24th Post: Drake No1 Sales


Photo credit: Billboard: at Phillips arena
August 25, 2016

Number one in singles sales with a total of 163.5M in this current decade. With the overall impact of digital downloading, his total sales will possibly overtake the likes of The Beatles and Elvis. Also, he has produced 8 gold, 7 platinum and 5 multi-platinum certified albums. He is only 33 years old. Was born in 1986 in Toronto. He had a tough childhood raised by his mother. He dropped out of high school. He began his career at 15 as an actor in “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” In 2006, he self-released his first tape. By 2007, he released his second tape including “Replacement Girl.” By 2009, he recorded singles: “Best I Ever Had” (https://youtu.be/SMcIHAMLpdM) (RQ 8) and “Successful” (https://youtu.be/s_IATuze-R0) (RQ 10). They both were certified gold recordings. Then, “I’m Goin In” (https://youtu.be/4UiLRJ2AqIE) (RQ R5) won the rap recording of the year. That same year, he released four more charted singles. Also, his album “Thank Me Later” (https://youtu.be/AoQt_BV8q_A) (RQ 3) became a top seller. By 2011, he had the most number one charted singles with 12.