18th Post: (31) Rock Influencers

Photo credit: Rock Guitar
Abstract Image of Rock & Roll – Etsy

The Music Hall of Fame has recognized many artists from 1989-1955 that were identified as “Early Influencers” upon Rock and Roll. You will recognize four people on the list between the years 1919-1937 from earlier posts: Louis Armstrong (1919-1971), Les Paul (1928-2009), Nat King Cole (1934-1965) and Hank Williams (1937-1952). Here is the complete list:

Ma Rainey
Photo credit: The Great Outdoorsman
“Early Days on the Mic”

Ma Rainey. (Born Gertrude Pridgett). 1899-1933. “Deep Moaning Blues” https://youtu.be/A-mRHNAeJXE. (RQ 4)

Jelly Roll Morton
Photo credit: scalar.use.edu – “Jazz legend”
November 11, 2017

Jelly Roll Morton. 1900-1941. “ Creepy Feeling.” https://youtu.be/0G0SKFABrqc. (RQ 10+)

Lead Belly
Photo credit: The Telegraph
Mark Chilton – June 15, 2015

LeadBelly. (Born Huddie Ledbetter). 1903-1949. “Good Night Irene” (https://youtu.be/1NfPdu1sl4A) (RQ 9)

Bessie Smith
Photo credit: NPR Music:
“Influenced a Century of Pop Music”
Maureen Mahon – August 15, 2019
“St. Louis Blues” (https://youtu.be/JpVCqXRlXx4.). (RQ 3)

Louis Armstrong
Photo credit: NPR History
“Satchamo in His Adolescence” (RQ 10)
Scott Simon – June 22, 2019

Louis Armstrong. 1919-1971. “What A Wonderful World.” https://youtu.be/CWzrABouyeE.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Photo credit: udiscovermusic.com
“Never Heard of Sister Tharpe?”
Stu Hackel – March 20, 2020

Sister Rosetta Tharpe. 1919-1973. ”Down By The Riverside” https://youtu.be/4xzr_GBa8qk. (RQ 7)

The Soul Stirrers
Photo credit: singers.com
“In Celebration of the Human Voice”

The Soul Stirrers. 1926-1950. “I’m a Soldier.” https://youtu.be/VmizCScGLmY. (RQ 5)

Mahalia Jackson
Photo credit: blackmusicscholar.com
“The Queen of Gospel”

Mahalia Jackson. 1927-1991. “Amazing Grace.” https://youtu.be/ZJg5Op5W7yw. (RQ 7)

Bill Monroe
Photo credit: WKMS – Gary Pitts
“The Development of Bluegrass”

Bill Monroe. 1927-1996. Mandolinist. “Bluegrass Breakdown.” https://youtu.be/KYTvj9Z_rlo. (RQ 8)

T-Bone Walker
Photo credit: Icon Gallery – Paris – March 29, 1969
Christian Rose

T-Bone Walker. 1928-1975. Guitarist. “Woman You Must Be Crazy.”

https://youtu.be/s3mroA3nlsQ (RQ 9)

Les Paul
Photo credit: Jazziz – “Trio reunites”
Lean Cowley – June 9, 2015

Les Paul. 1928-2009. Guitarist. “Live.” https://youtu.be/ZJaNMZmBR6E. (RQ 6)

Robert Johnson
Photo credit; Austin Chronicle – April 25, 2008

Robert Johnson. 1929-1938. “Crossroad Blues.” https://youtu.be/GsB_cGdgPTohttps://youtu.be/Yd60nI4sa9A. (RQ 6)

Bob Wills
Photo credit: BBC – Biographies

Bob Wills (and his Texas Playboys). 1929-1973. “Stay a Little Longer.” https://youtu.be/KvX8MijgeW8. (RQ 6)

Woody Guthrie
Photo credit: People’s World
“In Seattle, Sings Again”
Charles Banks Wilson – February 2, 2017

Woody Guthrie. 1930-1956. “This Land is Your Land.” https://youtu.be/wxiMrvDbq3s. (RQ 6)

