Simioni, Marina; Simpson, Cody; Smith, Jaden; Snorek, Ethan (Whethan); Sonenclar, Carly; Steinfeld, Hailee; Stella, Lennon; Summers, Sydney “Uke,” Charlotte; Talbot, Connie; Tandon, Grace; Tandy, Holly; Thapelo, Nachdem; Thompson, Ayoni; Tilghmans, Todd; Toaopoba, Kpnchr; Trevejo, Malu; Tuleshova, Danieliya; Tumasonyte, Iveta; Vanderwall, Grace; Vasquez, Angie; Vidhorshi, Shamaiah; Wegiel, Rakana; Wehbe, Carla; Wilkinson, Sam; Williams, Rai-Elle; Williams, Sophie Mae; Willnghagen, Amira; Wilson, Tierra (UMI); and Zakharova, Maria.

Ansley Burns – 16 years old
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Ansley Burns is a 16 year old recording artist from Easley, South Carolina. She began singing at the age of 3, aiming to become a professional recording artist. She started vocal lessons at the age of 8, and has since performed at local events, churches and competitions. Ansley was the winner of Best Singer in the State of South Carolina, Youth Division 2017, and she has won many other competitions to date. Ansley went viral for her cover of “Cry Pretty” by Carrie Underwood, with the video reaching over 1.4 million views on Facebook and even getting the attention of Underwood herself! During her audition for America’s Got Talent, Simon said Ansley is someone he will remember and a ray of sunshine! Ansley went on to finish in the semi-finals on Season 14 of America’s Got Talent. Ansley was also a contestant on Season 22 of The Voice. Ansley covered “Unchained Melody” (https://youtu.be/dRRuNLELC60) on the blind auditions. She is currently pursuing her career in music equipped with original songs and a professional band!

Katerina Pohlodkova – 18 yrs old
Photo credit: Peek You

The most recent season of the Belgian branch of the music show “The Voice Kids 2017” has been won by 18-year-old (then 13) Katarina Pohlodková, whose parents are originally from Slovakia. She fought her way through to the final round with the song “She Believes in Me”, the Kenny Rogers song covered in the 1980s by the Belgian singer André Hazes, and the song “Empire State of Mind” (https://youtu.be/E94WouC1nWc), which Alicia Keys made a mega-hit. Her victory entitles her to a scholarship worth EUR 10 000 and the opportunity to record her own single. Her version of Whitney Houson’s hit “I Have Nothing” will be available on iTunes on Monday, 3 July. “The last few months have taught me a lot,” the singer told Belgian TV. “I never dreamed of winning this entire competition. It’s wonderful that I have the opportunity to release my own single.” The girl, who was referred to as “Whitney Houston 2.0” by one of the jurors, performed excellently throughout the contest, which included performing the current hit song “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit. Her family has been living in Belgium for more than 20 years and her older sisters sing in a Belgian band. Pohlodková’s remarkable musical talent is said to have been clear from early childhood. By now, however, she has lost much of her native language of Slovak after living so long in Belgium.

Marie-Emilie Gaju (13 yrs old)
Photo Credit: YouTube
“At Last”

Zoe Gabriella – from Chicago, IL
“Lonely and Sad Girl”
Marita Khvedelidze
Photo Credit: Twitter.com

Marita Khvedelidze impressed many when she appeared on Georgia’s (northern Europe) Got Talent. Marita gave an outstanding performance of the evergreen “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” song (https://youtu.be/zsV1IU0X2CY). Marita gave a heartfelt and overall amazing adaptation on the stage and won over the judges with her powerful and crystal clear vocals. Marita was a popular contestant in Ranina 2020, the national contest to select the Junior Eurovision participant. She finished in second place and gave some memorable performances. The winner was Sandra Gadelia. She is younger (11) than Marita. One of her videos is “Killing Me Softly” (https://youtu.be/3G-hwI8tqhA). Footnote: Georgia is a country which borders southern Russia and Turkey on it’s south. The country used to be a part of Soviet Union. However, after many years of clashing with the Soviet Union, in 1991 they formally were recognized as being an independent multiparty democratic country.

Evie Clair
Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Evelyn Clair Abplanalp (born December 2, 2003), known professionally as Evie Clair, is a musical artist and reality television personality who appeared on the twelfth season of the talent competition series America’s Got Talent. Clair auditioned for America’s Got Talent three times before getting on the show, auditioning with “Arms” by Christina Perri and won praise from Perri. Due to her father’s death Clair was offered the opportunity to come back the following season however, she chose to stay on course and perform in the upcoming finals. She sang “I Just Want You to Be Sure” to her father while in the hospital (https://youtu.be/CzIyeQSRaS4) (RQ 8).

Thomas Day
Photo Credit: Cover of his song “The New Me”

Thomas Day is a 17-Yr Old singer and athlete from Nashville. Throughout his life, Thomas has been performing for people on ice during hockey games and on fields for soccer, football and baseball games. Currently, Thomas is ranked as one of the top football prospects in the country. However his true heart’s desire is music. When he’s not on the field, Thomas is home singing for his parents, playing piano and writing music. Thomas Day was initially supposed to perform in America’s Got Talent Episode 1513, but Thomas and his mother ended up contracting COVID-19, causing him to miss out on the Quarterfinals. Despite not performing in the Quarterfinals, Thomas Day returned as a Wild Card for the Semifinals after recovering from COVID-19. His performance in Episode 1517 consisted of singing Billie Eilish’s “When The Party’s Over” (https://youtu.be/0XG3-hIGGdg) (RQ 7). Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergaragave him standing ovations. Thomas did not receive enough votes to advance to the Finals in Episode 1518, eliminating him from the competition. Another of his new recordings is “The New Me” (https://youtu.be/jBzi2lMaZQ8) (RQ 9).

Jeffery Li
Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

Jeffrey Li is a 13-year-old (born: Februay 25, 2005) Canadian YouTube star and a wannabe singer. Jeffrey Li, the young music sensation dazzled the American audience with his rendition of Josh Groban’s single “You Raise Me Up (https://youtu.be/bjitM4m0RGc) (RQ 9) while on the stage of 13th series of America’s Got Talent. Being new to the Hollywood glitz and glam world, his personal life and childhood in Canada have not been discovered yet. Also, no other information regarding his education background has been revealed to this date. At the tender age of 13, Jeffrey has achieved a lot which is pretty incredible for any kid of his age. Merely a pre-teen now, he is only at the early stage of the career and there still is a lot more to come for this great talent.

Sydney ”Uke”
Photo credit: sydneyuke.com

The ‘Got Talent’ series has gone global, and the world has never such talented individuals from around the world in such plentiful quantity. Appearing on Asia’s Got Talent (2015), this twelve year old girl from Thailand named Sydney “Uke”has opted not to sing, but to play the ukulele (https://youtu.be/UYZAAkulYd4). While the four judges (and even the audience) are a little shocked that she’s not going to be singing, she almost immediately wins them over with some absolutely stellar finger-style ukulele playing. Dressed like Michael Jackson and only having practised for two years, this girl is sure to be a rock star in Asia any day now. A glimpse into her future at 19 is this link where she is playing “Billie Jean” on an acoustic guitar: https://www.facebook.com/SydneyUke/videos/779583012446024/?d=n.

Photo credit: nbc.com

Hailey Mia (from Clifton, NJ) grew up with a love of music and has been singing since she could talk. At 8 years old, she had to have surgery to correct the deteriorating vision in her right eye, but says music was the driving force that got her through it all. After a successful surgery, she regained over 30 percent of her vision and went on to teach herself how to read music and play the piano. She participates in choir and talent shows and is getting ready to attend a technical high school where she’ll get to take courses in vocal performance. As the youngest in The Voice competition, Hailey has been waiting for the day she turned 13 so she can finally sing on “The Voice” stage. Her blind audition song was “You Broke Me First” (https://youtu.be/UMX3NNEWZ9Q).

Sarah Griffith – 20 years old
Photo Credit: Nick Thompson (GQ)

When GQ (an online business featuring fashion news and celebrity profiles) meets “Griff” (Sarah Griffith), clad in a pearly Richard Quinn dress worthy of a Tudor queen, she’s overjoyed: It’s the drizzly June morning her debut mixtape, One Foot in Front of the Other,drops, and Taylor Swift, no less, has just recommended the project to her 166 million Instagram followers. One of her newer recordings: “Black Hole” (https://youtu.be/B2SK_jb68dk) (RQ 10).“It’s really, really surreal,” admits Griff, born Sarah Griffiths in Hertfordshire, just north of London, and of Chinese-Jamaican heritage. Yet it’s easy to see why Swift would be impressed. Totally authentic on social media and fearless when layering vocals to produce her unique, confessional synth pop, Griff is the consummate modern “bedroom pop” star gone boom. Growing up, she felt that “pop was always associated with a lot of fake, music-industry, churned-out stuff.” Griff, on the other hand, taught herself to use Apple’s Logic Pro software on her brother’s laptop via YouTube tutorials.That DIY ethic even extended to the dress she wore to perform at the Brit Awards in May: She stayed up the night before to hand-stitch the fabric into an asymmetric gown. “There’s a lot of kids now taking things into their own hands,” she explains. “There’s a credibility attached to pop again.”

Victory Brinker
Photo credit: heightzone.com

So, who is Victory Brinker?

As her mom explained leading up to her America’s Got Talent audition, Victory grew up singing “morning, noon and night.” Per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the preteen from Latrobe, Pennsylvania has been performing in front of her parents and 10 siblings since she was a toddler and would play America’s Got Talent with them. Her mother, Christine Brinker, told the outlet that Victory had actually been invited to the AGT stage last season, but their plans fell through. Thankfully though, everything worked out better this time around. “When you see your child do something that they love, it’s so overwhelming to watch that,” Christine said. “Just to see her jumping up and down backstage, she could not wait.” Victory’s website further explains that the young classical singer can perform songs in seven different languages. A recent example during the competition is “Juliet’s Waltz” (https://youtu.be/vrRfBmMWpLY) (RQ 8). She discovered classical music at age 6 and quickly fell in love. Before making her AGT debut, her bio notes that she performed on NBC’s Little Big Shots and at Carnegie Hall, various NBA basketball games and the Pittsburgh Pirates’ 2019 home opener baseball game. Today, she’s well on her way to being crowned the next winner of AGT. What’s more, she already has a plan for what she intends to do with her $1 million prize money should she win the competition. While looking at Simon, she told him she’d buy him a “rainbow shirt that has glitter on it.” “You need some color!” Victory told Simon, making fun of his iconic “white, gray, and black” ensembles. If we had to guess, Simon better start preparing himself for a closet makeover this summer — Victory has a real shot at the title.

2021 – Most Under 16 – Pick Your Favorite Newcomer:

Sefidin (Germany)
Photo credit: Instagram

Rita Rocha (Portugal)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
“Drivers License”
Atene Ravinkaite (Lithuanian)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
“Put a Spell on Y

Sezin (Germany) “All I Want” https://youtu.be/cShPQHCiH-s (RQ 9).

Василиса Суюнова (Russia). “Toy” https://youtu.be/t3WErTuGxLU (RQ 10).

Nikita Bawakan (Indonesia) “Bohemian Rhapsody” https://youtu.be/ES9qsVJZTLI (RQ 8).

Amelia Kita (Poland) “Dancing On My Own” https://youtu.be/OIrL3vhX7ss (RQ 10).

Leonor Sa-Chaves (Portugal) “When I Was Your Man” https://youtube.com/watch?v=gsqBWZIhxBQ&feature=share (RQ 8).

Anna Dąbrowska (Poland) “Hurt” https://youtu.be/56YrErCHjYE (RQ 10+).

Stephanie Kiss (Romania) “Satu Mare“ https://youtu.be/CX85D8xv64Q (RQ 7).

Pour Manon (France) Writing’s on the Wall” https://youtu.be/wFQgLXNC3ekhttps://youtu.be/wF (RQ 9).

New artists adds:

Nachdem Thapelo
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
Kpncnr Toaopoba – 9 years old
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
Peter Rosalita – 10 years old
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

“Mariah better watch out,” judge Heidi Klum said after the Filipino singer hit the high notes of “All By Myself.” 10 year old Peter Rosalita dominates America’s Got Talent in season premiere. His singing chops gave him a commanding presence in the season premiere of “America’s Got Talent” Tuesday. The Filipino contestant slayed the high notes of “All By Myself” (https://youtu.be/meUpKhUKZ94) (RQ 9) earning strong praise from fussbudget judge Simon Cowell. “You have an amazing voice, an amazing personality, an amazing energy,” Cowell gushed. “Everyone is gonna fall in love with you after this audition.” Peter said he would buy a Nintendo Switch and a laptop for online school if he was to win the performance competition’s $1 million grand prize. He got one step closer after all four judges voted him through to the next round. “I predict you’re gonna go far in this competition,” Howie Mandel said.

