19th Post: (22) HoF Instrumentalists

The Music Hall of Fame recognizes musical instrument player excellence…

Photo credit: Carstickers.com – Moloko88

Over time, the need to recognize exceptional musicians for playing their instruments was identified. There have been five artists recognized from the 1940s, twelve from the 1950s, three from the 1960s and two from the 1970s. Once again, this shows that the majority were from the 1950-1960s which also supports my view that this is the best era for music in history. Here is the list (which includes guitar players, bass players, saxophone players, piano and organ players, studio engineers and even a harmonica player):

Benny Benjamin
Photo credit: Rain City Drummer

Benny Benjamin. 1940-1968 Master drummer. “Jozif” (https://youtu.be/XBF6ESROLrU) (RQ 9).

Photo credit: IMDb
Greatest Hits

Chet Atkins. 1942-1996 Guitarist, songwriter. “Greatest Hits”

https://youtu.be/a-0ZXe0Gdh4 (RQ 9)

Little Walker
Photo credit: Harmonica.com
Michael Rubin – March 20, 2020

Little Walker. 1945-1968 Harmonica (electric blues in Chicago). Blues Harmonica Legend – “Sad Hours” (https://youtu.be/CxZmxL0velc) (RQ 10).

Hal Blaine
Photo credit: Drummer’s Resource
Nick Rufini – March 13, 2019

Hal Blaine. 1949-2019 Studio drummer. (6000 singles, 35,000 sessions). Featured in the Beach Boys hit: “Good Vibrations” (https://youtu.be/Eab_beh07HU) (RQ 10).

Tim Doud
Photo credit: Sonicscoop
David Silverstein – July 27, 2017

Tom Dowd. 1947-1987 Wizard capturing sound on taped interview. “Sonic sorcerer.” Grammy Award winner. (https://youtu.be/Hi4ElCcx9D8) (RQ 10+)

Cosimo Matassa
Photo credit: i-Italy – “All Things Italian in America”
George de Stefano – September 12, 2014

Cosimo Matassa. 1950-1960s Studio engineer. Career highlights and induction into Hall of Fame. (https://youtu.be/yGCE3-9iwvw) (RQ 9)

D.J. Fontana
Photo credit: Tylerpaper.com
June 15, 2015

D. J. Fontana. 1950-1960s. Interview and master drummer (for Elvis). “Hound Dog” (https://youtu.be/X8v8E7H4OW0) (RQ 8)

King Curtis
Photo credit: BBC – MusicBrainz
August 13, 1971

King Curtis. 1950-1971 Saxophone (for the Coasters). “Memphis Soul Stew” (https://youtu.be/0Loy55z4GpA) (RQ 8)

Scotty Moore
Photo credit: Memphis Music Hall of Fame
“He gave us grounding. He was the BEACON”
Keith Richards – June 2016

Scotty Moore. 1950-2009. Interview with Innovative studio engineer and guitarist (for Elvis and Chet Atkins) “That’s Alright Mama” (https://youtu.be/xoV8MN9EVFg) (RQ 9).

James Burton
Photo credit: Vintage Guitar Magazine
September 2014

James Burton. 1952 – Guitarist (for Ricky Nelson). Solo with Elvis: “Steam Roller Blues.” (https://youtu.be/oM8PesCZCmY) (RQ 9).

Earl Palmer
Photo credit: Getty Images

Earl Palmer. 1952-1963 Master drummer (for Fats Domino). “New Orleans Melody” (https://youtu.be/KvaI1rq1tPM) (RQ 8).

Johnnie Johnson
Photo credit: West Virginia Encyclopedia
April 13, 3005

Johnnie Johnson. 1952-2005 Blues pianist (for Chuck Berry, boogie-woogie licks). “Johnnie’s Boogie” (https://youtu.be/-1Dcc9DCJ0I) (RQ 10+)

Floyd Cramer
Photo credit: Keyboardmag.com
Bob Doershuck – November 29, 2017

Floyd Cramer. 1953-1980 Pianist (for Michael Jackson). “Last Date” (https://youtu.be/JvfG9uFswis) (RQ 10).

Bill Black
Photo credit: Discogs.com – Discography

Bill Black. 1954-1965 Bassist for Elvis Presley. Combo – “Don’t Be Cruel” (https://youtu.be/S8bbrJPMivQ) (RQ 9)

James Jamerson
Photo credit: discovermusic.com
Paul Sexton – January 29, 2020

James Jamerson. 1956-1983. Involved with designing the 1952 Fender bass. “What’s Going On.” Isolated bass track. (https://youtu.be/KqtELR5GyfI) (RQ 10)

Leon Russell
Photo credit: NPR Music – All Songs Considered
Joseph Guay – September 19, 2017

Leon Russell. 1956-2016 Pianist, songwriter. “A Song for You” (https://youtu.be/JZMcaiGM-Pk). (RQ 9).

Ringo Starr
Photo credit: drummerworld.com

Ringo Starr. 1957- Drummer (for the Beatles, considered to be the most popular group in history of music). “A Compilation” (https://youtu.be/_ZoZAGn1-ug) (RQ 8)

Spooner Oldham
Photo credit: Roots of American Music Trail

Spooner Oldham. 1960- Keyboard player and songwriter (for Percy Sledge). “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man.” (https://youtu.be/tNkfedM4GRk) (RQ 10).

Glyn Johns
Photo credit: Bobby Owsinski – Music Production Blog
November 27, 2018

Glyn Johns. 1960-1970s Studio engineer (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, etc). Talks About Working with The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, etc. (https://youtu.be/ge28VPi8Z_A) (RQ 10).

Steve Douglass
Photo credit: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Steve Douglass. 1962-1993 Tenor sax (for Ventures and Jan & Dean). “Wear Your Love Like Heaven.” (https://youtu.be/pC1kKxiJzV0) (RQ 10).

Nile Rogers
Photo credit: rollingstone.com
C. Brandon – January 7, 2013

Nile Rodgers. 1972- Guitarist. Greatest influence on rock since the 1970s. “I’m Comin’ Out.” (https://youtu.be/jhMHmYrJBqw) (RQ 9).

The E Street Band
Photo credit: discogs.com
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

The E Street Band. 1972- Bruce Springsteen’s band. “Born To Run” (https://youtu.be/jj9ObfkHY7c) (RQ 10+).