Howlin Wolf
Photo credit: rockhall.com
Peter Guralick – 1991 Essay
“Was Larger Than Life”

Howlin Wolf. 1930-1976. “Smokestack Lightening.” https://youtu.be/HTDjD_UdJYs. (RQ 7)

Billie Holiday
Photo credit: deadline.com
“Documentary Acquired by Greenwich Entertainment”
Patrick Hipes – January 16, 2020

Billie Holiday. 1933-1959. “Summertime” https://youtu.be/uYUqbnk7tCY. (RQ 5)

The Ink Spots
Photo credit: METROLYRICS

The Ink Spots. 1934-1954. “Maybe.” https://youtu.be/1E5vvulNS6A. (RQ 9)

Nat King Cole
Photo credit: Crosstown Arts
December 20, 2019

Nat King Cole. 1934-1965. “Unforgettable.” https://youtu.be/JFyuOEovTOE. (RQ 9)

Hank Williams
Photo credit: RollingStone
“Won’t Be Reinstated into Grande Ol Opry”
Joseph Hudak – February 20, 2020

Hank Williams. 1937-1952. “Cold Cold Heart.” https://youtu.be/-yCQraOX4Bw. (RQ 4)

Jimmy Yancey
Photo credit: Art Station
“The Bluesman Series”
Kalle Rother

Jimmy Yancey. 1939-1950. Pianist. “Stomp.” https://youtu.be/c4eQbeuX2Y0. (RQ 7)

Willie Dixon
Photo credit: Louder Sound
“Greatest Blues Songwriter”
Ed Mitchell & Mark Blake

Willie Dixon. 1939-1992. “Bassology.” https://youtu.be/Vo_OK64nkdA. (RQ 9)

Pete Seeger
Photo credit: Mother Jones – “Last War”
David Hajdu – September/October 2004

Pete Seeger. 1939-2014. “We Shall Overcome.” https://youtu.be/M_Ld8JGv56E. (RQ 6)

Elmore James
Photo credit: Redbubble

Elmore James. 1940-1963. Slide Guitar. “Dust My Broom.” https://youtu.be/LIGxeQKQs-0. (RQ 4)

Dinah Washington
Photo credit: BBC Biography

Dinah Washington. 1941-1963. “What a Difference a Day Makes.” https://youtu.be/OmBxVfQTuvI. (RQ 10+)

Charles Brown
Photo credit: BBC Biography

Charles Brown. 1943-1999. “Trouble Blues.” https://youtu.be/CGtu2gMRIPU. (RQ 7)

The Orioles
Photo credit: Singers.com
“Your Source for Vocal Harmony”

The Orioles. 1946-. “Crying In The Chapel.” https://youtu.be/eEwcMvcWKgk. (RQ 9)

Jimmy Rodgers
Photo credit: Wolfgang’s.com

Jimmy Rodgers. 1946-1997. “That’s All Right.” https://youtu.be/NU0rBtYCIHg. (RQ 7)

Professor Longhair
Photo credit: musicfilmweb.com
“New Orleans Celebrates Piano Professor”
Andy Markowitz – November 14, 2014

Professor Longhair. (Born Henry Bryd). 1948-1980. Pianist. “Gone So Long.” https://youtu.be/95cTKwRMt18. (RQ 8)

The Five Royals
Photo credit: The News & Observer
“Get Their Due”
David Menconi – April 17, 2015

The 5 Royals. 1951-1965. “Think.” https://youtu.be/RPp4yW5XEFU. (RQ 8)

Freddie King
“The Texas Cannonball”
Photo credit: WRTC FM 89.3
January 17, 2018

Freddie King. 1952-1976. Guitarist. “Have You Ever Loved a Woman.” https://youtu.be/uJAtXf-xFL0. (RQ 6)

Wanda Jackson
Photo credit: Vancouver Pop Music
Signature Sounds

Wanda Jackson. 1955-2019. “Hard Headed Woman.” https://youtu.be/pzJ3hiqsi0U. (RQ 4)