Anna Dabowska (16)
Photo Credit: eska.pl

The Voice Kids is a Polish reality music talent show for aspiring singers aged 8 to 15. Airing on the TVP 2 television network, this is part of the international syndication The Voice based on the reality singing competition launched in the Netherlands as The Voice Kids, created by Dutch television producer John de Mol. Tomson and Baron and Dawid Kwiatkowski again took over as trainers. Cleo joined them, replacing Edyta Górniak. The leaders remained unchanged. The second season premiered on New Year’s Day 2019 and was won by 14-year-old Anna Dąbrowska from Wesoła, coached by Cleo. Her winning song in the finale was “Swiat sie pomyl” (https://youtu.be/WLB9sBnhR2Q) (RQ 9).

Maia Gough
Photo credit: starburst.forumotion.com

Maia Gough was born on a Friday, April 12, 2002 in South Wales. Her birth name is Maia Gough and she is currently 18 years old. People born on April 12 fall under the zodiac sign of Aries. Her zodiac animal is Horse. At 12 years old at the time, she sang Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” (https://youtu.be/dG63_nwX8tw) for her 2015 Britain’s Got Talent audition. She ended up a semi-finalist. More recently she sang: “No Time to Die” (https://youtu.be/ohYnx9GntKY).

Elena Gatzin
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Elena Gatzin came to Romanian Talent full of emotions and hopes. 12 years ago she moved to Constanta from the Republic of Moldova. It was difficult to settle in Romania and this was due to the emphasis on the Romanian language. Some laughed at her and it made her cry and want to go home. She took the stage at the Romanians “Talent”, full of emotion, not knowing what would happen at the end of the number. He sang an Aura Urzicanu song, and the judges were amazed by the participant’s voice and talent. Elena was faithful and engaged in music as a child, and for this she is grateful to her mother, who supported her with music in high school, although she was very far from home. Elena shyly sat down at the piano and full of emotion began to play what she was doing as a child and feeling great. Her voice impressed the jury, and the chosen song was one with a strong message. An example of her current work shows her polished piano/keyboard ability: “At Last” (https://youtu.be/r4GaOZkO8lc) (RQ 9). “I’m a little excited, but I’m fine. I’m from the Republic of Moldova, but I’ve lived in Constanta for 12 years. It was hard for me because I didn’t speak like the people here, they laughed at my accent. It upset me because I felt different. I wish my mom was with me. I’m a musician, pianist and vocalist. Thanks to the kindergarten teacher, she advised my mom to send me to music school. It’s hard to get to high school 40 miles away. She trusted me so much, but I thanked her very much. I only know the two people I came here with, my mother and child Alyaksandr, “Alena explained.

Maren Morris – 31 years old
Photo credit: allanface

Maren Larae Morris (born April 10, 1990) is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. She has released two studio albums. Her 2015 extended play, Maren Morris, charted on two Billboard charts. Her major label debut album, Hero, reached number five on the Billboard 200 chart and number one on the Top Country Albums chart, and was certified platinum in the United States. Morris is also a member of the Highwomen, a group also consisting of Brandi Carlile, Amanda Shires and Natalie Hemby. Her first album Walk On was released in 2005. Her debut single, “My Church”, peaked at number one on the Country Digital Songs chart in 2016 and reached the top five on the US Hot Country Songs chart and won a Grammy Award for Best Country Solo Performance. Her third single, “I Could Use a Love Song”, was her first to reach number one on the US Country Airplay chart. She provided vocals for “The Middle”, a pop collaboration with Zedd and Grey, released in January 2018, which reached number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and received three nominations at the 61st Grammy Awards. Morris’ second album, Girl, was released on March 8, 2019, through Columbia Nashville, preceded by the lead single and title track. The album once again attained the top spot on the Top Country Albums chart and peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 chart, while Morris achieved her first top 15 entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the album’s single “The Bones”, (https://youtu.be/gvPMVKUI9go) (RQ 10) which peaked at number 12. To top this off, “The Bones” was just made Song of the year at the American Country Music Awards show. With all of these awards, it is very interesting to make note that earlier she auditioned for both Idols and The Voice where their judges cut her! It confirms that even these professionals miserably fail sometimes to recognize superior talent!

Lanie Gardner (21)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Predictions 2021 (by Charlie Smith of straight.com): Lanie Gardner gets set for breakout year after millions see her covers of Stevie Nicks hits. As this is the time when the Georgia Straight is publishing predictions in a variety of areas, here’s one for the music world. I’m going to suggest that 2021 is the year when a 21-year-old Nashville artist named Lanie Gardner breaks out and hits the big time. Her stunning cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” (https://youtu.be/V1LhC1zGouc) (RQ 10) attracted more than nine million views on YouTube since being posted in early October and more than 40 million views across a variety of social-media platforms. Then the charismatic young singer came back with another Fleetwood Mac classic, “Rhiannon” (https://youtu.be/XZ4CqjdJ46c) (RQ 10), which was posted on YouTube in early December. This time, she played an acoustic guitar and sang in a way that put any claims of lip synching to rest. It was almost like watching a reborn Stevie Nicks, with Fleetwood Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood declaring that even he was “absolutely blown away by this”.

Rianna Rusu
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Rianna Eliza Rusu is 15 years old and comes from Iași, Romania. She stunned the whole country with a difficult song (“And I’m Telling You” https://youtu.be/5K7t8994RWw RQ10) on the show “Romanians have Talent”, season 11. The show’s judges got up after Rianna’s moment and only had words of praise for the young singer. Remus and Anișoara Rusu are the young artist’s parents. It was they who always supported Rianna and believed in her talent. Before she started singing, Rianna taught fashion theater at an art club in Iasi, where she was also noticed by a singing teacher she works with today.

Cassandra Star Armstrong (10 years old)
Photo credit: album cover

Most kids dream of becoming a veterinarian, teacher or firefighter, but for Cassandra Star Armstrong (from Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada), she said she has never thought of being anything other than a performer. “I’ve honestly never thought of anything else,” Cassandra said. “I’ve always been singing and humming and dancing and I love to make people happy.” At just 10 years old Cassandra has already performed with Broadway stars, started a popular story time series on her YouTube channel and recorded a multitude of songs. A few recent recordings are:

“Hallelujah” (https://youtu.be/XUJRZRymd1I) (RQ 9) A duet with her 19 year old sister Callahan.

“Dance Monkey” (https://youtu.be/-3SrqKNB_28) (RQ 10).

“This Little Light of Mine.” (https://youtu.be/W5_zb2Ef4IM) (RQ 9).

Cassandra captured the attention and hearts of the Fort Frances community at the start of the pandemic last April by starting a story time series where she would read and re-enact children’s books such as The Paper Bag Princessand Rock Away Granny. The story time was developed as a way to connect the community. “A lot of kids in Fort Frances and around Ontario are really sad because they can’t really see their friends… and I knew that books were comforting so I knew it would help,” Cassandra said. She said adults and children have sent her videos to tell her how much her story times have helped them through the pandemic and that she is very grateful for the support and kindness she’s received from people in the community. Not long after, Cassandra and her mother Nikki were contacted by award-winning author and singer/songwriter, Carolyn Sloan, telling them how much she enjoyed Cassandra’s story time of her book Welcome to the Symphony.From there a friendship grew and Cassandra was given the opportunity of a lifetime.

Marina Simioni
Photo credit:LinkedIn

Marina Simioni is a 29 year-old professional singer, duel nationality English/Italian from Surrey, UK with a passion for Jazz, Soul and R&B and Musical Theatre. In 2019 she competed in the UK Voice competition where she sang “Team” in the knockout round with the trio Equip to Overcome (https://youtu.be/P0eLzC2jAtk) (RQ 10). Marina was classically trained from an early age and has found her mature, powerful vocal range (D3-F5) was clearly influenced by the likes of the classic Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin to the more contemporary Jessie J. Having trained in Musical Theatre at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, Marina has since performed as lead production singer for Costa Cruises to audiences from all over the world and has performed her own singing sets to prestigious private member clubs. She is musically creative, confident, versatile and an exciting performer with a range of repertoires including relaxing lounge music and her own version of well known classics.

Jordan Rabbone

Jordan Anthony Rabbone (born 17 December 2004) is an Australian singer. In May 2019, at the age of 14, he auditioned for the eighth season of The Voice Australia, where he was mentored by Delta Goodrem and finished in fourth place. He represented Australia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song “We Will Rise”. Another song he sang in the Voice competition was “What About Us.” (https://youtu.be/NuRDByUxPvU) (RQ 10).

Elena Brinc sang Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” (https://youtu.be/HOPgrqlR0PU) (RQ 10+) for her Croatia’s Got Talent audition in 2018. The video now has over 50 million views as her Golden Buzzer winning performance was a hit with viewers everywhere. Elena took on the inspiring ballad with tremendous power in her voice. Honestly, we hear this song performed many times on talent competition shows but never like this. From the very first note, the judges knew they were in the presence of a star. Her performance even had her family and friends in disbelief and tears as they watched from the audience and also backstage. Not to mention performing a song in English though it is not her native language garnered a lot of attention from fans of Croatia’s Got Talent online. After going viral for her audition on Croatia’s Got Talent, Elena once again sang “Hero” in a YouTube video posted a year later. She also led a choir of Zagreb girls and boys through a performance to commemorate the Day of Remembrance of Vukovar.

Casey Bishop, just 16 years old, recently wowed American Idol‘s celebrity judges with an a cappella rendition of Motley Crue’s “Live Wire” (https://youtu.be/XHR5mt2gBjo) (RQ 9). Although the judges — Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan — seemed surprised by the song choice before Bishop nailed it. It happened amid the second week of auditions during Sunday’s (February 21, 2021) American Idol broadcast for Season 19, the fourth season of the singing competition show on ABC instead of Fox. Bishop, an avowed rock ‘n’ roll fan, started her audition with a bluesy vocal take on the early Motley Crue single, one of the band’s first from their 1981 debut, Too Fast for Love. She’s currently a sophomore at Center for the Arts at Cypress Lake High School in Fort Meyers, Fla., as The News-Press reported. Talking to the Idoljudges, she said she listens to “Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, and then I love blues like Ella Fitzgerald. I love rock, though.” The blues aspect helped clinch her standing among the judges. Following the retooled Motley Crue number, the singer proved her versatility by belting a Sarah Vaughan-inspired version of “My Funny Valentine” (https://youtu.be/jsEyz-lq2hU) (RQ 9). At the start of her audition, Bishop remarked that she had “no experience performing. … The only places I sing are literally my bathroom. I put my song on, pick up my brush and then I just go for it, like in the mirror. I just literally pretend that I’m onstage.”

Helene Fischer – 37 years old
Photo credit:

Helene Fischer (born 5 August 1984) is a German singer, dancer, entertainer, television presenter, and actress. Since her debut in 2005, she has won numerous awards, including 17 Echo awards, four “Die Krone der Volksmusik” awards and three Bambi awards. According to record certifications, she has sold at least 15 million records. In June 2014, her multi-platinum 2013 album Farbenspielbecame the most downloaded album ever by a German artist and is currently the sixth-bestselling album of all time in Germany. Her signature song “Atemlos durch die Nacht” (https://youtu.be/2czABFw6RnE) (RQ 10) was the bestselling song in Germany in 2014. She has had the best-selling album of the year in Germany five times, in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018. She ranked No. 8 on Forbes’ list of “The World’s Highest-Paid Women In Music 2018”, earning $US32 million. Fischer has been referred to as the “Queen of Schlager.”

Christina Grimmie – 22 years old
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Christina Victoria Grimmie (March 12, 1994 – June 10, 2016) was an American YouTuber, singer, songwriter, and actress. In 2009, she began posting covers of popular songs onto YouTube. After releasing her debut EP, Find Me (2011), her YouTube channel reached one million subscribers. After she reached two million subscribers, she released her debut studio album, With Love (2013). Grimmie then became a contestant on season six of The Voice, finishing in third place. She sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” (https://youtu.be/lMMIc0_fwv4) (RQ 9) as a part of the competition. Adam Levine, her coach on the show, announced in the finale that, regardless of the results, he would sign her to his label 222 Records. Lil Wayne also offered to sign her to his label, Young Money Entertainment. She was signed with Island Records for a short time before being dropped. Grimmie released her second EP, Side A, in 2016.That same year, she took on an acting role, making her first and only motion picture appearance in The Matchbreaker. On June 10, 2016, Grimmie was fatally shot by Kevin James Loibl while signing autographs following a concert performance at The Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida. Immediately afterward Loibl committed suicide. A motive was never determined as Christina was a kind-hearted individual with no known “enemies.”

