22nd Post: (5) U & Z – Last Names

1950 and 1960s ARTIST LIST (U-Z)

This post includes artists with last names ending with “U – Z”

This is the last of my major artists posts which support my claim that the 1950-60s was the greatest era for music. These 1960s artists (and one from 2020) included are: The Yardbirds, The Young Rascals, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin and The Zombies.

Photo credit: The Five Yardbirds – 1965

Yardbirds, The. 1963-1968

From London. They sang blues and rock. They are known for starting the careers of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck (were on the list of Rolling Stone’s magazine Top100 guitarists of all time). They produced four hits in the mid-1960s including: “For Your Love.” (https://youtu.be/HU5zqidlxMQ) (RQ 6). They split up in 1968. Afterward, members Relf and McCarty formed Renaissance and Jimmy Page formed Led Zeppelin. They have been inducted into the Rock & Roll HOF.

Young Rascals
Photo credit:“Groovin: On Second Thought” 1967

Young Rascals, The. 1966-68

The Young Rascals are from Garfield, NJ (ten miles west of NYC). They produced nine Top20 singles including three No1s: “Good Lovin” (https://youtu.be/Oy625sZAHN8) (RQ 10+), “Groovin” (https://youtu.be/falI0baGhBQ) (RQ 10) and “People Got to be Free” (https://youtu.be/CYcz7gMnifk) (RQ 9). On top of these songs they also had these other Top10 hits: “How Can I Be Sure” (https://youtu.be/OrpLpbqBYsw) (RQ 9), “A Beautiful Morning” (https://youtu.be/cJqjlFGZxtE) (RQ 10+) and “A Girl Like You” (https://youtu.be/8X9PjUpWpLk) (RQ 9). Each record sold more than 500,000 copies. They were inducted into the Rock & Roll HOF.

Frank Zappa
Photo credit: 2019 Spain Music Festival – AXS

Zappa, Frank (Mothers of Invention). 1955-93

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention are from Baltimore, MD. They played hard rock and blues. Their music trademark was that they were characterized by nonconformity, freeform, improvisation, sound experiments, musical virtuosity and satire of the American culture. Produced 60 albums while alive and 50 were recorded posthumously. A sample of his work: “ Don’t Eat Yellow Snow” (https://youtu.be/TLIppgE45wM) (RQ 8). He was a strong believer of self-education. Also, was inducted into the Rock & Roll HOF.

Led Zepplin
Photo credit: illustration by Kate Goodvin

Zeppelin, Led. 1968-80

The Led Zepplin was formed in London. Their hit song in 1969 was: “Whole Lotta Love” (https://youtu.be/HQmmM_qwG4k) (RQ 10+). Then, in 1971, their top hit was: “Stairway to Heaven.” (https://youtu.be/QkF3oxziUI4) (RQ 10+). The members were: Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, bass/keyboarder John Paul Jones, and drummer John Bonham. From 1969-79 they produced ten albums that nine were charted Top10s. The group disbanded when Bonham died from alcohol-related asphyxiation in 1980. The group was considered to be one of the greatest music artists in the history of audio recording. They sold between 200-300M records and were awarded 4 Grammys. The group is a member of the Rock & Roll HOF.

The Zombies
“Nice Guys Finish First”
Photo credit: Blurt Schoolkids Records

Zombies, The. 1962-present

The Zombies are from St. Albans, UK (northwest suburb of London). Group was led by vocalist Colin Blonstone and keyboardist Rod Argent. The group produced nineteen singles. Of these, in 1964, they recorded: “She’s Not There.” (https://youtu.be/it68QbUWVPM) (RQ 10+). The song charted No2. Again in 1965, they had two more hits: “Time of Season” (https://youtu.be/qzpPy9hJYA8) (RQ 9) and “Tell Her No” (https://youtu.be/q4nmxz5bQhk) (RQ 10+) were also successful. They have been inducted into the HOF.