26th Post: Taylor Swift No3


Taylor Swift
Photo credit: Glamour Magazine
October 12, 2017

Following Drake and Rihanna, Taylor stands in third place overall in singles sold at 121M in this current decade. With the overall impact of digital downloading, her total sales will possibly overtake the likes of The Beatles and Elvis. She also achieved album certificates of 8 Gold, 8 Platinum, 7 Multi-Platinum and 1 Diamond. She is the youngest of the top five artists at 30 being born in Reading, PA in 1989. She received advanced training at an early age. While In gradeschool, she regularly traveled to New York City for acting and vocal lessons. By the age of 11, she went to Nashville and presented her first demo tape to recording label companies. In hopes of supporting her, her family relocated to Nashville when she was 14. Then, she began working with songwriter Liz Rose. Soon afterward she signed her first contract with Sony/ATV. In 2004 she moved over to Big Machine Records (her father became a minority owner). In 2006, she produced her first debut album: “Taylor Swift.” By 2016 it had sold 7.75M copies. Between 2007-08 she recorded four new singles. Both “Our Song” (https://youtu.be/Jb2stN7kH28) (RQ 10) and “Should’ve Said No” (https://youtu.be/f85AAi3VOLo) (RQ 10+) reached a chart rating of No1. Then between 2008-09 she produced five more hit singles. “You Belong To Me” (https://youtu.be/VuNIsY6JdUw) (RQ 10+) charted the highest of the five at No2. “Speak Now” (https://youtu.be/zlWMJbbLyA0) (RQ 9) earned a No1 rating. In 2010, Billboard rated Taylor as the “Artist of the Year.” Overall, her 278,000 downloads in one week set an all time record for a female singer.