Alex Miller – 17 years old
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Alex Miller grew up in Garrard County, Texas, which is a community full of farmers. “My first word was ‘tractor’” he said in an an interview with the Garrard Central Record, “It’s always been special to me, a way to escape and go out and work and stay in shape. I’ve learned a lot through farming, how to work hard and do things on your own. It’s transitioned over into my musical career and aspirations.” He made his big debut at the Garrard County Fair when he was just 4 years old. He also performed at the Lancaster Tobacco Festival when he was just 7 years old. Recently (February 2021), he auditioned for American Idols singing a duet with Luke Bryant “Big City” (https://youtu.be/uQzi9fbjlco) (RQ 9). His song for the audition was an original “I’m Over You, So Get Over Me.” Afterward, Luke said he would be taking him home to perform at the Grand Ol’ Opry. Alex possesses excellent vocals along with his guitar playing ability.

Andra Day – 27 years old
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Andra Day (born Cassandra Monique Batie; December 30, 1984) is an American singer, songwriter and actress from San Diego, California. Her debut album, Cheers to the Fall, was released in 2015 and peaked at number 48 on the US Billboard 200 chart. At the 2016 Grammy Awards, the album was nominated for Best R&B Album and the album’s main single, “Rise Up” (https://youtu.be/lwgr_IMeEgA) (RQ 10) was nominated for Best R&B Performance. Day also appeared alongside Stevie Wonder, who is partially credited for her discovery, in an ad for Apple TVin late 2015. Her “Cheers to the Fall” (https://youtu.be/Hrzx3obzUmY) (RQ 9) Tour began in November 2016.

Dax Hovious
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Dax Hovius is a 15 year old singer and guitar player. He’s been playing guitar for 5 years, been singing for 4 years, and writes his own songs. In 2020, he was the winner of The Voice Kids in the Netherlands. A great example of his work is “Blue Suede Shoes” (RQ 9) https://youtu.be/usvLTEaWQ8M. He posts updates on his musical activities in the form of video’s, photo’s and messages on his website. If you want to see more of his work, you can visit his youtube channel by putting Dax Hovius official in the search bar. Mostly he plays rock, rock&roll, rockabilly and Americana, but likes playing blues and other genres as well.

Mimi & Josy (15 & 13)
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Mimi and Josefin, also known as Mimi & Josy, are a German singing duo from Augsburg. In 2019, they won the 7th Staffel The Voice Kids is the first duo in the history of the television program. They are the daughters of the soprano Hélène Lindqvist and the music professor Philipp Vogler and most recently attended the Maria Ward Realschule Augsburg. In 2019, the sisters took part in the seventh season of the casting show The Voice Kids. With their blind audition, they convinced all coaches and chose the country singer The BossHoss. In the battles, they prevailed against their opponents Greta and Kimberley. In the sing-offs, The BossHoss decided to send both to the final. Their version of the Radiohead classic “Creep,” (https://youtu.be/wC64ZPJXMGU (RQ 10) which was retrieved more than 60 million times (as of December 2020) on YouTube, became a viral hit. This is one of the best harmonizing duets I’ve heard which is amazing since they were only 13 and 15 at the time! In the live show, Mimi & Josy prevailed over Erik and won in the spectator voting as the first duo in Germany’s history of The Voice. In the final, they performed “Nothing Compares 2 U” (https://youtu.be/A4iKoLD-EjY) (RQ 9) by Sinéad O’Connor. After winning, they recorded their first single “Little Help” (https://youtu.be/vIoxrzjerA8) (RQ 9) with The BossHoss, which was released on the 3rd May 2019. For the single, the duo, which became known as Mimi & Josefin during The Voice Kids, renamed Mimi & Josy. On the morning of the day of release, the two siblings performed in the morning program Sebastian Winkler and the early turners of Bavaria 3, where they first listened to the single on the radio. In the afternoon, they played a free concert in their hometown of Augsburg followed by a meet and greet. The single reached 32th place in the German charts and 41th place in the Swiss hit parade. In the course of 2019, they performed at several major events such as the Augsburg Press Ball and the Hope Gala in Dresden. In September, they performed as a supporting act by Michael Patrick Kelly in front of 10000 spectators on Munich’s Königsplatz. In 2020, the two were once again part of the TV show The Voice Kids, where, as backstage presenters, they gave insights behind the scenes and, incidentally, samples of their own, hitherto unreleased songs. In the fall of 2020, they composed and interpreted the title song “Einmal Reisen” (https://youtu.be/k2CqlSPvxHo) (RQ 10) for the feature film Jim Knopf and the Wilde 13.

The Voice Kids was created by John de Mol, this televised talent show is the junior version of “The Voice” and part of `The Voice Kids’ worldwide franchise. Emma Willis presents as children aged seven to 14 take to the stage to perform in front of a crowd of thousands, hoping to win the grand prize of cash and a family holiday. With `The Voice UK’ judge will.i.am, singer-songwriter Pixie Lott and McFly’s Danny Jones as the judges. The young contestants give it all they’ve got from the blind auditions all the way to the live final. The first episode date was on June 10, 2017.

Top 2020 Voice Kids singers (Quality 10+ thru 8). Playlist link: https://youtu.be/9hM_swiaNe8

Older than 22 Singers:

Lauren Daigle – 28 years old
Photo credit: reachfm.ca

Lauren Ashley Daigle (born September 9, 1991) is an American contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter. After being signed to the label Centricity Music, she released her debut album, How Can It Be, in 2015. It reached No. 1 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart, has been certified Platinum by the RIAA and produced three No. 1 singles and one No.3 on the Billboard Christian Airplay airplay chart (“First”, “Trust in You” No1, and “O’Lord” No3). In 2018, she also recorded the very popular song “You Say” No1 (https://youtu.be/sIaT8Jl2zpI) (RQ 10).

Postmodern Jukebox
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Postmodern Jukebox, also widely known by the acronym PMJ, is a rotating musical collective founded by arranger and pianist Scott Bradlee (39 years old) in 2011. The other band members pictured above are: Casey Abrams (29, bass player/singer and sixth place finisher in the 2011 American Idols show), Haley Reinhart (30, lead singer and 3rd place finisher in the 2011 American Idols show), Morgan James (38, singer and well known Broadway performer), Ariana Savales (26, singer and burlesque performer), James Hall (trombone), Ben Golden (clarinet), Adam Kubota (bass) and Chip Thomas (drums). PMJ is known for reworking popular modern music into different vintage genres, especially early 20th century forms such as swing and jazz. Postmodern Jukebox has amassed over 1.4 billion YouTube views and 5 million subscribers. With over one million views in its first week, and four million in its first year, Robyn Adele Anderson’s cover version of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” -2012- (https://youtu.be/bDlC9m1FDo4) (RQ 7) was Postmodern Jukebox’s first viral music video. The song was included on Introducing Postmodern Jukebox (2013) and reached No. 8 on the Billboard magazine jazz album chart. This was followed by her cover of Miley Cryus’ “We Can’t Stop” (https://youtu.be/pXYWDtXbBB0) (RQ10) in 2013. The band performed on Good Morning in 2014, guest Kate Davis performed a cover version of Meghan Trainir’s song “All About That Bass” -2014- (https://youtu.be/aLnZ1NQm2uk) (RQ 10+) in Scott Bradlee’s living room after three hours of practice. Davis performed on double bass. “I knew the song, probably could have done it on the fly. Maybe that’s why it’s so funny. I remember thinking it was so funny at the time I was going to crack up, maybe five times. “The 1940s arrangement and piano accompaniment is by Bradlee with Dave Tedeschi on drums. The single was a success, catching the attention of Time, Billboard, The Huffington Post and the PBS News Hour America in September.

Carla Wehbe – 27 years old
Photo credit: jamaicans.com

Carla is an Aussie singer grown popular creating song covers of artists like Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth and Justin Bieber on her carlawehbe YouTube channel. Merging current pop melodies with an edgy 80/s nostalgia, Carla Wehbe teleports you back to another era. Her pure pop vocal, matched with a tough exterior and vintage elements, is a combination that is hard to ignore. Before fame, she created her YouTube channel in April 2009 but didn’t post her first cover, a rendition of Justin Bieber’s “Be Alright (Don’t Tell Me)” (https://youtu.be/RHQE0oGwxxI) (RQ 8) until 2012. She also recorded “Stay” (https://youtu.be/QC7iC3DUiaY) (RQ 9) originally written by Maurice Williams in 1960. In 2016, she released her debut EP “Electric Field” (https://youtu.be/XJjw7RaZucQ) (RQ 7). She has two brothers, one of whom is named Joshua. One of her most popular YouTube song covers is of “Skinny Love” by Birdy (https://youtu.be/ESRTn6AAtqo) (RQ 6).

Tessanne Chin35
Photo credit: jamaicans.com

Tessanne Amanda Chin (born September 20, 1985) is a Jamaican recording artist, best known for winning Season 5 of NBC’s reality TV singing competition The Voice as part of Adam Levine’s team. She has opened for famous acts such as Patti LaBelle, Peabo Bryson and Gladys Knight, and toured for three years with Jimmy Cliff. She is the younger sister of singer Tami Chynn. On the second episode of the Blind Auditions broadcast on September 24, 2013, she performed Pink’s’s song “Try” (https://youtu.be/ifVeTKpjiEA) (RQ 10). All four coaches, namely Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton turned their chairs for her but she opted for Adam Levine. On December 10, 2013, her performance of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (https://youtu.be/UMhvfLgmngk) (RQ 8) for the Semifinal Round became #1 on the iTunes chart, with her becoming the first contestant to achieve the top chart position at the end of an applicable voting window that season. This performance also served as her first U.S. chart appearance, charting at #64 on the Hot 100 chart, #14 on the Digital Songs chart, and #5 on Heatseekers Songs chart. On the Canadian Hot 100, the song made its debut at #39. On December 17, 2013, her performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” (https://youtu.be/vZ7Cp3_H9mg) (RQ 10+) became #1 on the iTunes chart, with her also becoming the first contestant that season to achieve the top chart position twice. (Note: Whitney’s original recording of “I Have Nothing” (https://youtu.be/FxYw0XPEoKE) (RRQ 10+). In a way, Tessanne brought Whitney’s spirit back as she passed away in 2012 at only 48 years old). The following week the cover made its debut on the Hot 100 at #51, #12 on the Digital Songs chart and #15 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Her duet with coach Adam Levine, a cover of the Beatle’s “Let It Be” (https://youtu.be/_2K3-H7k9-s) (RQ 8) charted at #76 on the Hot 100 and #24 on Digital Songs. The songs also charted at #1 and #7 respectively on the Heatseekers Songs chart. In Canada, her cover of “I Have Nothing” charted at #32 while “Let it Be” charted at #35. A compilation album with studio versions of her The Voice performances was released on iTunes and charted at #4 on the Heatseekers Albums chart. During the Finale Results show, she was revealed to be the winner of Season 5 obtaining the highest number of votes in Voice history. Jacquie Lee as runner-up and Will Champlin in third place. After her victory was announced, she debuted her first U.S. single “Tumbling Down” (https://youtu.be/sY_nDgC-IhAw) (RQ 9), written by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. She is to date so far, the only foreign-born contestant to win The Voice USA. Tessanne shared on her Facebook page that she planned to release the background song which was featured in her clear scalp and hair commercial. It was co-written by Balewa Muhammad while produced and released by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. “Fire” (https://youtu.be/vcCFO0POGG0) (RQ 10+), is the first official single released on the newly formed Justice League Music Group. On April 26, 2015, Chin performed at the 42nd Daytime Emmy Awards show where she performed the musical classic “What I Did for Love” (https://youtu.be/q_A8MPYM8qg) (RQ 8). Since then, Tessanne performed at the National Memorial Day Concert held in Washington, D.C. on May 24, 2015, performing alongside Joe Mantegna, Gloria Estefan, Stephanie Scott, Katherine Jenkins, Russell Watson amongst others where she covered Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You” (https://youtu.be/4gwJJDjMC-o) (RQ 20). Chin is in the process of releasing a new album. Tessanne thus has far collaborated with American rapper T.T. and producer Lil’C as well as Jamaican songwriter/vocalist Olaf Blackwood for the upcoming album which remains untitled. Tessanne appears on 2018 single, “Let Me Love You” (https://youtu.be/qgr1bCeGojw) (RQ 8) with GrooveGalore and Honorel. The single is also included on Honorebel’s album, “Above The Noise” (2019). In September 2019, Chin announced she was pregnant with her first child, a girl, on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. She also remarried in June of that year.

