32nd Post: R.I.A.A. (10 artists)


(10) Top Selling Digital Singles Artists

The Recording Industry Association of America

Beyond the top five previously included artists (Drake, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Eminem and Katy Perry), there are another 10 artists that have generated between 49-69.5M digital single sales. Any one of these young artists might also out sell the best of the 1950-60s. Here is a snapshot and a link to one of their most popular recordings:

Justin Bieber
“What Do You Mean?”
https://youtu.be/DK_0jXPuIr0 (RQ 10+)
Kanye West
“Gold Digger”
https://youtu.be/uVL4d8P44eM (RQ 7)
Maroon Five (Adam Levine)
“Moves Like Jagger”
https://youtu.be/tUTRIjTBCvM (RQ 8)
Ed Sheeran
https://youtu.be/tlYcUqEPN58 (RQ 10+)
Lady Gaga
“Poker Face”
https://youtu.be/bESGLojNYSo (RQ 10)
The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye)
“The Hills”
https://youtu.be/yzTuBuRdAyA (RQ 7)
Post Malone
“White Iverson”
https://youtu.be/SLsTskih7_I (RQ 10+)
Chris Brown
“Kiss Kiss”
https://youtu.be/eNII9PDlFJ0 (RQ 10)
Flo Rida
https://youtu.be/dq6Q_uaJF4k (RQ 8)
Luke Bryan
“Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye”
https://youtu.be/a5M_rT89kxY (RQ 10)