Greyson Chance – 23 years old
Photo credit: justjaredjr.com

Greyson Chance (born August 16, 1997) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. He rose to national attention in 2010 with his performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” (https://youtu.be/bxDlC7YV5is) (RQ 5) at a grade school music festival which went viral on YouTube, gaining over 68 million views. Two of his original compositions, “Stars” (https://youtu.be/emblM4a76jg) (RQ 4) and “Broken Hearts” (https://youtu.be/-AwoiGR6c8M) (RQ 3), gained over six and eight million views respectively on his channel. Chance’s debut single, “Waiting Outside the Lines” (https://youtu.be/gNh4BnTTv9s) (RQ 2) was released in October 2010 followed by his debut studio album, “Hold On ‘til the Night” (https://youtu.be/QrT1EfdO67s) (RQ 10) in August 2011. On January 13, 2014, Chance released a new song named “Temptation” (https://youtu.be/Z5xkVUGAxHU) (RQ 8) onto his Soundcloud. He performed the song at the Sundance Film Festival. Throughout the year, he continued the process of writing and recording his EP, “Somewhere Over My Head.” On September 16, Chance released a single called “Thrilla In Manila” (https://youtu.be/a5uwbUFfI3w) (RQ 7). Another track named “Meridians” (https://youtu.be/xn1Qi9YsXSs) (RQ 9) was released on March 24, 2015. Both songs, ultimately, did not appear on the final track list. The official lead single, “Afterlife” (https://youtu.be/QjZL1MZQEqk), (RQ 8), was released on October 29, 2015. In 2016, it was succeeded by “Hit & Run” (https://youtu.be/OOPre_zP7zI) (RQ 7) on February 5 and “Back On the Wall” (https://youtu.be/9QP2RLsNfls) (RQ 8) on April 29 as the second and third singles, respectively. On April 28, he released a new music video for his single “Back On The Wall” on his YouTube channel. The EP was released May 13, 2016. Before the release of “Somewhere Over My Head,” from January 27 to February 1, 2016, Chance performed three shows in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City. He had a release party of his new EP in YouTube Space LA on May 13, 2016. And on May 28–29, he had another two shows after the release of the EP in San Francisco and Seattle. During promotion of the EP, Chance was also featured on an electronic dance track by tyDit and Jack Novak titled “Oceans” (https://youtu.be/_-i5WUK6eY4) (RQ 7), which was released on February 19, 2016. In February 2016, he was picked as Elvis Duran’s Artist of the Month and was featured on NBC’s Today show hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford and Hota Kotb and broadcast nationally where he performed live his single “Hit & Run”. In June 2016, one month after releasing his new EP, “Somewhere Over My Head,” Chance returned to Asia for a short promo tour starting in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia, and Manilla, Philippines. On September 15, 2016, Frank Pole released a song titled “Anything” which featured Chance. On December 23, 2016, Chance released a song called “London”. On May 6, 2017, Chance is also featured on Fabian Mazur’s song called “Earn It”. On May 12, 2017, Chance’s cover of “Hungry Eyes” (https://youtu.be/lyh-wNJ4DC0) (RQ 9) was released as part of the soundtrack album for the television film remake of Dirty Dancin. On June 30, 2017, Chance released a song called “Seasons” (https://youtu.be/dEeI6_lXfzc) (RQ 7). On December 8, 2017, Chance released his single “Low” (https://youtu.be/oqoR5OKnrHY) (RQ 9), and on May 4, 2018, he released his single “Lighthouse” (https://youtu.be/kj3qYE91W_c) (RQ 8), collaborating with Danish-American DJ & music producer Fabian Mazur. Another single was released on June 8, 2018 called “Good As Gold” (https://youtu.be/wHixQSPaqiQ) (RQ 10).

Cody Simpson – 23 years old
Photo credit: playbill.com

Cody Robert Simpson (born 11 January 1997) is an Australian singer, songwriter, dancer, actor and model. After parting ways with his band “The Tide” he began focusing on his solo career. Simpson released the song Golden Thing (https://youtu.be/YmFX6xVWR3I) (RQ 9) he wrote for Mikey Cyrus on 18 October 2019 which crossed over 1 million views on Spotify. In the same year, he participated on The Masked Singer Australia, as the “Robot” and went on to win the show. He’s set to release his upcoming full-length solo album which will cover pop, rock, and urban songs in 2020. As an actor in 2014, he made his television debut by making a cameo in a sitcom Instant Mom. In 2015, Simpson guest starred on the American television sitcom Cougar Town, portraying Pete, a high school student. In the same year he booked a role in Nickelodeon’s film One Crazy Cruise where he played the love interest of Kira Kosarin’s character Ellie Jensen-Bauer and starred as himself. In late 2017, Simpson was cast in the supporting role in Bret Easton Ellis’ thriller film, The Smiley Face Killers opposite actor Crispin Glover. In October 2018, he debuted on Theatre when he was cast in the Broadway musical Anastasia as the leading male character Dmitry, alongside John Bolton and Christy Altomare.

Jacquie Lee 23 years old
Photo credit: OnMilwaukee

Jacqueline Ann “Jacquie” Lee (born June 25, 1997) is an American pop singer from Colts Neck, New Jersey. She is best known for being the runner-up of Season 5 of NBC’s singing competition The Voice in 2013 as part of Christina Aguilera’s team and as a solo artist signed to Atlantic Records. Lee recently started releasing music under her given name, Jacquie “The Broken Ones” (https://youtu.be/LGVCI6OrHw8) RQ 8). At the blind auditions on September 24, 2013, Lee performed Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” (https://youtu.be/ScgBbnkMP-I) (RQ 9) persuading Christina Aguilera and Blake Sheldon to turn their chairs. Lee chose Aguilera and remained on her team the entire season. In the Battle rounds, Lee was paired with Briana Cuoco where they sang the song “House of the Rising Sun” (https://youtu.be/dvOVsfwmIMw) (RQ 7) and advanced. During the Knockout round, Lee sang “Stompa” https://youtu.be/umOlwnN3nTshttps://youtu.be/umOlwnN3nTs) (RQ 9) by Serena Ryder against Anthony Paul and Christina selected her to move on to the Live Playoffs, sending Paul home. Lee continued through the Live Rounds and during the Top 5, got an iTunes bonus for reaching the Top 10 overall songs with her studio version of “Angel” (https://youtu.be/iK9yxynlRVI) (RQ 6) by Sarah McLachlan. In the Finals, Lee again received an iTunes bonus from reaching the No. 9 position with her recording of the Jennifer Holliday song “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” (https://youtu.be/vs8pzmBYHoE) (RQ 10). On December 17, 2013 she was declared to have come in 2nd place behind winner Tessanne Chin.

Jordan MacKampa – Age 25
Photo credit: kcrw.com
Congolese born. Lives in Woodend Coventry, UK.
Excellent acoustic guitar player.
Upcoming North American tour:
SXSW Music Festival.
https://youtu.be/bEFDQT7mJhE (RQ 10)
Victoria Monet McCants – Age 27
Photo credit: Creative Commons – Share Alike 2.0.
From Sacramento, California.
Signed a contract with Atlantic Records.
“Jaguar” album (fantastic video).
https://youtu.be/unniQzo65W8 (RQ 10)
Tayla Parx Age 27
Photo credit: screenshot
From Dallas TX, lives in LA.
“We Need to Talk – I Want You”
“Thank U Next” written for Ariana Grande
https://youtu.be/gl1aHhXnN1k (RQ 9)
Grammy nomination for album of year.
(3) Top10 singles: “Love Lies,” “High Hopes”
And see above…
Also, actress in (4) films including Hairspray.
And, six TV appearances including Bones.
Arei Moon – Age 28
Photo credit: celebpie.com.
Roots from Cape Verde, West Africa.
Raised in Orlando, Florida.
Won Orlando Idols in 2017.
Finalist in the 2020 VOICE show.
“Ooh La La”
https://youtu.be/P74tu1QsTYI (RQ 6)
Todd Tilghman – Age 42
Photo credit: meridianstar.com
Cheryl Owens – May 5, 202
Won 2020 VOICE show.
Pastor of Cornerstone Church in
Meridian, Mississippi.
Father of 8, married high school sweatheart Brooke.
“We’ve Got Tonight”
https://youtu.be/EeoI_hLD69Q (RQ 10+)
Toneisha Harris – Age 45
Photo credit: YouTube screentrap.
Toneisha is from Salisbury, Maryland.
Runner-up at the 2020 VOICE show.
She sang gospel with her Mom growing up for 15 yrs.
After her Dad passed, went solo into R&B.
“I Want You To Know What Love Is” (with Foreigner)
https://youtu.be/a9iab6mhUY4 (RQ 9)

Ages 20-22.

Nineteen 20-22 Year Old Singers On Their Way To Stardom:

I believe there are nineteen artists that are well on their way to stardom (ages 20-24): Lil Nas X, Shawn Mendes, Ronan Parke, Ella Henderson, Bea Miller, Lorde, Cavetown, Gabriella Wilson, Alessia Cara, Zara Larsson, Hailee Steinfeld, Richard Istel, Zan Fisku, Thunderstorm Artis, Lewis Capoldi, Tierra Umi Wilson, Amir Kelly, Kristian Kostov, Louisa Johnson and . Here are their highlights:

Lil Nas XAge 20
In 2019, “ Old Town Road” made him famous.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2Ov5jzm3j8 (RQ 9)
Vulture – Dropping a Children’s Book
Photo credit: Charu Sinha – September 15, 2020
Shawn MendesAge 22
“ Senorita” reached NO1 in the U.S. in 2019.
Duet with Camila Cabelle
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcrTQUVkUe0 (RQ 10+)
Photo credit: vulture.com
Ronan Parke – Age 22
From England. Three No1s before he was 20.
“Feeling Good” (https://youtu.be/qpnRc2taT6I) (RQ 10)
Photo credit: Twitter – Platinum Baby
Ella Henderson – Age 24
“Ghost” No1 single.
(RQ 9)
Photo credit: Marty Diamond
Bea Miller – Age 21
Won Walt Disney Music Award for Best Song.
“Young Blood” – R.I.A.A. Gold
https://youtu.be/fMMNrth246k (RQ 8)
“Feel Something”
https://youtu.be/3eLfRb6_Css (RQ 10)
Photo credit: onthemoveworld.com
LordeAge 23
Given name: Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor.
From New Zealand. Electro pop style.
As of 2017, sold > 5M albums worldwide.
2013 chart topping LP “Royals”
https://youtu.be/nlcIKh6sBtc (RQ 9)
Cavetown – Age 21
At birth: Robin Daniel Skinner
From London.
4.4M streamers on Spotify.
YouTube channel: 1.46M subscribers.
Has released 12 albums.
Sample song: “Boys Will Be Bugs”
https://youtu.be/uREGk0fT0GQ (RQ 7)
Gabriella Wilson “H.E.R.”Age 23
2014 – first LP: “Something to Prove”
2017 “H.E.R.” Five Grammy nominations.
2020 ”Hard Place” Song of Year nomination.
https://youtu.be/zfHbuTG8IHE (RQ 8)
Alessia Cara – 22
Photo credit: globalcitizen.com
Daniele Selby – September 17, 2017

Alessia Caracciolo (born in Ontario: July 11, 1996), known professionally as Alessia Cara is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. After producing acoustic covers, she signed with EP Entertainment and Def Jam Recordings in 2014 and released her debut single the following year. “Here” (https://youtu.be/UKp2CrfmVfw) (RQ 7) peaked at number 19 on the Canadian Hot 100chart and was a sleeper hit in the United States, peaking at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Zara Larsson – Age 21
From Sweden
Photo credit: timesofindia.com
PTI – January 3, 2017

Zara Maria Larsson (born 16 December 1997) is a Swedish singer and songwriter. At the age of 10, she achieved national fame in Sweden for winning the 2008 season of the talent show Talang, the Swedish version of British TV’s Got Talent. Four years later, in 2012, Larsson signed with the record label Ten Music Group and subsequently released her debut compilation recording, the extended play “Introducing” in January 2013. Larsson’s first original song, “Uncover” (https://youtu.be/U-PXEe-qeK4) (RQ 8) topped the music charts in Scandinavia: Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. In February 2013, “Uncover” was certified Platinum by Universal Music Sweden. In July 2013, Introducing was certified 3× Platinum in the country. Larsson signed a three-year contract with Epic Records in the United States in April 2013. In 2016, she performed at the opening and closing ceremonies for UEFA Euro in France. Larsson’s second studio album, “So Good,” was released on 17 March 2017 and entered at number seven on the UK Albums chart. Her third studio album, “Poster Girl” is expected to be released in 2020.

Hailee Steinfeld – Age 23
She is from Los Angles, CA.
“Love Myself”
Photo credit: onthisday.com

Hailee Steinfeld (born December 11, 1996) is an American actress, singer, songwriter, director, and producer. Her breakthrough role came as Mattie Ross in the drama western film True Grit (2010), for which she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress Academy Award amongst other accolades. Steinfeld made her breakthrough in music after performing “Flashlight” in Pitch Perfect 2 (2015). She signed with Republic Records soon after and released her debut single, “Love Myself” (https://youtu.be/bMpFmHSgC4Q) (RQ 10). This was followed by her debut extended play Haiz (2015). She went on to release a series of singles, including “Starving”, a collaboration with both Grey and Zedd, which peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hit 100 chart, and “Let Me Go”, a collaboration with Alesso, Florida Georgia Line and Watt which peaked at number 14 on the Mainstream Top 40 chart. In May 2020, Steinfeld released her second extended play, “Half Written Story,” which was supported by the singles “Wrong Direction” and “I Love You’s.”

Richard Istel – Age 21
Photo credit: sputnik.de
June 7, 2017

It’s always fascinating finding new singers, especially when they’re from Europe (Germany in this case). The first thing you notice about Richard Istel, (born: 5-Aug-2013) is his impeccable English — an American English — with absolutely no accent!! When you ask Richie how this was possible, he answered it was simply a talent for emulating sounds! Richard Istel lives in Leipzig with his family and has been incredibly busy touring Germany and performing in Latvia and Poland. In Konin (Poland), he recently won the 13-18 category at the International Children’s Song and Dance Festival. But even way before this, in 2009, Richie made his mark in a German talent show called Das Supertalent by being the only child to reach the final round (he placed 5th). Richie has also been on Teenage Rockstar and placed 3rd at the Europop contest. One original song he recorded is called World‘s Turning (https://youtu.be/9E3n1axGuGo) (RQ 6) with lyrics by his sister Lisa and co-created with his dad, who seems to be a solo entertainer on the accordion. What you hear when Richie sings is a harmonic, rich, treble voice capable of holding notes and full of young power. He has a natural, self-confident performing style and is certain of his ability to charm an audience. His choice of music from the modern Pop genre shows his ability to deliver somber tunes like Stay (https://youtu.be/K4s9PQvrpRQ) (RQ 8), Vampire (https://youtu.be/EkHHMqZW8E0) (RQ 4) and Hallelujah (https://youtu.be/5F3MJ8G5Uro) (RQ 6), as well as romping tunes like Hollywood Hills (https://youtu.be/CVf803IYUm0). There are many more covers worth listening to on his Youtube channel: Skyscraper,Video Games, Angeland a very funny home video of him cracking up trying to sing Ben from a few years back. You can find out more about Richard Istel by visiting his fan page.

Zan Fiskum – Age 23
Photo credit: wikicelebs.com
From Seattle, Washington.
Made the Top9 of the 2020 VOICE show.
Has toured the NW Territory already.
Her genre has been Christian songs.
“Forbidden Art” (https://youtu.be/RqP9NoJ9EKo)
(RQ 9)
Thunderstorm Artis – Age 23
Photo credit: thefamousinfo.com
From Haleiwa, Hawaii.
Made the Top5 of the 2020 VOICE show.
Already has been touring the west coast.
Plays his guitar: “Blackbird.”
https://youtu.be/MhXIKrclzHU (RQ 10+)
Lewis Capoldi – Age 24
Photo credit: aceshownoz.com
From: Bathgate, Scotland.
His Glasgow gigs have been sold out.
“”Before You Go”
https://youtu.be/Jtauh8GcxBY (RQ 10+)
“Someone You Loved”
https://youtu.be/zABLecsR5UE (RQ 10+)
Tierra Umi Wilson – Age 21
Photo credit: mclub.com.ua
Tierra goes by the stage name: UMI.
She us from Seattle, Washington.
Tierra has signed with RCA Records.
She has 50M streams on Spotify.
“Remember Me”
https://youtu.be/CLcEe3uYlmI (RQ 7)
Amir Kelly- Age 23
Photo credit: lfla.org
From Riverside, California.
He is considered Blindian (half black, half Indian)
Started at Chapman University Music School.
He felt disconnected there, so he got into USC.
He felt connected to the black community there.
In 2015, diagnosed with Stage3 Burkett’s lymphoma.
Is cancer free today!
He is a “R&B crooner.”
“Maui” writer & singer.
https://youtu.be/kZhkmZ741dQ (RQ 10+)
Kristian Kostov – Age 20
Photo credit: Facebook screenshot

Kristian Konstantinov Kostov (born 15 March 2000) is a Bulgarian-Russian singer. He was a finalist in season one of The Voice Kids Russia and a runner-up in the fourth season of X Factor Bulgaria. He represented Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with the song “Beautiful Mess” (https://youtu.be/bgxz23-i3lA) (RQ 10+) finishing in 2nd place. In January 2018, Kostov won the EBBA Public Choice award. In January 2019, Kostov was one of seven first batch singers who would be performing in the seventh season of Hunan Television’s singing reality-competition “Singer” (previously I Am a Singer).

Louisa Johnson – 22 years old
Photo credit: short-biography.com

Louisa Johnson (born 11 January 1998), known as Louisa on stage, is an English singer. In 2015, she won the twelfth series of The X Factor. She subsequently released her winner’s single “Forever Young” (https://youtu.be/8Z9BE2Pz_VA) (RQ 10+) which peaked at number nine on the UK Singles chart, and featured on Clean Bandit’s UK top five single “Tears” (https://youtu.be/wRvraPQaqE4) (RQ 9). There were indications that her debut studio album would be released as quickly as possible, maybe as early as February 2016, and would include her debut single “Forever Young” (https://youtu.be/8Z9BE2Pz_VA) ( RQ 10+). However, the singer later declared: “If I don’t like it, no way is it going out. People are going to know me through that album – so it needs to be perfect.” In May 2016, Louisa released a single with British band Clean Bandit called “Tears”. The song was a commercial success, reaching the top five in Scotland and the UK, and charting in many other European countries. It was also certified platinum by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). In June, she performed “Tears” with Clean Bandit and a new version of the song “Over and Over” (https://youtu.be/D2uNHrgkBzk) (RQ 9) with Nathan Sykes at the Summertime Ball. She co-headlined the concert the following year, and appeared as a guest performer in 2018. Louisa released her second solo single, “So Good” (https://youtu.be/svhGUlB9V5U) (RQ 7) in November 2016. The single peaked at number 13 in the UK, and received a gold certification from BPI. The following month, Johnson co-headlined both nights of the annual Jingle Bell Ball at London’s 02 Arena; she co-headlined the concert for second consecutive year in 2017. Her third single, “Best Behaviour” (https://youtu.be/1sA7Ojgzzus) (RQ 8) was released in March 2017. It charted at number 48 in the UK, and was certified silver by BPI. In 2017, she also featured on Olly Murs’ single “Unpredictable” (https://youtu.be/06GsQH47VyQ) (RQ 6), which reached number 32 on the official UK singles chart and received a silver certification from BPI. In March 2018, Louisa released her fourth single, “Yes” (https://youtu.be/O02MnrL_wrc) (RQ 8) a collaboration with the American rapper 2 Chainz, which peaked at number 65 in the UK. On 13 July 2018, Johnson announced via social media that she had left Syco. She also announced the release of her new single for early August with Ministry of Sound. The single “Between You & Me” (https://youtu.be/3JPWE5VDOGQ) (RQ 7), recorded in collaboration with One Bit, was released on 10 August 2018. Later that month, she was featured on Mars Moniz’s single “999” (https://youtu.be/0yK4XKmyT8Q) (RQ 9). In 2019, she collaborated with Sigma on the single “Here We Go Again” (https://youtu.be/uqCgS24GFps) (RQ 9) which charted in the UK at number 98. She also featured on Kream and Eden Prince’s single “Ain’t Thinkin Bout You” (https://youtu.be/kAAlMNT3MQo) (RQ 6), and released “Ain’t Got You” (https://youtu.be/AB7VhZY0ezk) with Steve Void in 2019. In January 2020, Johnson announced a collaboration with fitness clothing brand USA Pro. Following the announcement, she released “Like I Love Me” (https://youtu.be/dSo2AAPE6C4) (RQ 8) to promote the collaboration.

Anthony Gariula – 21 Years Old
Photo credit: book-celebs.com

Anthony Gariula, is a teen pop music recording artist, with a huge audience on the video creating app Vine with more than 275,000 followers and 70 million loops as of February 2016. He has signed with Cheiron Records. His goal has always been to inspire people through music. He started writing music at a very young age and loved to sing for family and friends when he was little. His single “Barricade” (https://youtu.be/nN7Bwcc4mOs) (RQ 7) was his first song to hit the iTunes Charts. In fall 2015, he released the song “So I Don’t Drown” (https://youtu.be/G7BnJYFcgtk) (RQ 9). In 2018, while auditioning for The Four, he sang “In My Blood” (https://youtu.be/-SERW0vN7A8) (RQ 9). His brother is named Louis, and his parents are Jude-Ann and Rich Gargiula. He was introduced to audiences across America when he appeared and performed live on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first time at the very young age of 7: “Think” (https://youtu.be/junlSsSmx4E) (RQ 8).

Eleven more 20 yr olds – good chance to make it:

There are another eleven artists that are 20 who stand a very good chance to making a living singing. They are: Madison Beer, Daya, Ravyn Lenae, Mallrat, Kodie Shane, Lenon Stella, Jasmine Thompson, Grace Davis, Maxtoon (Maia), Claud Mintz and Arlo Parks. Here is a quick preview of them:

Madison Beer
She’s done: “At Last”, “As She Pleases”
& “Hurts Like Hell.”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsuKmbYokuk (RQ 10)
Photo credit: popsugar.com
Real name: Grace Martine Tandon.
She has performed at the White House.
Her first hit “Hide Away” was in high school,
2017 Grammy for Best Dance “Don’t Let Me Down”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwHQfn0s94M. (RQ 9)
“Insomnia” (https://youtu.be/JybV1mL6EMA)
(RQ 10)
Photo credit: discogs.com
Ravyn Lenae
Her 1st LP “Crush” will bring you to your knees.
(RQ 6)
“4 Leaf Clover”
https://youtu.be/QLoRVs0zluE (RQ 10)
Photo credit: lanewaypresents.com

Name at birth: Grace Kathleen Elizabeth Shaw
From Australia
In 2018, “Groceries” was one of 5 songs in:
“In The Sky”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssFgYNn0BUA&list=OLAK5uy_kSO8lvldxRXg4TRDSyBppwaPQJlZdg1Do&index=1&pbjreload=101 (RQ 9)
https://youtu.be/cX7rnhmiV4A (RQ 10)
Photo credit: adolescent.net
Photo credit: Richelle Chen – May 14, 2018
Kodie Shane
From Chicago, her 1st hit in 2016 was “Sad”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4thh4bQps8 (RQ 5)
Photo credit: bandsintown.com

Lennon Stella
After starring in a Nashville musical,
she recorded “Polaroid”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdrV2c49Vhc (RQ 7)
Photo credit: deezer.com
Jasmine Thompson
“Sun Goes Down” was charted Top10 all over Europe
(RQ 9)
Photo credit: deviantart.co
Grace Davis
2018 X Factor Winner
“Don’t Go” original song
https://youtu.be/vzl4NKR4DGs (RQ 8)
Photo credit: 6b33.net
Maxtoon (Maia)
From Oakland, CA.
Known for playing the ukulele.
Released LP “Plum Blossum” streamed 100M x.
In 2019, released “ Prom Dress”. Streamed 90m x.
https://youtu.be/AeUeLzBO0go (RQ 7)
2020, first single: “Fever Dream”
Claud Mintz
Photo credit: Do312.com
From Brooklyn NY. Raised in Highland Park, IL.
Signed with Phoebe Bridges label.
“Just to Forget”
https://youtu.be/gOFJVShfkIY (RQ 9)
“Toast” duet with Josh Mehling
Arlo Parks
Born: Anais Oluwatoyin Estelle Marnho
Photo credit: MME.com
From West London.
A “tender-tone” singer.
Tour planned to include: Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg, Hamburg, Denmark, Munich, Switzerland, Italy, Barcelona, Madrid, Netherlands, Cologne and London.
https://youtu.be/2qz4cAAwtv0 (RQ 7)
https://youtu.be/6ljQX9DUhOY (RQ 9)

Nine more 20 yr olds – longshots to make a career singing:

In addition to the twelve aforementioned singers, these additional artists in their 20s would fall into my “longshot” category for their potential in the music industry:

Photo credit: live.gamut.fm FilmMagic

Whethan. (at birth: Ethan Snorek) “Upside Down” (https://youtu.be/erkGiZp0NYQ) (RQ 6)

Sabrina Carpenter
Photo credit: starswiki.org

Sabrina Carpenter. “Honeymoon Fades” (https://youtu.be/XLUTTA27oFE) (RQ 9), also played Maya Hart in Girl Meets World. “Skin” (https://youtu.be/CA9E4HHHbRk) (RQ 10).

Jackie Evancho
Photo credit: timesunion.com
Steve Barnes – November 27, 2016

Jackie Evancho. From Pittsburgh. “Burn” (https://youtu.be/PDrM8-AXI3g) (RQ 10). “River” (https://youtu.be/Hl40RLU2KCQ) (RQ 10). When younger sang opera style in America’s Got Talent.

Jaden Smith
Photo credit: minuto.com
Por Doza – April 16, 2020

Jaden Smith. “Cabin Fever” (https://youtu.be/82UsnbunJUs) (RQ 9).

Miles Elkington
Photo credit: insideoutinstitute.org.au

Miles Elkington. “Hey Ya” (https://youtu.be/5gwsTplPYBc) (RQ 10).

Photo credit: tunefind.com

Carly Rose Sonenclar
Photo credit: hawtcelebs.com

Carly Rose Sonenclar “Feeling Good” (https://youtu.be/Ej04VAktzyE) (RQ 10+). “Change My Mind” (https://youtu.be/YYywHYFosfI) (RQ 10).

Chloe Bailey
Photo credit: priceforwnc.com

Chloe Bailey “Upper Register” (https://youtu.be/pntB7it50ls) (RQ 6). Chloe’s sister Halle, who is only 19, looks more promising including doing Ariel in the Little Mermaid.

Ayoni Thompson
Photo credit: voyagela.com
From Los Angeles, CA.
A Barbatian singer.
“Rap Songs” R&B
“Wife You Up”
https://youtu.be/Ny8f7JWlPuA (RQ 10)

Special Mention

Avicii – Age 28
Name at birth: Tim Bergling
From Sweden.
A DJ, remixer, record producer, musician,
songwriter, specialized in audio programming.
Checkout the audience’ total involvement!
Song: “Wake Me Up”
https://youtu.be/1A6__HssHW8 (RQ 10)
So sad to report, he committed suicide.
Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255.

19 Year Olds.

Six 19 Year Olds On Their Way To Stardom:

I have identified twelve singers that are 19 that are blessed with talent. Of these, I believe five that are well on their way to a singing career: Nola Cryus, Billie Ellish, Nova Miller, Lydia Knight, Solomia Lukyanets and Malu Trevejo. Here are their highlights:

Noah Cryus
From Nashville
Has had a string of hit singles including:
“Make Me Cry”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwX4wrYLwfU (RQ 10+)
“Dear August” with PJ Harding
https://youtu.be/lTqoKjCqqew (RQ 10)
She is Miley Cryus’ sister
Photo credit: Twitter – @AussieCyrens
Sunday Brunch TV Show
Billie Ellish
First to win four Grammy categories in 2019.
Her first No1 song was: “Bad Guy”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyDfgMOUjCI (RQ 10+)
American Vogue Cover
Photo Credit: Whitney Bauck – February 3, 2020

Nova Miller
Name at birth: Astrid Fanny Grandstrom.
From Sweden.
She has a five octave vocal range.
Released 11 singles.
“Turn Up The Fire” has 11M views on YouTube:
https://youtu.be/EXMsW3FoQuE (RQ 10+)
Lydia Knight
& the Regrettes
Lead vocalist of this punk rock band.
Recorded 2 studio albums, 2 EPs, 2 as featured artist.
Song example: “I Dare You”
https://youtu.be/WOgQpjARYyc (RQ 10+)
Solomia Lukyanets
Photo credit: thefamouspeople.com

Solomia Lukyanets is a Ukrainian opera singer who gained fame for appearing on ‘The Voice Kids Ukraine’ and ‘The Voice Kids Germany’. A native of Kiev, Solomia started singing when she was three years old. In 2004, she won her first international competition. In 2012, she successfully auditioned for the inaugural season of ‘‘The Voice Kids Ukraine’. She lasted up until the final episode and was eventually declared one of the two runner-ups. She later moved to Berlin, Germany with her family. Solomia has appeared on the German version of ‘The Voice Kids’ as well. She has been listed as the youngest performing opera singer in the Ukrainian Book of Records. She is quite popular on social media. She has about 56 thousand followers on Facebook and more than seven thousand subscribers on YouTube. For her prodigious musical skills, she is considered to be a phenomenon in the world of opera. Here is a sample of here music: “Time To Say Goodbye” (https://youtu.be/ZT-rdjv8wgQ) (RQ 9).

Malu Trevejo
Photo credit: billboard

María Luisa “Malu” Trevejo (born October 15, 2002) is a Cuban-born singer, now based in Miami, Florida who performs in both Spanish and English. She became famous for her videos on the video sharing app Musical.ly. She’s now also an Instagram personality with more than 8 million followers. On September 22, 2017, she released her debut single, “Luna Llena”(https://youtu.be/E-zcNpZJX78) (RQ 10+) through Universal Music Latin. It has acquired over 100 million views on her YouTube channel as of November 2019. Not long after, she released another single “En Mi Mente” which has surpassed 10 million views.

Eight More 19 Yr Olds could make it:

The other eight 19 year olds which have lots of potential:

Petit Biscuit
Photo credit: radioasbury.com

Petit Biscuit (At birth: Mehdi Benjelloun). “Drivin Through the Night” (https://youtu.be/ZcTLzwhpMYY) (RQ 8).

Rich Brian
Photo credit: taddlr.com
From Jakarta, Indonesia

Rich Brian (At birth: Brian Imanuel Soewarno). “Love In My Pocket” (https://youtu.be/xX9PYIIgoEA) (RQ 9).

Jayna Brown
Photo credit: pinterest.com

Jayna Brown. “Rise, Rise, Rise” (https://youtu.be/eChkUnJ7TpY) (RQ 10+).

Asanda Jezlie
From London
Photo credit: Metro Entertainment
Joel Anderson – BBC

Asanda Jezlie. “This Girl”Asanda Jezlie. “This Girl” (https://youtu.be/RCGbqH66EBE) (RQ 9).

Lil Pump
Rapper from Florida
Photo credit: sohh.com

Lil Pump (At birth: Gazzy Garcia). “Illuminate”

(https://youtu.be/vpJQk02KJ7Y) (RQ 8).

Connie Talbot
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot: November 9, 2018

Connie Talbot. “Over the Rainbow” (https://youtu.be/j1DHg_nzR40) (RQ 10+). “Bohemian Rhapsody” (https://youtu.be/RmtP8X4ZErs) (RQ 10) played keyboard (see above).

Angie Vasquez
From Mexicali (Baja, California)
Photo credit: reddit.com

Angie Vasquez (At birth: Ángela Vázquez Espinoza). “Rolling in the Deep” (https://youtu.be/9bh6Hlt_7Ms) (RQ 10+).

Daisy Clark
Photo credit: Famous Birthdays

Daisy Clark, a singer-songwriter, has risen to fame through her self-titled YouTube channel. She is best known for her cover of “Bellyache” (https://youtu.be/ldMJRZTNdnQ) (RQ 7) by Billie Eillish, which Eilish herself reacted to. Another popular cover of hers is the Avril Lavigne song “Complicated” (https://youtu.be/Hr_Kh2VNQrA) (RQ 9). After her YouTube channel was created in 2011, she later posted the inaugural video “Wide Awake/Pumped Up Kicks/Paradise Fern” in August 2012. In February 2017, she released her debut single “Hopelessly Devoted to You” (https://youtu.be/8foh6QC0n1c) (RQ 9) to iTunes and Spotify. Her boyfriend, Max Harris, is also a YouTuber and musician. One of her most popular song covers is of Emeli Sande’s “Read All About It (Part 3).

18 Year Olds.

Four 18 Year Olds Already On Their Way To Stardom

I believe there are eight 18 year old singers that are extremely gifted. Of the eight, three are already on their way to singing careers: Loren Gray, Jay IV, Maddie Jane and Laura Bretan. Their highlights immediately follow the others with lots of potential…

6 More 18 Yr Olds Could Make The Big Time

The other six singers with lots of potential are:

Madysyn Rose
From Nashville
Photo credit: reverbnation.com

Madysyn Rose. “Fall for You” (https://youtu.be/HuJHqZwJHQw) (RQ 9).

Aimee Banks
From Galway, Ireland
Photo credit: RTE – November 11, 2015

Aimee Banks. “Seod A’ Chaoi” (https://youtu.be/B0h0niz9sYM) (RQ 10).

Annika Rose
From Los Angeles
Photo credit: mycast.io

Annika Rose. “Butterflies” (https://youtu.be/ujTNzEWh-BQ) (RQ 6).

Claudia Harrison
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
From Perth, Australia.
Grandfather taught her opera, father taught surfing.
Australia’s VOICE:
“O Mio Babbino Caro”
https://youtu.be/hxn3k7wmC8Y (RQ 10)
“Different Worlds”
https://youtu.be/QAed_xe1_rI (RQ 8)
Meghan Daniella
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot.
From Douglasville, Georgia.
Sings with a distinctive raspy voice.
Top9 2020 Voice contestant.
https://youtu.be/NYOqXI2TZHs (RQ 5)
Joanna Serenko
Photo credit: InformationCradle

Joanna Serenko is a famous American singer, pianist as well as a songwriter from St. Louis, Missouri who was a contestant on season 18 of “The Voice”, a show that airs on NBC. Joanna started piano and voice lessons at 6 and later went on to join marching band, show choir and musical theater. After opening for a local musician in high school, Joanna started to gain traction in her community and recently won a citywide talent competition. Joanna’s mother is a nurse and would love for her to pursue a job in the medical field. However, her mom and dad are very encouraging of her musical aspirations and are both in support of her decision to put college on hold and pave her own path while chasing her dreams on “The Voice.” An album of hers: “Best of Me” https://youtu.be/rEAzgpmu5ro(RQ 9).

One 18 Yr Old Retired Too Early?

Rhema Marvanne
Photo credit: pandora.com

Rhema Marvanne Voraritskul (7 years old at the time) became famous in 2010 for singing a near perfect version of “Amazing Grace” (https://youtu.be/DDDlxmsciqY) (RQ 10). Unfortunately, She is no longer active in singing gospel music.

Loren Gray
Third single “ Queen” 12M views.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqBKrJnA8ZY (RQ 10)
(RQ 10)
Photo credit: gossipgist.com
Gelson – June 1, 2020
IV Jay
Top spot on Soundcloud’s R&B Soul list in 2018.
Song was “ Medicine”
(RQ 9)
Photo credit: Facebook – Musician/Band
Maddi Jane
Over 400M hits on her youtube videos.
“Rolling Deep” No4
(RQ 9)
Photo credit: bandsintown.com
Laura Bretan
Photo credit: Facebook page

In 2016, Bretan was the winner of Romania’s Got Talent. Following that win, Bretan auditioned for season eleven of America’s Got Talent when she sang “Nessun dorma” from Giacomo Puccini’s opera Turandot. The act received a standing ovation from Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Howie Mandel; afterwards Mel B pressed her golden buzzer, sending Bretan directly to the quarterfinals. Bretan performed in the first live show on July 26, 2016, and advanced to the semifinals with the audience vote. She gave another well-received performance in the semifinals, but missed out on the audience vote later and lost the “Dunkin Save” vote. However, Bretan won the judges’ vote and passed onto the finals. Bretan performed “O mio babbino caro”https://youtu.be/qF7C3f9L74shttps://youtu.be/qF7C3f9L74s (in the finals, earning very favorable reviews from the show’s judges. “Today you look like a princess, but tonight you rule the stage like a queen,” said Klum. She finished in sixth place overall. In 2017, Bretan performed “I Dreamed a Dream” in the finale of season one of The Voice Kids Romania. In December 2018, Bretan was announced as one of the semi-finalists for the 2019 edition of Selecția Națională, Romania’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel. She performed her song “Dear Father”, winning in the televote but finishing 3rd in the jury, being the runner up in the overall results. She also recorded “Believe” with The Tenors (https://youtu.be/QHWg_TtmkEU (RQ 10).

17 Year Olds.

Three Can’t Miss Singers, Two Longshots

I believe there are five singers worth mentioning. The “longshots“ in terms of earning a long term singing career would be Elsie Fisher and Allegra Miles.

Elsie Fisher
Photo credit: newsday.com
Joseph V. Amodio – July 5, 2018

Elsie was in the movie “Despicable Me 2” – where she was the voice of Agnes (https://youtu.be/qQeOnGI7H-s) (RQ 10). If she does make it, the type of singing will most likely be behind the scenes doing voice work for animated movies.

Allegra Miles
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
Won a Peggy & Rick Katz award.
Was a contestant on the 2020 VOICE show.
“Use Somebody”
https://youtu.be/DFuopE6XhM8. (RQ 9)

On the other hand, Sophie May Williams and Manon Maley have shown lots of future potential and Angela Aguilar has already displayed a high degree of success (see some details below):

Angela Aguilar
Performed “La Liorona” at the 2018 Grammy Awards
(RQ 10+)
Duet with Christian Nodal “Dime Como Quiereo”
https://youtu.be/Ge4AKbnr6ME (RQ 10)
Nominated for a Grammy and
two Latin Grammy Awards
Photo credit: mm-group.org
Sophie May Williams
2014 Semi-Finalist UK The Voice
“Time After Time”
https://youtu.be/i8OH-LSwomY (RQ 8)
Released single: “Moondance”
(RQ 10)
Manon Maley
2019 Voice for Kids finalist
“Writings on the Wall”
https://youtu.be/wFQgLXNC3ek (RQ 9)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

One 16 Year Old Stands Alone:

There are seven 16 Year Olds worth mentioning. One of the seven seems to stand alone, and has done so since 2013. Her name is Amira Willighagen.

Amira Willighagen – 9 yrs old
Won Holland’s Got Talent in 2013
Winning song: “Nessun Dorma”
https://youtu.be/r8KrpwqxE4g (RQ 10+)
Photo Credit: YouTube Final Live Show
December 28, 2013

16 Year Olds (see 17 year olds for playlist link):

Amira Willighagen – 16 Years Old
Recorded her first album “Amira” in 2014.
Her second album was released in 2015:
“Merry Christmas” Includes “Ave Maria”
https://youtu.be/tEImCJWI_ak (RQ 10)
Performed at the Classics is Groot 2017:
“Amazing Grace”
https://youtu.be/7PJWRKkMpHM (RQ 10)
In 2018 she released “With All My Heart”
Marked a change from opera to classical.
“Gabriellas Sang”
https://youtu.be/m5unawKpysw (RQ 10)
In 2019, she performed at concerts around the world.
In 2020, she released a set of four CDs.

The Most Unique 14 Year Old

Courtney Hadwin
Photo credit: justjared.com
August 14, 2018

This 14 year old might be the most unique of all of the singers mentioned in this section of my blog: Courtney Hadwin “Hard to Handle” (https://youtu.be/Upx9Qdl1yJg) (RQ 10). “Nutbush City Limit” (https://youtu.be/aUgke-UydXo) (RQ 7). (To me, like many others, she seems to be capable of bringing back the old-school soulfulness of such artists like Janice Joplin.

Courtney Hadwin’s (14 years old) future is so bright, wearing shades won’t protect you. Channeling the great Janis Joplin, the young British phenom delivered the goods once more when she guested on America’s Got Talent: The Champions on Monday night. “I’ve always been quite shy in I do find it difficult to talk to people,” the teen said in a pre-recorded interview. “When I do sing, I feel like I turn into a different person.” And before our eyes, the AGT season 13 finalist did just that. Hadwin rocked out with her performance of “Pretty Little Thing,” (https://youtu.be/JO2xa_gU4bE) an original composition. Afterwards, AGT judge Simon Cowell admitted he was stunned by Hadwin’s second-place result last season, after which she signed with Syco Music and Arista Records. “When you were on the show last time and you didn’t win,” Cowell said at the top of Hadwin’s performance, “my mouth literally dropped. So many people were disappointed, hence the reason you’re here today.” When asked how she felt to be competing against the champs, Hadwin was humble. “I didn’t expect to be getting invited to Champions. So just to be here is an honor.”

Seven More Talented 16 Year Olds:

The third singer like Angela Aguilar, also has established himself as a solid singer: Ruel. In addition to Ruel, there are six more featured 16 year olds: Jess Folley, Holly Tandy, Rai-Elle Williams, Emma Boertien, Calysta Bevier, and Darci Lynne Farmer. Their links follow immediately below.

He has already been given a shoutout by Elton John
His hit “Don’t Tell Me” already is heavily charted
https://youtu.be/eE48SVjGMUc (RQ 8)
Photo credit: last.fm “Face to Face”
Jess Folley
2017 The Voice Kids winner
“Got It Bad”
https://youtu.be/lJj8lL1AM2Y (RQ 8)
Photo credit: berkofest.com
September 9, 2019
Holly Tandy
Made the 2018 X Factor quarter finals
“If I’ve Got You”
https://youtu.be/lLhyhn99UXc (RQ 9)
2017 UK X Factor Auditions
Photo credit: YouTube – Anthony Ying
Rai-Elle Williams
2018 X Factor Quarter Finalist
“Always On My Mind”
https://youtu.be/EzwKqxGQCuw (RQ 10)
“Stromzy On Her Side”
Photo credit: Adam Bloodworth – November 10, 2017
Emma Boertien
Winner of Season 10 of Holland’s VOICE
“Don’t Play That Song for Me”
https://youtu.be/acGkGI4O7xQ (RQ 9)
Photo credit: journalistiekwindesheim.nl
Calasta Bevier
Ovarian cancer survivor.
2016 AGT Golden Buzzer for:
“Fight Song”
https://youtu.be/IrJ9_GRYKkg (RQ 7)
Darci Lynne Farmer
Photo credit: beloitdailynews.com

Darci Lynne Farmer is an American ventriloquist and singer. She was the winner of season twelve of the NBC competition show America’s Got Talent (as a 12 year old). She sang “Summertime” (https://youtu.be/rk_qLtk0m2c) (RQ 9). She was also the runner-up of the first season of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

15 Year Olds

Seven 15 Year Olds Moderately Successful To Date:

Even though this age group is trending to be very young, I think there are seven of eleven singers that all have potential to become successful as professional singers.

Carmen DeLeon
Photo credit: Personal webpage
From Caracas, Venezuela
“El Mismo Aire”
https://youtu.be/8LNd5S4tRN4 (RQ 10)
https://youtu.be/jVqPHDkAvN0 (RQ 10+)
Isabelle Brown
Photo credit: flaunt.com
August 20, 2020

Isabelle Brown. “Places” (https://youtu.be/cE7rVJr5IhM) (RQ 6).

Benicio Bryant
Photo credit: popsugar.com
Quinn Keaney – August 11, 2019

Benicio “Beni” Bryant. Was a finalist in 2019 in America’s Got Talent. I am on the fence with Beni. I think he really belongs in the good chance of making it status. “Who I Am” (https://youtu.be/UejFKnrt620) (RQ 8).

Carla Lazarri
Photo credit: nicematin.com
Vanessa Llados

Carla Lazarri. Finished 5th in the 2019 French Junior Eurovision contest. “Bim Bam Toi” (https://youtu.be/pjJ2w1FX_Wg) (RQ 9).

Kenadi Dodds
Photo credit: twitter.com

Kenadi Dodds. 2020 America’s Got Talent finalist. Country music singer. “Love Wins” (https://youtu.be/hIgvh4E44IA) (RQ 6).

Daniel Davies
Photo credit: thesun.com.
Helen Thomas – June 9, 2019

Daniel Davies. 2018 Voice Kids winner. “Phantom Waltz” (https://youtu.be/af3bcz4Dh1s) (RQ 8).

Allie Sherlock
Photo credit: alliesherlockofficial.com

Allie Sherlock. Performed on Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2018. Invited to LA to work with producer Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic records. It looks like she is moving up in the world of music! She is from Dublin, Ireland. “Unchained Melody” (https://youtu.be/6uecFirb4T4) (RQ 9).

Four 15 Year Olds Building Strong Careers

The other four: Grace Vanderwall, Raksana Wegiel, Gala Alia and Joshua Regala are all seemingly on their way to strong singing careers. Here are snapshots of the four:

Grace Vanderwall
At twelve, she performed with her uke on AGT
Won AGT IN 2016. 675M streams worldwide.
She sang “Today & Tomorrow”
(RQ 9)
Photo credit: forbes.com
Raksana Wegiel
First Polish singer to win Eurovision (2019)
She sang: “Anyone I Want to Be”
(RQ 8)
Photo credit: wideoportal.com
January 5, 2020
Gala Aliaj
Photo credit: from her website.
She is from Brussels, Belgium.
Gala won the 2020 Belgium Voice for Kids.
Has been a professional model for over ten years.
“You Make Me Feel My Love”
https://youtu.be/T-Wa7NreAEw (RQ 10)
“Don’t Know Why”
https://youtu.be/pfcBdupAX-o (RQ 8)

Joshua Regala
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot.
From: Navan, Ireland.
A finalist in the 2020 UK for Kids.
Sang a duet with his girlfriend (Marby):
“You Are the Reason”
(https://youtu.be/dfCQj5Cj1dY) (RQ 7)

14 Year Olds.

Four 14 Year Old Longshots

The four singers that would be “longshots” as future potential professional singers are:

Charlotte Summers
Photo credit: startracksphoto.com
Sara De Boer – August 20, 2019

Charlotte Summers. From Marbella, Spain. Competed in America’s Got Talent. A model. Also, acted in Little Big Shots. “I Put a Spell On You” (https://youtu.be/Q7SrqxBCmSY) (RQ 9).

Hello Sunday
Photo credit: fashionchandigarh.com

Hello Sunday. Duet made up by Myla Finks and Chelsea Glover. Made it to the 2019 semi finals of the VOICE. “Fight For You” (https://youtu.be/-cyxSyMatBE) (RQ 7).

Kevin Dukes
Photo credit: agt.fandom.com

Kelvin Dukes. Quarterfinalist in the 2020 America’s Got Talent show. “Ain’t No Way” (https://youtu.be/QC8DnUlvUso) (RQ 7).

Justine Degryse
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Justin Degryse. Finalist in 2020 Voice Kids Belgium. He is from Orsmaal. “Lovely” (https://youtu.be/tDNfPUAF14U) ( RQ 7).

Seven 14 Year Olds Already Building Singing Careers

In my opinion, four of eight singers have the most potential on becoming professional singers in the long run. The four are: Angelina Jordan, Danieliya Tuleshova, Sam Wilkinson, Iveta Tumasonyte, Mason Ramsey, Carter Rubin and Kaue Penna. Their highlights are included below.

Angelina Jordan
From Norway. First digital and LP recordings
have gone viral
In the 2020 Champions of AGT she sang:
“Bohemian Rhapsody”
(RQ 10+)
“Million Miles”
“Greatest Hits”
“Back to Black”
Photo credit: jarlehagen.no
Danieliya Tuleshova
From Kazakhstan. Won Voice for Kids (2018)
Finalist in AGT (2019)
Sang “ Who You Are”
(RQ 8)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Born on July 18, 2006, Daneliya Tuleshova age is 16 years old. She hails from Almaty, Kazakhstan to the mother, Elena Tuleshova. The young artist spent childhood days with siblings- Ameli Tuleshova and Timur Tuleshova. On the blind audition of The Voice Kids Ukraine, Daneliya Tuleshova rocked the song “Cold Stone” (https://youtube.com/watch?v=jGUqIU6u8Ew&feature=share) in the most promising way ever. Thoughtfully, she won the judges and audiences spectrum and the entitled the successor of The Voice Kids in 2017. All the credit goes to her training mode at the age of eight. Besides The Voice Kids, she has the honor of People’s Favorite national award in Kazakhstan, Bravo music award in Russia and Ayalagan Astana national contest. Besides, the star is active on social media. As of January 2019, her Instagram account has more than 305k followers. Likewise, her Facebook account has 12k followers. She also has a YouTube channel with more than 235k subscribers. Another song “What About Us: https://youtu.be/zvUyDrNG2Xw.

Sam Wilkinson
2019 The Voice Kids Winner
“When My Guitar Gently Weeps”
https://youtu.be/9ODffVcM72w (RQ 8)
Photo credit: YouTube – screenshot
Iveta Tumasonyte
2019 semi-finalist in Ireland’s Got Talent
https://youtu.be/Uqictx43D3M (RQ 10+)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
Mason Ramsey
Photo credit: Billboard

Mason Ramsey is an American singer and voice actor. In March 2018, after gaining Internet fame from a viral video of him yodeling Hank Williams’ “Lovesick Blues” at a Walmart, Ramsey was signed to Big Loud. He is known for his single “Famous” (https://youtu.be/69WmX3PmguM) (RQ 10). He has also appeared on the “Ellen” (DeGeneres) show where she offered an opportunity for Mason to play on stage at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville where she taped his live performance (https://youtu.be/SkgUbSvuqV0).

Carter Rubin
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Carter Rubin, 14, is a singer who chose to sing “Before You Go” (https://youtu.be/w4lF4CxdO2I) (RQ 10) by Lewis Capaldi and managed to get two of the four 2020 The Voice coaches to turn their chairs. Both Gwen Stefani and John Legend wanted Rubin on their teams, but Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton refrained from turning around. Stefani believed that she was listening to a female singer; she muses, “She’s going to be big.” When fellow coach John Legend hits his buzzer to move Rubin forward, the house lights come on to reveal a teenage boy. Stefani then hits her buzzer, and as her chair turns to face the stage, she sees Rubin, dressed in blue jeans, a black shirt, and a blazer. Following his song, she marvels, “You do not look like your voice, OK? … I cannot believe what I’m hearing and seeing right now. This is a shock.” Jokes fellow coach Blake Shelton, “Where is this person who was singing?” When Carter says he’s from Long Island, Legend exclaims, “Strong Island!” Fellow coach Kelly Clarkson compliments him on his smile and tells him, “You have a really great voice, especially finding out that you’re 14. That’s insane.” He is best known as the winner of 19th season of the American talent competition The Voice. He has the distinction of being the youngest male winner and the second-youngest winner overall. Carter’s mother, the founder and president of the autism advocacy group Families in Arms was present with her son at Universal Studios Hollywood, where the NBC show is shot. Rubin explained that his older brother Jack was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2.

Here are more links to his recent recordings:

“Up From Here” (https://youtu.be/gH5HmUdTfQk) (RQ 10).

“Rainbow Connection” (https://youtu.be/Y8rrpaGXEbE) (RQ 10).

“The Climb” (https://youtu.be/73x9LgWlFC0) (RQ 10).

“You Say” “https://youtu.be/7r4YbgL50rE (RQ 10). Second version during

“Hero” (https://youtu.be/mVRwny8HjPU) (RQ 10).

“Hallelujah” (https://youtu.be/YYIpkBiRD4Y) (RQ 6). Three years ago…

Kaue Penna
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

The Voice Kids (Brazilian season 5). The fifth season, premiered on Rede Globo on January 5, 2020 in the 12:45 p.m. / 11:45 a.m. daytime slot. On March 18, Globo announced that the live shows which were scheduled to begin on March 29 (following a two-week hiatus due to the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix scheduled broadcast), would be postponed until later in the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Five episodes featuring highlights from the blind auditions and the battles aired during the hiatus. On August 7, Globo confirmed that the season would return on September 13, 2020, with a special pre-taped episode. The live shows were reduced from five to four and changed to remote shows with pre-recorded performances at the contestants’ home. On October 11, Kauê Penna (14 years old in 2020) from Team Brown won the competition, marking Brown’s first win as a coach. Kaue sang “Run to You” (https://youtu.be/V0imz1iyK9E) (RQ 10). This is one of the best auditions I have ever witnessed!

13 Year Olds.

All Five 13 Year Old Singers Look Promising

I believe there are four 13 year old singers that deserve mentioning and, in this case, all four look to be on track to become professional singers in the long run. They are: Viki Gabor, Melani Garcia, Angelina Nava, Justine Afante and Anna Duboc. Here are brief highlights of each:

Viki Gabor
From Poland. Won Junior Eurovision in 2019.
Sang “Superhero”
(RQ 10)
Has recorded two uncharted singles
Photo credit: last.fm.com

Melanie Garcia
Taught herself operatic singing
First single: “Viva por ella”
(RQ 9)
Also performed Freddie Mercury’s “Barcelona”
Photo credit: quotev.com – Chapter One
Angelina Nava
From France. Won the French Voice for Kids (2017)
Won 2nd place at Junior Eurovision (2018)
She sang: “Jamais sans toi” (Never Without You)
https://youtu.be/PvG1jbZgFcA (RQ 8)
Photo credit: letras.com
Justine Afante
Won the 2020 The Voice for Kids
“Never Enough”
(https://youtu.be/cmrnqxbUwVQ) (RQ 10)
“2020 Voice Kids judges blown away”
Photo credit: Allan Policarpio
Anna Duboc
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Anna Duboc, in trying to capture the essence and musical excitement, she used standard clichés we usually reach for to describe such a phenomenon – naturally gifted, prodigy, old soul, on fire – seem limiting. Anna has already sung with Katy Perry, Andrea Bocelli and Kenny Loggins and has appeared with her middle school choir at Carnegie Hall. Now, with the release of her latest original song, “Ballad” (https://youtu.be/pIs_uStChTg) (RQ 7), the multi-talented singer, songwriter, and performer is quickly emerging as a powerful, eloquent, and inspirational voice of her generation and beyond. Anna has accomplished much during her 13th year. In addition to ‘Ballad,’ she recorded Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold” (https://youtu.be/NPKLmnhmOHg) (RQ 8) live for You Tube as a follow up to her 2 original songs, “Blamed it on Me” (https://youtu.be/HnKcbLW49gY) (RQ 9) and “Yellow Car” (https://youtu.be/j4c9LJeNQJQ) (RQ 6). She has now accumulated over 2 million views on You Tube. Having come from a highly artistic family, Anna has been singing, dancing, and performing on stage since she was four years old. Her mother Carol has penned hits for Patti Labelle, Tom Jones, and others and has hit the charts with numerous jazz albums over the past 18 years. While one of Anna’s great grandmothers was a prima ballerina, the other was a concert pianist. Her great grandfather was an opera singer. From ages 4 to 7, Anna sang “Yesterday” so often that her tennis coach nicknamed her after the Beatles classic. Influenced by everyone from Queen to Ariana Grande and Rihanna and more recently Billie Eilish, Anna began writing songs in the third grade and created a CD of her music for a school assignment. Anna’s musical theater resume is off the charts as well. Her theatre school, the Adderley School for Performing Arts, has been the home of Jack Dylan Grazer (from Stephen King’s “It” and “Shazam”), Dakota Lotus (from Disney’s “Coop and Cami”), and Golden Globe winner Ben Platt (from “The Book of Mormon,” “Pitch Perfect,” “Dear Evan Hansen”). Anna performed the lead role in “Anything Goes,” her first musical, at age 5 with Grazer and as Penny in “Hairspray” with Lotus. Other shows she has starred in include “West Side Story,” “Les Miserable,” “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” and “Ruthless.”Anna has also enjoyed being a member of the MnR Dance Team, a competitive group that competes throughout Southern California and performs for local children’s charities. After winning the combination dance and singing solo competition, Anna was asked to sing the solo at Staples Center in front of Shaquille O’Neal and the L.A. Clippers. In August 2019, she performed numerous solos in the “Footloose” revival concert with Kenny Loggins and his band to an awestruck crowd!

12 Year Olds

Two 12 Year Old Longshots:

In the age category, I have identified six singers for your consideration. The first two, Angelica Hale “Shallow” (https://youtu.be/eFSKxzXRmvU) (RQ 6) and Fayth Ifil “Proud Mary” (https://youtu.be/aii62acsp_E) (RQ 7) would be more “longshots” to become successful over the long haul to become a professional singers. See their snapshots below:

Angelica Hale
Photo credit: justjaredjr.com
Faith Ifil
Photo credit: facebook.com

Four Other 12 Year Old Singers. One Can’t Miss.

The third twelve year old, Emanne Beasha, already has what it takes to make it in the professional singing ranks. Emanne currently sings mostly operatic music. However, a glimpse of her future can be heard Emanne singing a Christmas carol “O Holy Night” (https://youtu.be/4imgfYZZiQw) (RQ 9) Then, another example of her amazing ability is when she briefly met guitarist Mark Bruner at the Oklahoma City airport where they spontaneously jammed together singing “Yesterday” (https://youtu.be/dQHfOjllOnA) (RC 5). The fourth twelve year old showing a high professional singing level even at such a young age is Dara McNicholl. The fifth singer, also with loads of potential, is Ashley Marina. The sixth singer, Naomi Aye, sings and already plays the piano like a professional. Emanne, Dara, Ashley and Naomi’s profiles are posted below:

Emmane Beasha
Currently living in North Port, Florida.
An American-Jordanian singer of Circassian decent
Won the Arabs Got Talent in its 5th season
Entered AGT in 2019. Made the Judges Cut Round
She sang: “Nessen dorma”
https://youtu.be/fjecfrF6ZOU (RQ 10+)
She got the golden buzzer to the quarter finals for:
Photo credit: Creative Commons
Dara McNicholl
2020 The Voice Kids Finalist
“I Who Have Nothing”
(https://youtu.be/4ZQx-odXZyA) (RQ 9)
Photo credit: Panela de Series
Ashley Marina
AGT audition June 16, 2020
Original song “You’ll Always Be My Hero”
(https://youtu.be/KdWy8EvYBLA) (RQ 9)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
Naomi Aye
Second place at the 2020 France Voice for Kids
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
“Bohemian Rhapsody”
https://youtube.com/watch?v=7KG5UQyx1dk&feature=share (RQ 10)
“I Will Never Love Again”

Under 12 Years of Age.

Three Singers Standout

It is ways difficult to predict what will happen to a young person’s voice after showing natural instincts for stage presence under the age of 12. There were three performers that took part in the 2020 The Voice for Kids that merit singling them out: George Elliot (10), Victoria Alsina (8) and Rebecca Sayaque (10).

Three Very Good Singers, One Can’t Miss

Also, Roberta Battaglia (10) won 4th place at AGT in 2020. Claire Ryann Crosby (a sweet duet with her father) has such a wonderful polished presence for being only 6! Eight-year old Taisiya Skomorokhova’s Russian Voice for Kids finalist very polished performing skills! And, Maria Zakharova looks like a “can’t miss” professional singer at only 10. Alexa Curtis won the 2014 Australia’s VOICE for Kids, then made the AGT quarterfinals, but I would call her a longshot. Here are George, Victoria, Roberta, Alexa’s, Claire’s, and Maria’s snapshots:

George Elliot – 10 years old
“Plug In Baby”
(https://youtu.be/5x4gAdzVLlg) (RQ 7)
Photo credit: newsbreak.com
Victoria Alsina – 8 years old
“Girl on Fire”
https://youtu.be/kg7jjWszb18 (RQ 6)
Photo credit: liverpoolecho.co.uk
Roberta Battaglia10 years old
AGT 2020 Judge Sofia Vergara gives golden buzzer
Also “What About Us”
https://youtu.be/TD7_-33-Ve4 (RQ 9)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
Alexa Curtis – 10 years old
2014 Australia’s VOICE for Kids winner
“Colours Of The Wind”
https://youtu.be/HF5TA2WsZSs (RQ 6)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
Claire Ryann Crosby – 6 years old
“Baby Mine” from the Dumbo movie
https://youtu.be/F5MyvgDXA1E (RQ 7)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
Maria Zakharova 10 years old
2016 Russian Voice for Kids finalist
“Still Loving You”
https://youtu.be/gHf01WZN3vk (RQ 10+)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
Taisiya Skomorokhova – 8 years old
2020 Finalist – Russia’s Voice Kids
“Goomba Boomba”
https://youtube.com/watch?v=JIGwf4sEQDw&feature=share (RQ 10)
Unbelievable dancing performer and singer

Rebecca Sayaque – 10 years old
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot
2020 France Voice for Kids winner
“You Raise Me Up”
https://youtu.be/8Wk2FGlEKHY (RQ 10)
“Don’t Worry About Emmanuel Moire”
Yaroslava Degtyareva (7 years old)
Photo credit: YouTube screenshot

Yaroslava Degtyareva (also called Yasya) is a young Russian singer. She started singing at the age of five, shortly after being involved in a serious car accident. The girl was so seriously injured that she couldn’t even walk. Yaroslava got several serious surgeries, including the replacement of an eyeball and the insertion of a pin into the leg. The girl’s mother was worried because her daughter had to relearn how to move and to walk. However, little Yaroslava was always positive and cheered on by her mother. Despite her young age, the girl kept on going to achieve her dream, a dream to sing. Finally, at the age of 7, she has risen to the big stage as part of the project “The Voice of Russia: Kids,” and has become one of the finalists on the show where she sang “Cuckoo” (https://youtube.com/watch?v=kH0W3u8siYg&feature=share) (RQ 8). Her special tender voice moved the audience: Yaroslava has stolen the hearts of Russian and International viewers and made it to the finals stage of the competition. This talented little girl has an amazing performance singing the Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song”. Her voice is inspiring, powerful and moving and it leaves us with our jaws dropped. It would be an incredible performance from an experienced adult performer but to come from one so young and so tiny, it is beyond words. She knows how to hold our visual attention despite barely moving except to rock from one foot to the other. Yaroslava continues with her rehabilitation.